Effectively "Shutting the Hole" in Video Conferencing.

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Effectively "Shutting the Hole" in Video Conferencing Caldwell Junior college Jennifer Sime M.A. Linda Wortman-Lowe M.A. Catawba Valley Junior college Ken Elliott Ph. D. The response to "Why"? Inspiration components:
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Effectively “Closing the Gap” in Video Conferencing Caldwell Community College Jennifer Sime M.A. Linda Wortman-Lowe M.A. Catawba Valley Community College Ken Elliott Ph. D.

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The response to “Why”? Inspiration components: Rare chance to offer an educational programs program as an accomplice by means of feature conferencing and separation learning

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The response to “Why”? Chance to “grow” a system with constrained financing. Shared FTE and money saving advantages: community schools = 100% of general instruction FTE Technical courses – 50/50 split for FTE

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Why? 1 (2005-2006) normal FTE = $3,060.00 1 Student for every 3 hour credit = .09375 FTE = $286.88 Video Conferencing Fee = $685/month or $8,220.00 1 – three hour acknowledge class for 29 understudies covers the feature conferencing charge for 1 year.

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Assets for Collaboration Collaborative Agreements CCC & TI, CVCC and WCC assention Degree giving system Increased enlistment for all accomplices Breaking Geographical Barriers New Career Choices for Students inside of their district

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Assets for Collaboration Share & viably utilize assets Academic prompting expanded limit Increased force from connected utilization of innovation Clinical Site extension Regional Economic Development Facilitate new and grow existing work choices

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Program Development Administrative Dual application process Financial guide “home school” assignment Tuition installment (PELL, TIA. WIA) Book buys

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Program Development Instructor Training on Video Conferencing and Room Equipment Delivery of Instruction Management of classroom

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Program Development Technical Scheduling of Classes Develop a technique for working through Technical glitches amid classes.

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Keys to Success * Communication/Relationships*

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Keys to Success * Organization *

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Continued Challenges (also called what we have to deal with) Technical – “What If’s” Receiving & Originating site special cases Instructor On-Site visits

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Continued Challenges Program advancement Career administrations Advising Multi-site Marketing Multi-site booking Coordination of semester begin and end calendar Breaks

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High Expectations Essential elements of inspiration for: Students Instructors Partnership Expansion

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“The distinction between the outlandish and the conceivable lies in a person’s determination” Tommy Lasorda

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