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Casting machines combining Value with Technology EconoTech Casting Machines (Left click or page down to advance to next slide). CASTING MACHINE SCHEMATIC VIEW. From 5 tons per hour. 10 tons per hour. 20 tons per hour. 100 tons per hour.
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Throwing machines consolidating Value with Technology EconoTech Casting Machines (Left snap or page down to progress to next slide)

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From 5 tons for each hour

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10 tons for each hour

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20 tons for each hour

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100 tons for each hour

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to more than 200 tons for each hour and everything in the middle.

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Casting machines with a long convention of unwavering quality 1914 Pittsburgh Coal Washer Co. Fabricated first pig throwing machine in USA 1940 Bollinger Corp. Constructed machines for war plants the world Over 80% of shipper pig iron delivered in USA on its machines 1976 Economy Industrial Corp. MiniCaster Ferro Caster Alumi Caster Ongoing item advancement

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Continuing Product Improvement Through improvement Ongoing interior outline change Learning from our clients Being interested in recommendations Through exploration Computer examination Lab testing at Center for Iron & Steel Research at Carnegie-Mellon Univ. Tests in customer\'s labs and plants

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Advanced Technology Patented Process Control to enhance mold life by streamlining: Mold Mass Ratios Water Cooling Efficiency Cooling Time Mold Coating

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Laboratory test methodology Test installation recreates conditions on the throwing machine

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Laboratory test technique Test molds outfitted with thermocouples to record temperatures

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Laboratory test strategy Test apparatus mimics filling molds on the throwing machine:

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Laboratory test strategy Test apparatus reproduces water cooling on the throwing machine:

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Laboratory test system Test installation reenacts release on the throwing machine:

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Laboratory test method Discharged item gathered for tests

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Laboratory test methodology Mold temperature information is caught under different time and cooling cycles

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Recent research facility tests 2003 – HC Ferromanganese test program Confirmed mold temperature cycling for chunk and ingot shapes Confirmed controlled breakage on release

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Recent lab tests 2004 – Charge Chrome test program Confirmed mold temperature cycling for pieces Confirmed item breakage on release

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Recent lab tests 2004 – Charge Chrome test program Slowly air-cooled section 200x200x25 does not break at release

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Recent lab tests 2004 – Charge Chrome test program Rapidly extinguished section 200x200x25 breaks well at release

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Current pending licenses Process and strategy for throwing high-carbon ferrochrome on nonstop throwing machines Device and procedure for delivering molds for throwing machines to amplify life by controlling split proliferation

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Advanced Technology Patented Process Control to enhance mold life by improving procedure outline parameters: Mold outline Air and water cooling times Water cooling productivity Mould wash application

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Technology to lessen mold substitution cost – The most elevated single cost element in throwing machine operations Control of mold pinnacle temperature is vital Cooling process duration Mold/metal mass proportion Water cooling application Mold wash material & application

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Mold temperature cycling Peak above basic temperature

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Mold temperature cycling Peak beneath basic temperature

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Advanced Technology Field check of lab tests

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Advanced Technology Closed circle water framework:

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Advanced Technology Mold wash application framework

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Heavy Duty Construction Heavy drive gear

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Heavy Duty Construction Rugged Take-up Bearings

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Heavy Duty Construction Heavy obligation manganese steel chain

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Heavy Duty Construction Chain with speedy change highlight and adaptable mounting Rotation Expand & Contract

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Heavy Duty Construction Swivel release chute

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Heavy Duty Construction Rugged Hydraulic Ladle Tilters

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Heavy Duty Construction Stationary Roller Chain Design likewise accessible with: Automatic Roller Lubrication Available Manganese Steel Bushes in Steel Links Reduced contact and power necessities

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Machines with International Acceptance Argentina Australia Brazil Colombia Canada Dominican Republic Iceland Mexico Norway Saudi Arabia South Africa USA

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Engineering Partners throughout the years Hatch Associates Hatch et Associés Koppers Co. Kværner E & C McDowell-Wellman Thomson van Eck Voest Alpine USS Engrs. Arthur G. McKee Bechtel Corp. Chestnut & Root Cia. Projectos Brasilieros Davy-Minenco Dravo Corp. Elkem Technology Greenblatt & Hutton CC

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Sensible Automation Reduces labor Automates water cooling Automates mold covering Flushes and cleanses mold wash Interlocks spoon tilter and caster Provides wellbeing Interlocks With safeguard outline reasoning

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Simplified P&ID Detail on next slide

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Mold Wash P&ID Detail

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Value Oriented Design Automation and interlocks lessen staffing Improved yield builds yield Proprietary procedure plan expands mold life Reduced upkeep cost from longer life Computerized plan library for configuration effectiveness

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Special components Fine control of pouring rate Automatic mold wash cleansing Linkage to plant DCS framework Proven control programs Automatic mold wash blending Simplified administrator\'s controls

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Wide Product Experience Pig Iron Casters Aluminum Casters Ingots DeOx Cones Ferroalloy casters Armor Plate Casters for U.S. Naval force Brass & Bronze Ingot Casters Stainless Steel Ingot Casters

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Wide Product Experience Pig Iron Casting Machine – Iscor Steel

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Wide Product Experience Small shape casters for ferroalloys and aluminum

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Wide Product Experience Ferroalloy Slab Casters

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Wide Product Experience Aluminum ingot throwing lines

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Recent Installations Ticor-SA Empangeni (Kumba Hvy. Minerals) First Cast 60 tph Pig Iron Casting Machine

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Other Recent Installations ANGLO PLATINUM POLOKWANE 70 tph Nickel Matte Casting Machine (Eliminates release of corrosive from granulation) ELKEM METALS CANADA 20 tph Mg Ferrosilicon Casting Machine (Earlier establishment at Bjoelvefossen made them the world pioneer in foundry inoculants) HIsmelt DIRECT REDUCTION – Australia Dual 125 tph Pig Iron Casting Machines (Economy likewise supplied throwing machine for pilot plant)

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YOU are additionally our accomplice You know your composites best You know your plant operations You know your workforce Together , we can achieve the best arrangement at the least aggregate expense.

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The best TOTAL VALUE arrangement State-of-the-Art Technology Local Content Competitive Capital Cost Low Operating Cost Low Maintenance Cost Proven Reliability with numerous establishments in plants where 100% of the aggregate creation is thrown on Economy\'s machines

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