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JAPAN. NYK bunch. Kouki Co., Ltd. www.ekouki.jp. kouki082@bbbn.jp. Mr. Mitsunori Nagao. KY Open ... JAPAN. NYK Group. E A R S. Crisis telecast Automatic Receiving ...
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E mergency communicate An utomatic R eceiving S ystem EARS by I S An utilization of Internet Switching System September 15 - 18, 2007

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Development foundation of EARS Problems with the customary specialized strategies Telephone framework Connection trouble because of line blockage in a period of calamity Internet E mail framework Less amicable to the matured or visually impaired individuals Community remote framework High starting expense of communicate and getting hardware EBS by radios or TVs No utilization at the season of the force disappointment

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General layout of EARS Switched on by PC 、line or cellular phones Broadcasting stations can switch on the radios or TVs claimed by audience members or viewers before they send the crisis data on air. The individuals who require the crisis data can get them at higher listening or survey proportion. Data circulation at crisis Schools Shelters Broadcast stations Gov.offices All-out contact of data Radios and TVs are exchanged on at solicitation. People Amenities

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Examples of how EARS is utilized. Switches are put on at communicate stations. EARS Voice contacts among gatherings General communicate Schools, get together corridors and others Fire stations, security workplaces, leisure activity bunches General audience members General viewers Radios Television sets Mobile telephones with radios Car radios Non voice contact net Fax messages Mail kneads Radios TV sets Watches

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Applications of EARS Applicable to any gadget Software and firmware can be altered. Home use gadget Industrial use devoice Public part gadget Home gear Electric apparatuses Gas hardware Ships Construciton machines Factory hardware Security hardware

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Block drawing of EARS For cellular telephone exchanging model utilizing IP lines WEB SERVER Solar of wind force era framework Emergency power unit Broadband rooter EARS controller Radios, TVs WEB Mobile telephone Packet CPU SOD LAN Power supply Control signals

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Delivery record of EARS Takami primary school in Hiroshima on September 1, 2006 Newspaper report EARS controller and radio Delivery function Wind and sun oriented force era News gathering Press meeting Controller Switch Daily Yomiuri 09 02 2006

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Inquiry of EARS NYK bunch Onomichi Hiroshima JAPAN N agao Y okoyama K amamoto Kouki Co., Ltd www.ekouki.jp kouki082@bbbn.jp Mr. Mitsunori Nagao KY Open www.kyopen.com Info@kyopen.com Mr. Kenichi Yokoyama KEC www.kec-intl.com Info@kec-intl.com Mr. Tsuguru Kamamoto

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E mergency communicate An utomatic R eceiving S ystem E A R S Thank you particularly for your consideration.

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