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Figuring environment. UB figuring record (UBUnix) workstations process servers document ... Dialect Family. Utilitarian. Programming Languages: Types/History (1967) ...
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Early on Material CSE 115 Week 1

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Brief History of Computing Abacus Purely workman figuring gadgets

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Brief History of Computing Charles Babbage Difference Engine Partially constructed Analytical Engine Never implicit his time, solid connection to cutting edge PCs

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Brief History of Computing WWII Explosion of Computing ENIAC 30 tons 30\' x 50\' 360 duplications for every second

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Brief History of Computing 1950s Emergence of the idea of PC programming 1960s First degree projects and college divisions made

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Brief History of Computing 1969 ARPANET UNIX

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Brief History of Computing 1976 – Apple 1982 – Commodore 64 184-85 – GUIs Emerge

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Brief History of Computing 1990s – WWW detonates Today The Future

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Computing environment UB registering account (UBUnix) workstations compute servers file server e-mail server @buffalo.edu CSE figuring account Baldy 19 compute server file server e-mail server Baldy 21 @cse.buffalo.edu

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CSE registering base (halfway picture)

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Programming Languages: Types/History (1957) FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslator) Basic Unit of Computation: Procedure Language Family Procedural/Imperative

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Programming Languages: Types/History (1960) LISP (LISt Processing) Basic Unit of Computation: Function Language Family Functional

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Programming Languages: Types/History (1967) Simula Basic Unit of Computation: Object Language Family Object Oriented

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Programming Languages: Types/History (1972) PROLOG (PROgramming LOGic) Basic Unit of Computation: Statement/Rule Language Family Declarative

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Programming Languages: Types/History (1990s) Scripting Languages Web-based dialects

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Question Are HTML and XML Programming Languages? NO!!!!! They are markup lanuages (Hyper Text Markup Language )

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What makes something a programming dialect? Sequencing Selection Repetition

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Different Views of Programming Control Teaching Problem Solving Concrete Creative Modeling Abstraction

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Our First Definition Object Oriented Program System of items that speak with each other to take care of some issue.

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OO frameworks: associating objects

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Important Tools for the OO Programmer Abstraction Modeling

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