Eating routine and Colon Tumor (7A).

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In general, elevated cholesterol is the most obvious giver to heart ... scale, with high normal. cholesterol furthermore a high cardiovascular demise rate. ...
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Eating routine and Colon Cancer (7A) Yoshinobu Namihira ,M. D. ,FACG 3000 Halls Ferry street Vicksburg, MS 30180 Ph 601-638-9800;fax 601-638-9808; email :namihira

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Brief audit

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obstruction No clogging Stool weight/day

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Japan,fat, tumor 1955-85 1945 w I

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Mioru Kamata, MD(2) Good wellbeing is not the last objective . Be that as it may, is the device/instrument with a specific end goal to live cheerful (gainful) life . The mystery of life span and bliss comprises in the very procedure of carrying on with a long and solid life .

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7 Common Denominators, and life span Very consistent cadence of day \'s action Care for eating routine ( low fat, low protein, high fiber ) Water admission Do not smoke Mindset to disregard far from anxiety (inspirational state of mind) Practice of snappy change of mentality Spirit of Independence

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Law of nature Good processing of sustenances and supplements → great blood → great discernment and trustworthiness Bad assimilation of nourishments and nutrients→ terrible recognition and awful judgment Intemperate eating, eating too regularly, eating excessively, and of rich , unwholesome sustenances

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"individuals who have an acrid stomach are all the time of a harsh attitude . "

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Understanding the teeth

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Phagocytosis (12)

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Two decisions to make glucose microorganisms White platelet neutrophils

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Awakening and grave answer Sugar (glucose ) draws in!

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Diet and Colon Cancer (7B) Yoshinobu Namihira ,M. D. ,FACG 3000 Halls Ferry street Vicksburg, MS 30180 Ph 601-638-9800;fax 601-638-9808; email :namihira

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Fat digestion system = Fat + sugar ketone body Antitoxic impact = Toxic item fabricate ups =best to be counteracted or minimized to be healthy. Verdant vegetables, grasses, psyllium seed, agar, gum guar, water cress, parsley, celery, carrot,

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Fat in fluid Fat in strong Three sorts of fat in the body Neutral fat( unsaturated fat, glycerin ) Phospholipids Cholesterol

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Design of fat atoms One end of the particle = positive charge (+) The flip side of the particle = negative charge (- ) The mystery of this astounding compound course of action of fat !

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by the bearing of the turn of the atom , cell divider layer can figure out if any given compound will pick up entrance into the phone or not . By this implies, it can control the bearing of the stream into or out of the phone.

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Two sorts of nourishment lipids Cholesterol = sustenances of creature starting point Phospholipids = blend of phosphorus, unsaturated fats, glycerin, and nitrogenous mixes (lecithin ) Fat= hard for the body to handle Lymphatic framework = intended to retain and transport fats from the intestinal tract to the blood flow by means of thoracic channel.

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Bile and Pancreatic juices = required for lipid processing Place of fat assimilation = at the small digestive tract 60 % = retained into the lymphatic framework , don\'t experience liver Lymphatic framework = much slower development of liquid than the blood = slower expansion of fat from the dinner into the circulatory system 40 % = consumed into blood framework

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Fat ingestion 60%= through lymphatic framework 40% = by means of blood flow

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Bile salt = cleanser impact or activity Emulsion of the fats in the small digestive system with water Spherical particles=500-1000 factory micron µ Micelles= littler circular particles of 5-10 plant micron Short chain of fat ( under 10 carbons ) = go specifically assimilated into the circulatory system RBC= 7000 plant micron

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Clumping of RBC High fat suppers Large masses of fat amassed in the circulatory system Fat globules in the circulation system amid idleness taking after feast Clumping of RBC Reduce the oxygen and supplement conveyance to the tissue cells down the hairlike

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Clumping of RBC Clumping of RBC ( red platelet) = not great news= awful news for you! Less oxygen conveyance =cells hungry for more oxygen=cell glitch ,cell brokenness, cell degeneration, cell ischemia, cell gangrene, cell death=the entire body demise Less supplements conveyance =cells hungry for supplements, for example, sugar, fat, protein, mineral, =cell starvation, cell degeneration

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Triglycerides-impartial fats Combination of glycerol and unsaturated fat

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Triglycerides-nonpartisan fats glycerine

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phospholipids Lecithin Two greasy acids+ phosphate

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Cholesterol Chole=bile ( in Greek ) Sterol= strong ( in Greek ) Cholesterol = just in creature items Cell layer Building hinder in the assembling certain steroidal hormones, for example, from those from the adrenal cortex and sex organs

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Any condition in individual\'s life occasion The requirement for additional hormones ( cortisone, testosterone, progesterone, estradiol ) Physical anxiety of disease = increment cholesterol Emotional anxiety = increment cholesterol

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Physical anxiety of ailment Cholesterol Emotional anxiety

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Take home point Physical rest= less cholesterol Emotional rest (peace of mind)= less cholesterol

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Physical and compound properties of fats 1. insoluble in water 2. dissolvable in fat solvents 3. lighter weight than water ( particular gravity 0.92-0.94 for fat when contrasted with 1.00 for water ) 4.capable of shaping an emulsion with water Examples= mayonnaises , emulsified nutty spread 5.calorie content= 9 cal/gram of fat

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Fat = 9 cal/gram 41 % metabolic productivity 9 x 0.41= 3.69 cal/gram Intestines= bile and fat= emulsification Gastric lipase= fat absorption Fat in the stomach = enterogastrone expanded = close up the pylorus =nothing leaves the stomach any more= terrible news

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Duodenum= pancreatic lipase =powerful chemicals Lymphatic framework = moderate development into the thoracic channel into the left subclavian vein lastly into the general blood flow Amazing God\'s intelligence for security = why ? sudden flood of huge mass of fat into the circulatory system demonstrates extraordinary risk and deadly !

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Fat admission Sudden flood of fat into the circulatory system Clumping of RBC ! Cell ischemia Cell gangrene Cell passing Organism ( the entire body ) demise Death in the end= terrible news !

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God\'s astonishing astuteness Fat admission Stomach, duodenum, pancreas , to discharge different digestive proteins for fat = small digestive tract retention Lymphatic framework = thoracic channel into subclavian veins= general flow Slow development of liquid through lymphatic framework Fat particles =no longer risk or threat to cell ischemia, cell passing , living being breaking down =whole body demise is saved !

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6.saturation of fats The body can not blaze unsaturated fats with uneven quantities of carbon iotas or short chain unsaturated fats Uneven immersed unsaturated fat = extremely aggravating to the stomach Unsaturated =monosaturated =only 1 carbon particle by Hydrogen molecule Saturated = carbon molecule by all hydrogen particle , no other exemption

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Body can not smolder or use uneven number carbon molecule unsaturated fat!

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7. softening point = oils are characterized as fats which are fluid at room temperature All vegetable oil = fluid at room temperature Coconut and chocolate fats = solids at room temperature

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Functions of Fats Flavor Satiety esteem = moderate gastric emptying=more aging in the stomach = more disturbance cooking = temperature to 600-700 degree cis unsaturated fat → trans unsaturated fats = loss of cholesterol bringing down impact

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Reheating to fricasseeing temperature the second time ( profound fat singing ) = acrolein (cancer-causing agent) profound sear = Benzopyrene! Charcoal barbecued nourishment = Benzopyrene (cancer-causing agent) Bottom line= broiled foods= not great decision !

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Important inquiries to consider Benzopyrene= cancer-causing agent! Frying=good for your wellbeing? Profound frying=good for your wellbeing ? Charcoal flame broiled nourishment (fat, meat )= useful for your wellbeing?

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Take home point Frying , profound broiling of fat, charcoal barbecued nourishment are bad for your wellbeing!

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Heart sickness

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Conquering the Number One Killer

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Do you know what the number 1 executioner is, in created nations all through the world? It\'s Heart Disease .

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Percentage of Cardiovascular Deaths Africa Central America Asia South America Middle East W. Europe, US, Australia Eastern Europe

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In __USA__ coronary illness represents __42-48 %_____ percent of all passings. Africa 10-20% Central America 20-30% Asia 25-34% South America 30-40% Middle East 39-47% Western Europe 42-48% United States 42-48% Australia 42-48% Eastern Europe 50-62%1 These passings influence the people, as well as rashly deny groups of those they adore.

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Contrary to prevalent misguided judgment, coronary illness is not only a sickness of men .

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It is a main source of death in both men and ladies alike

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And it is no more only a sickness of more established individuals.

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individuals less than 65 years old.

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An entire 45% of heart assaults happen in individuals less than 65 years old.

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individuals less than 40 years old.

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And 5% strike youngsters less than 40 years old.

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When a carrier plane accidents, and 200-300 individuals die, it stands out as truly newsworthy. In any case, in the United States alone, a comparable to more than 10 kind sized planes of individuals bite the dust every day from coronary illness ;

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10 gigantic plane accident setbacks/day in USA=2,600 passing a day 2600 passings/day

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a proportional to additional

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