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East Meets West. The Crusades. Causes: Adventure. After Christianization of the Vikings, Slavs, and Magyars there was an entire class of warriors who now had very little to do but fight amongst themselves and terrorize the peasant population.
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East Meets West The Crusades

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Causes: Adventure After Christianization of the Vikings, Slavs, and Magyars there was a whole class of warriors who now had next to no to do yet battle among themselves and threaten the worker populace. A supplication for assistance from the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I in contradicting Muslim assaults along these lines spoke to their feeling of experience.

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Causes: Religious Piety Intense Religious Piety Due partially to the Investiture Controversy (a noteworthy clash amongst common and religious controls over the issue of who might control arrangements of chapel authorities). Individuals turned out to be by and by occupied with the emotional religious contention The Results: Intense Christian devotion Public enthusiasm for religious undertakings Popular support for the First Crusade The religious imperativeness of the twelfth century Emperor Henry IV at the Feet of Pope Gregory VII

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Causes: Papal Politics Roman-Byzantine Rivalry Cluniac (Benedictine) change brought about the congregation in the West to be more mindful to business and gave impulse to endeavor to reassert control The Great Schism , 1064, was a division of Christianity into Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic. The essential driver was a disagreement about ecclesiastical power.

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Causes: European Expansionism In the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William the Conqueror (from Normandy) crushed England and conveyed solidarity and quality to that nation. After the catch of Toledo from the Moslems in 1087, it turned into the living arrangement of the lords of Castile and the clerical focal point of the entire of Spain The Normans caught Sicily from the Moslems in 1091 and made ready for the unification of that nation.

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Causes: Muslim Advances Events in Moslem World The Battle of Manzikert , 1071, brought about the thrashing of the Byzantine Empire and the catch of the Emperor by the Seljuk Turks (muslims). The Byzantines likewise lost Anatolia to the Turks. The Turks upset explorer activity .

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Christianization of the Vikings, Slavs, and Magyars c. 1000 Cluniac Reform c. 1024 Investiture Controversy 1075+ Constantinople Rome Capture of Toledo from Muslims 1087 Battle of Manzikert 1071 Capture of Sicily from Muslims 1099 Investiture Controversy 1075+ Investiture Controversy 1075+ Great Schism 1064 Europe 1000-1100 Adventure Papal Politics Religious Piety Battle of Hastings 1066 Expansionism Muslim Advances Pilgrimages

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Call for a Crusade Pope Urban II required a Crusade in 1095 Objectives Drive Turks from Anatolia Obligate the Byzantines Provide event for recuperating Great Schism on Rome\'s terms Capture Holy Land

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Major Events of Crusades First Crusade 1097-1098 Achieved every significant target in Holy Land Turkish risk blunted, however not dispensed with Area not key to Moslems, could have been held uncertainly with a little aptitude. Starting additions lost through discretionary screwing up. Crusaders endeavored to destabilize neighbors

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Major Events of Crusades Second Crusade, 1147-1148 Military disappointment, dishonors Crusaders as military risk Third Crusade, 1189-1191 Well-known in writing (Robin Hood) Involved Richard I of England, Phillip II of France, Frederick I of Holy Roman Empire Saladin on Moslem side.

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Major Events of Crusades Fourth Crusade, 1199-1204 Western-Greek relations constantly strained, shared disdain. To back campaign, Crusaders worked for Venetians Crusaders sacked Constantinople, 1204 Chance to recuperate Great Schism completely lost. In 1453, when assaulted by Turks, Byzantines favored surrender to approaching Rome for help.

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Major Events of Crusades Fifth Crusade, 1218-1219 Captured Damietta, swapped for Jerusalem Moslems concurred Crusaders attempted to overcome Egypt, were steered Sixth Crusade, 1229 Frederick II of Germany did small battling and a great deal of transaction Treaty gave the Crusaders Jerusalem and the various heavenly urban communities and a ceasefire of ten years He was broadly censured for leading the Crusade by arranging instead of battling.

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Major Events of Crusades Seventh Crusade, 1248-1254 Led by Louis IX of France Nearly a correct rehash of the Fifth Crusade Eighth Crusade, 1270 Led by Louis IX of France Louis\' sibling, Charles of Anjou, lord of Sicily, had vital arrangements of his own and occupied the endeavor to Tunisia, where Louis kicked the bucket. The keep going Crusader urban communities on the territory of Palestine fell in 1291 One little island fortress kept going until 1303.

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Where else in military history would we be able to discover a war that was won four times and still lost?

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The Crusades Died Out Lack of enthusiasm, rising European flourishing Repeated military thrashings Discredited by "crusades" against Christians (e.g., Albigensians)

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Effects of Crusades Fatal debilitating of Byzantine Empire Vast increment in social skylines for some Europeans. Animated Mediterranean exchange. Need to exchange huge wholes of cash for troops and supplies prompted advancement of keeping money systems. Ascent of heraldic seals, ensigns Romantic and creative writing.

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Effects of Crusades Knowledge acquainted with Europe Heavy stone brick work, development of mansions and stone houses of worship. Attack innovation, burrowing, sapping. Moslem minarets embraced as chapel towers Weakening of honorability, ascent of trader classes Enrichment was basically from East to West- - Europe had little to give consequently.

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