EDT 3470: Innovation for Basic Instruction.

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To guarantee that all WMU rudimentary instruction graduates have the capacity to meet or surpass the ... PC Labs in Elementary Teaching. Questions and answers. On the off chance that you have an issue/issue ...
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EDT 3470: Technology for Elementary Education College of Education Western Michigan University

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Did you Know? Some avocation for this course (in the event that you required it): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMcfrLYDm2U

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3470 Instructors Dr. Brian Horvitz Stacey Lee Katherine Mills Sharon Peterson Mark Raffler Kelsey Woodard

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Today\'s Agenda Goals/Purposes Policies Grading Attendance Extra help Lab Assignments Reading Quizzes Lecture Series

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Goals/Purposes Familiarize you with the advancements that are utilized as a part of large portions of today\'s rudimentary instruction classrooms To guarantee that all WMU basic training graduates can meet or surpass the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). Motivate you to start to contemplate how innovation apparatuses can be utilized viably as a part of your educating

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Policies Do the work, get the evaluation Seek help on the off chance that you require it Provide help to your cohorts in the event that they require it Be conscious If you have an inquiry, ask it

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Grading Point framework (see online syllabus) Assignments are submitted and reviewed electronically through Vista (Blackboard Learning System). Evaluating Rubrics are utilized for all assignments Points deducted for late assignments The Syllabus is the last word

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Attendance Points are recompensed for Lab and Lecture participation Be certain you sign into your lab every week Fill out a participation sheet at every address You are in charge of discovering what you missed because of nonappearance It\'s anything but difficult to get behind – don\'t give this a chance to happen

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Extra Help Office hours : see syllabus and converse with your teacher Open lab : each Friday from 1-4pm in Sangren 2202 Try to go to another lab that week in the event that you know early you\'ll miss yours

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Lab Assignments Each week, you\'ll deal with a lab task that includes utilization of an innovation based apparatus Examples: PowerPoint Web Design Desktop Publishing Digital Video Inspiration Concept Mapping Lab will walk you through all that you have to know

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Reading Quizzes You will read sections in Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching every week Mandatory perusing tests are on Blackboard Don\'t get behind – stay aware of them You may retake your tests, yet you will get distinctive inquiries

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Lecture Series Each week in Lecture (huge class in this room), you\'ll have an alternate speaker They would all say all are important to you as future instructors Topic illustrations include: Job Seeking Assistive Technologies What is Web 2.0? PC Maintenance Computer Labs in Elementary Teaching

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Q&A If you have an issue/issue/concern, contact your lab teacher (see syllabus for contact information) Unresolved issues ought to be tended to Dr. Brian Horvitz ( brian.horvitz@wmich.edu ) Any inquiries now?

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