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Presentation outline. Presentation : EISAI presentationWhy did EISAI come to France ?EISAI French backup presentationHow did EISAI create in France ?The estimations of the guardian companyConstraints of the French subsidiaryAdaptation to FranceAssertion of a French administration styleConclusion : counsel to Japanese organizations coming to France and their auxiliaries.
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EISAI in France Best in France Project May 2006 - By: BUFFIERE Anne-Sophie, HUYNH Julie, RICHARD Pierre, ROUSSET Laure, RUGET Marion Specialized Master in Project Management (HEC/SUPAERO)

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Presentation rundown Introduction : EISAI introduction Why did EISAI come to France ? EISAI French auxiliary introduction How did EISAI create in France ? The estimations of the parent organization Constraints of the French backup Adaptation to France Assertion of a French administration style Conclusion : counsel to Japanese organizations coming to France and their auxiliaries

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EISAI Created in Japan in 1936 by Toyoji NAITO A global pharmaceutical organization (recorded on Tokyo Stock Exchange since 1961) International development was started in the 70s, beginning with Asia (11 auxiliaries), then the USA (1981) European extension started in the late 80s: UK (1989), France and Germany (1996), Spain (2001)… Toyoji Naito, author of EISAI Many offshoots directing Sales & Marketing abroad A multi-polar R&D coordinate with research offices in Japan, UK, and the USA

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EISAI Key figures 26th pharmaceutical gathering on the planet fourth Japanese pharmaceutical organization World united incomes (2005): 5.6 billion € R&D Investments (2005): 784 million € More than 7000 workers around the world

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EISAI Europe  European Headquarters in London  A generation site situated in the Netherlands  R&D office in London  Main Sales & Marketing workplaces: France, Germany, Spain

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Why did EISAI come to France ? The improvement methodology of EISAI included coming to Europe for its great market potential After opening the British auxiliary, EISAI swung to the two greatest European markets for pharmaceuticals: France & Germany (From"Groupes Pharmaceutiques dans le monde" – Xerfi 700, Nov 2005) French market focal points : National protection benefits French utilization The French backup opened for the dispatch of Aricept, a medication utilized as a part of Alzheimer treatment

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Europe allure Europe is a greater market than Japan, with higher deals volume and development rate An overall photo of the pharmaceutical market in 2004 ( Xerfi )

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France engaging quality France is the most appealing business sector in Europe considering the blend of offers and development rate The European pharmaceutical market in 2004 ( Xerfi )

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EISAI in France Sales & Marketing office, situated in Paris La Défense Main helpful range : the Central Nervous System (Alzheimer, Parkinson, unending torment, … ) Leader in Alzheimer\'s treatment with its star item: Aricept Leader among all the European auxiliaries: 2-figure development Key figures (Worldwide & France):

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A dynamic setting up 1996-97 : Opening to set up Aricept\'s dispatch, while sitting tight to market approvals from European experts EISAI France started with a little group (4 individuals). A huge correspondence crusade: The objective was to make individuals understand that Alzheimer\'s sickness is a genuine general medical problem. This work occurred through gatherings with lawmakers, organizations, logical specialists, specialists, groups of ailment people… Recruitment and preparing of the sales representatives 1998 : Aricept\'s authentic dispatch

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A dynamic setting up The concurrence with Pfizer has an agreement with each backup in Europe as to coordinations and deals. Be that as it may, Public Relations are EISAI\'s whole duty. Coordinations: EISAI medications are delivered in the Netherlands for the European market. Once delivered, they are sent to Pfizer, which is responsible for the bundling. Deals: Pfizer\'s therapeutic agents add to EISAI deals Why Pfizer? Pfizer was not an immediate contender for ESAI as it was not present on Alzheimer\'s market. EISAI could profit by its great notoriety and its overall system. In 1996, EISAI was obscure in France. Today, specialists, for example, geriatrician, neurologists, therapists distinguish EISAI as an exceptionally dependable Japanese medication organization. Today, EISAI has built up a solid deals constrain and scarcely needs Pfizer\'s commitment for deals exercises.

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EISAI Products Japan : Drugs, and additionally shopper medicinal services items (vitamins, tooth glue… ) The Japanese Public for the most part know Eisai for its human services items, instead of its medications. France : EISAI\'s auxiliaries are allowed to popularize their preferred results among EISAI\'s item portfolio.  Clear decision to concentrate on the Central Nervous System drugs. N o buyer social insurance portfolio. It is an alternate market, with various key achievement variables Drugs sold in France normally have a higher measurement than in Japan. For example, Aricept\'s measurement in France is either 5 or 10 milligrams, though it doesn\'t surpass 3 milligrams in Japan. This is halfway because of contrasts in morphology and digestion system between the two populaces.

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Cultural Analysis Hofstede social measurements : There are two primary crevices : Japan culture is significantly more manly French individuals are a great deal more independent

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The Company Values Good fit with French qualities  The hhc theory and the regard for the individual Some discordances with French qualities  - Extreme genuineness Compliance Women Lifetime work

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The hhc Philosophy A center esteem incorporated by EISAI France The reasoning : Human Health Care is the organization\'s objective, which implies that its first needs are patients and their families. The applications in France : - Employees are urged to be dynamic in philanthropies EISAI Foundation : conveys open arranged activities (e.g.: composition on the mind). An establishment has a superior picture than an organization with regards to imparting on medical problems. It is unmistakably isolated from EISAI itself, with an alternate address. Be that as it may, it is 100% supported by EISAI as it can\'t get any gift up until now. - Alzheimer establish : gives preparing to clinicians and medical caretakers on Alzheimer\'s sickness and guarantees data spreading. The hhc cost : The cost is granted every year by the parent organization to the auxiliary who best connected the hhc rationality. EISAI France got the value twice.

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Discordance – Extreme Honesty … to the detriment of their items 正直 Japanese have a tendency to be to a great degree genuine regardless of the possibility that it can impactsly affect business. In March 2006, Aricept was tried in 9 nations on individuals experiencing vascular dementia. Such patients are for the most part more than 90 years of age and experience the ill effects of different sicknesses. They can consequently be considered as a "risk population". 11 out of the 974 individuals enlisted for this clinical trial passed on. Among them, 7 really kicked the bucket before taking the medication. Be that as it may, the Japanese top-administration sorted out a question and answer session, in a will of straightforwardness, regardless of the notice from EISAI France on the unjustified damage it could make to the item.

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Discordance – Compliance … or denouncement? The Compliance System In Japan, it is present to have a hotline to give the name of any dubious worker or to tell any data that one may see as a danger for the organization. EISAI attempted to build up this framework in Europe. It was acknowledged in Germany and UK, however France remained against such practice. Without a doubt, the administrator of the French backup completely dismisses the consistence framework which was unmistakably seen as a denouncement framework as opposed to a consistence one. Japanese comprehended French position and did not demand to set up this framework.

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Discordance – Working ladies Japan and France have distinctive methods for intuition towards working ladies. Japanese ladies are normally dealing with their home and kids while their spouses are working hard. EISAI Japan: In Japan, there is no lady in the top administration. The most noteworthy position ladies can involve is Product Manager, however they need to contend energetically for it. EISAI France : In France, there are a few ladies in the Executive Committee (General heading and Medical course). Besides, the majority of the Product Managers are ladies. Some of them are under 30 years of age, while their modify sense of self in Japan are for the most part over 50 years of age. This major social contrast can contrarily influence correspondence between the two nations. To be sure, when Japanese supervisors visit the French office, they just welcome ladies with high titles while they consider every single male worker.

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Discordance – Lifetime Employment The Japanese work market is portrayed by an exceptionally particular component, which is "lifetime employment" . Expansive Japanese firms for the most part contract laborers straightforwardly out of school and hold them until retirement. The lifetime certification is understood (no composed contracts) however genuine in any case and assessed to cover about 33% of all laborers. Work rehearses contrast in France. French are more maverick than Japanese (cf. Hofstede measurements). Individual headway for the most part beat the advantage of the organization .Therefore individuals may change of organizations a few time amid their vocation. On the opposite side, firms can lay off their representatives if their work is not acceptable. In fact a few expulsions have happened since the production of the French backups. The parent organization has dependably requested supports, or even sent an appointment to attempt to maintain a strategic distance from expulsion. Japanese especially fear demotivation from the group that witnesses the expulsion.

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Constraints in France Costs Higher wages (half less obtaining power in Japan). The backup needed to disclose to the parent organization that they needed to adjust themselves to the French wage levels keeping in mind the end goal to draw in and hold representatives. Imperviousness to social interruption Japanese needed to trade their administration structure in all backups. For instance, they figured out how to execute their consistence framework in the UK or in Germany. Nonetheless,

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