Ecological Issues in San Antonio .

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Environmental Issues in San Antonio. Water - Drainage. San Antonio has not adequately handled drainage. The San Antonio River Improvements Project is attempting to put meander back into the SA river. Water – Quantity.
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Natural Issues in San Antonio

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Water - Drainage San Antonio has not satisfactorily took care of seepage. The San Antonio River Improvements Project is endeavoring to return wind to the SA waterway.

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Water – Quantity The Edwards Aquifer is the (almost) sole wellspring of drinking water for SA. Revive of the stream is being decreased by advancement. Water protection is not a need.

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Water – Recycling SAWS is reusing water. Trinity is a piece of this exertion.

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Water - Quality Suburban sprawl over the aquifer energize zone . PGA town

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Air Pollution San Antonio is infringing upon EPA air quality guidelines. Urban Sprawl and activity is one cause. Coal-blazing force plants are another .

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Urban Sprawl Smart Growth Open Space SA Natural Areas

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Species Extinction Golden Cheeked Warbler Black-Capped Vireo Edwards Aquifer and Cave species

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Environmental Groups Sierra Club Bexar Audubon SA Audubon Native Plant Society Nature Conservancy Mitchell Lake Wetlands Society Master Naturalists

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Local Sites SA Botanical Garden Friedrich Wilderness Park Mitchell Lake Eisenhower Park State Parks SA Missions Brackenridge Park

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