EFRA Future Task.

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EFRA produce European Champions... Help/Guidelines for administration of EFRA occasions... Incorporate with a producer based Championship like F1, WRC or Moto GP ...
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EFRA Future Project

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Step by step assessment Future Project First Ideas 2005 Steps: 1 Blue print Objectifs –B arrangement 2 Brainstorm Goals and how to accomplish them 3 Filters, choice Round-up 4 Draft 1 5 Finalization B-Plan Presentation AGM 6 AGM Agreement

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2007 Future Project Final report 2007-12-31 Report to the AGM from Hans Christensson Agreement from AGM to proceed with the Project.

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2008 The EFRA Board began to work: It was chosen to primarily focus on the accompanying Projects: Communication Constitution "PR" was added to the rundown Assistance will be sought inside our part nations, their support is viewed as intriguing for EFRA..

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Future Project Coordination: Franky Targets in the Future Project Constitution : Carlos; Sander; Wolfgang; Frank Base of work, The EFRA Constitution study Different contrasting options to be examined Start from white paper Start from genuine wording Mix of both Pay consideration regarding different constitutions Keep as a top priority genuine real framework

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Project Communication: Jackie; Heiner Internal Board correspondence/Federation correspondence Event correspondence/Driver correspondence IFMAR Communication Homologation correspondence Information Policy Standardization Timetable Language Associate Members/Manufacturers Press Releases Information Policy - External

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Project Public Relations: Dallas; Wolfgang; Frank; Sander Promotions Explain the game to all Make youth sport open Promotion of the game, races, EFRA Unique showcasing occasions Visibility to media/Image Look outside Presentation/Improve our notoriety Image building Press Releases/Magazine nearness Local nearness at EC GP National media/Contact media outside

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Targets to be characterized associated with PR are: Who/what is the objective Who is our client What we might want to accomplish (EFRA brand)‏ Important to check later: Administration Procedures Homologation Process Associate Member Process Invoice Process Technical Procedures Race Organization Technical Inspection/Measurements

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We have overlooked how EFRA is functioning Working Functions/Role Organization EFRA use cases Environment Compatibility Manufacturer Involvement Pollution Noise Ratio Amend the working gatherings later Ask for the Questionnaires for the leagues Ask for the Questionnaires for the partner individuals

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EFRA load up accomplishments so as to disentangle the gigantic undertaking of invoicing and organization, the apparatus WEBADMIN has been created. This instrument is right now utilized by the Treasurer and the Secretary. Sooner rather than later this device might be opened to our Chairman to convey institutionalized structures, and can be drawn closer as database for locations and phone numbers. Despite the fact that in testing stage, we had some great consequences of the proposition apparatus, that should be assessed and repaired. Can be utilized for different things as a part without bounds, for example, electronic postal voting. Clamor generator is in trying stage The facilitating of the site has been changed, likewise the mail server is working betterly, including web mail. Out of the working gathering, the possibility of a more advanced structure was shaped. EFRA Pro Racing, is one of the reasoning procedures as of now.

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A Simple View of EFRA Today A Federation Section EC/GP Manufacturer EC/GP Section Manufacturer EC/GP Section Manufacturer EFRA EXEC

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Project EFRA PRO Racing. I might want to ask your co-operation and thoughts with respect to EFRA Pro hustling . The reason for EFRA PRO hustling: - To make a specialized advisory group with pros, or at the end of the day: producers, and to restrict the measure of tenets. - Those guidelines must be clear, and acknowledged around the world. - To sort out races for top drivers, with constrained members. - To handle the promoting, supporting, and marketing and PR of those races. - To form an expert or semi proficient team. - The association of races on the best and business most intriguing tracks.

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A Possible View of EFRA Tomorrow Federation Section EC/GP Manufacturer Section Manufacturer EC/GP EC/GP Section Manufacturer EFRA EXEC Pro Series Management Group Elec Pro Series Management Group Gas Invitation to delicate Invitation to delicate Invitation to delicate Invitation to delicate Pro Race Organizer Pro Race Organizer Pro Race Organizer Pro Race Organizer On Road EFRA European Pro Masters Off Road EFRA European Pro Masters On Road EFRA European Pro Masters Off Road EFRA European Pro Masters

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Public Relations PR implies a variety of things to many individuals. One thing I have seen is that in the event that you ask ten arbitrary individuals what PR is, there will be 10 altogether different answers . Advertising … or would we say we are really looking at Marketing? PR

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Public Relations In Hans Christensson report does he utilize the expression "Promoting" and that the need targets ought to be: Not an essentially attention!! Drivers Federations Manufacturer/Sponsors Potential Future Drivers Furthermore in a positioning rundown of the most imperative issues is main 2 the accompanying: 1 More expert advancement 2 Information, pamphlet, WEB A sensible inquiry is actually what cans/EFRA produce that is substantial for the previously mentioned targets

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Public Relations EFRA produce European Champions... ...be that as it may, should likewise offer thoughtfulness regarding different necessities Drivers Stable tenets, ideally formally dressed everywhere throughout the World Professional administration of occasions Experience Officials at EFRA Events Federations Stable principles, ideally formally dressed everywhere throughout the World Help/Guidelines for administration of EFRA occasions... ...i.e. Agendas, press acknowledges and so forth. Quick and great correspondence with EFRA Manufacturer/Sponsors Stable tenets, ideally formally dressed everywhere throughout the World Good advertising/advancement of EFRA occasions Professional administration of occasions Experience Officials at EFRA Events Potential Future Drivers The level of the exercises EFRA handle won\'t not draw in this gathering

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Are we on the right heading? Is it accurate to say that this is the way you need us to go?

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How does an expert PR and Marketing master sees the FUTURE R/C Championships The Future

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CURRENT SITUATION The Olympics of R/C hustling run no superior to an expansive national race!! Low profile Too Long Little track time Only resource is title Drivers displayed by nation No PR/Marketing No press facitlities Competitor just orientated No show for overall population No official distribution of 2008 result! No title support Poor association and execution of guidelines Little or no advantage to producers including Champion No benchmark for standard of section

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REASONS FOR CURRENT SITUATION Run totally by volunteers (r/c devotees) ‏ Behind the times contrasted and different games No expert information Lack of spending Lack of administration No business thought

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DESIRED OBJECTIVE Create world class occasion deserving of World Championship title Build into a maker based Championship like F1, WRC or Moto GP Make it the greatest shop window for offering our game and at last get more individuals required in game at club level Structure dashing around occasion PR/Marketing for most extreme effect

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ACHIEVING DESIRED OBJECTIVES Turn to experts Secure adaquet financing Get Manfacturers to cooperate Hand EFRA/IFMAR turnkey arrangement Offer makers feasible showcasing opportunity

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PROPOSAL More minimal occasion 5 Day occasion - Wednesday - Free Practice Thursday - Timed Practice Friday – Qualifying Saturday – Qualifying/Junior Championship Final Sunday – Finals Reduce passage to 72 hand chose contenders New Format?? 3 Leg Finals-2 to tally – Removes component of misfortune Junior Championship – Seperate Final for Top 10 under 18 year olds (Creates extra PR/Marketing opportunity) ‏ Manufacturer just passages – production line groups/satelite groups

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EVENT PRESENTATION Manufacturers Village – Sales territory open to open where intrigued spectators can discover data about how to begin and buy/or be placed in contact with nearby supplier. Additionally EFRA/IFMAR stand. Pit Area open to open – put drivers/items in plain view VIP Area – Hospitality tent with tables for each maufacturer for Media, Drivers, Dealers, Distributors. Institutionalized trackside marking. Official EC/WC site – Driver/Team profiles, consistent news, highlights (Dual dialect - English/Local) ‏

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Good Commentary – enlightening for observers Local radio editorial Pit to driver radios – with fan get to All manfucturers convey WC/EC logo on authority apparel/promoting/showcasing material Official Event Magazine - Profile all drivers Feature driving drivers Insight into game Getting started segment Manufacturer/group profiles Advertising

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WC/EC uniform for Race Officials/staff Corriographed presentation of Main Final driver line-up with visuals Main Final Autograph session before last – groups supply notices Trophies for winning case/motor makers (Award on consolidated focuses) to make extra showcasing opportunity

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MOVING FORWARD Obstacles Politics – EFRA/IFMAR/Regional Federations EFRA/IFMAR constitution denies polished methodology in the game Getting support from producers – motivating them to trust they can profit Funding National Federations Alienate Racers!

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USP Turnkey arrangement upheld by the business – takes weight off IFMAR/Host Federation EFRA/IFMAR still direct occasion however all different angles professionally took care of Raise the profile

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