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The recreations' embodiment is the intelligence which basically ... web diversions are utilizing new routines: the most astonishing and late component of web ...
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Edutainment Education + amusement It is hard to characterize its qualities, yet these days if the makers need to be fruitful the stimulation part is to be more obvious then the training part. We need to check that without legitimate direction, most clients (children, understudies, understudies) will manage just the most stimulating components of the project and disregard the rest.

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The great edutainment Basic components instructive substance, intelligent segments (constant reaction), appealing interface that can get the consideration of the clients. The embodiment of the amusements is the intelligence which for all intents and purposes actualized as the standards of the diversion.

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Early edutainment The principle sorts of customary cartographic edutainment are the accompanying: Puzzle: the components can be equivalent in size, however can be geographic units of the guide (regulatory territories like nations or districts). Plot (unlettered) map amusement: the players need to distinguish map highlights, or need to position them on a guide. Cross-words: this is the blend of the typical cross-word and the framework (unlettered) map.

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Early edutainment

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Early PC amusements : Commodore

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Early PC diversions : Amiga North and South Storm crosswise over Europe

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Early PC recreations : Atari Agent USA Earth viewes Earth Views is the principal program you can purchase for any PC that delineates a 3-D picture of the earth in turn on any pivot. It\'s likewise a topography lesson, trivia test, chart book and enterprise amusement.

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Carmen Sandiego 1986 - Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? 1988 - Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? 1989 - Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? 1991 - Where in America\'s Past is Carmen Sandiego? 1993 - Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego?

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Computer recreations ( astounds ) Learn Europe Asia Map Puzzle

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Computer amusements (edutainment-like) The diversion covers the European history from 1419-1820. War, exchange, economy, defilement, uprisings, strategy, religion, society, states, investigation and so on. Understudies ought to approach history as a dynamic procedure – perceive how actualities and occasions came to be. In the short run the diversion is verifiably precise, yet the incorrectness expanding in long run. Europa Universalis

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Computer amusements (edutainment-like) Civil war SimCity 4

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Computer recreations ( orienteering ) Navigate WinOL

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CD-ROM as a critical stride From 1985 the CD-ROM has been utilized as a PC stockpiling gadget, yet the cost was high, which didn\'t permit quick conveyance. The primary CD-ROM items for PC-s were distinctive word references, handbooks, reference books (e.g. Microsoft Bookshelf, 1987) .

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CD-ROM – mixed media Multimedia was the most encouraging new capacity in the initial segment of 90\'s. Sound, video could be a piece of the item, however around then not very many clients have contributed on genuine mixed media PC-s. National Geographic Picture Atlas of the World (1992) World Atlas (vector maps) Hungary, in view of a German item (1994) Microsoft Encarta (1995) Klaus-Perthes: Mit Alex CD-ROMS (1997-)

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CD-ROM – edutainment Mit Alex auf Reisen Manó Magyarország (Troll arrangement: Hungary)

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CD-ROM these days CD-ROM is the basic media for programming dispersion. DVD-R OM has much higher limit, yet because of the diverse norms this media is still less mainstream (with the exception of motion pictures). For edutainment items the web turned out to be more essential.

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T he web In the 80\'s the Internet was a typical spot of specialists, researchers, people groups in higher trainings. From the earliest starting point of the 90\'s the web turned out to be much more critical element of the PC business. Since 1995 the web has impacted the advancement of the business: everyone needed to be available on the web, all the product must be associated by one means or another to online elements.

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The early web advancement The most essential component of the 90\'s was the constrained bandwith of web association. The dominant part of web clients could utilize just modem association which doesn\'t let utilizing rich sight and sound components. The advancements of equipment industry could enhance the association pace of the web clients (counting the remote association). At the point when Tim Berners-Lee designed the main program and the entire web system in the start of 90\'s the web was an exceptionally static media. Just couple of standard record configurations were bolstered (html, gif, jpg) .

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Web improvement The new systems of the late 90\'s, similar to Flash, Java, JavaScript, VRML, SVG let the engineers utilizing sight and sound components to change the static pages into element sites. The institutionalization impact of the web is additionally imperative: just the most prevalent, industry gauges document organizations are acknowledged (modules can give chance for less known arrangements), yet these configurations can exchange more rich substance then ever some time recently.

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Web edutainment - tests

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Web edutainment - tests

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Web diversions these days The new patterns can give more risk for edutainment in the web environment. Not each client is enthusiastic about playing confused, 3D recreations which use virtual reality, yet these clients favor straightforward, simple to-use, peaceful, moderately short, scholarly sort of stimulation. A few sites offer these sorts of amusements. The dominant part of web amusements are utilizing new strategies: the most astounding and late component of web diversions is the liveliness.

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Honfoglaló (Settler) - A well known web amusement

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Honfoglaló (Settler) - A famous web diversion A key diversion like edutainment about the 1848 Hungarian upheaval, 2004 (supported by the Ministry of Education) – the motor depends on Honfo g laló

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The fate of the edutainment The presence of the web has changed the guide distributed in light of the fact that on the web the guide client is for the most part obscure to the guide maker, distributer and their guide perusing abilities are additionally obscure. The cartography have more "clients" then at whatever time some time recently, so the cartographic edutainment now has better risk then ever before on the off chance that we mull over the unique chances of the web environment.

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Thank you for your consideration László ZENTAI Associate Professor Eszter DOMBÓVÁRI PhD understudy Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics Eötvös Loránd University Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A, Budapest, Hungary

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