El Imperfecto!!!!!!.

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El Imperfecto!!!!!!. We have found out about the past time now it's a great opportunity to find out about the other past strained… . Similitudes to English language structure. The basic past The past dynamic Either "would" or used to" . Employments.
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El Imperfecto!!!!!! We have found out about the past time now it’s time to find out about the other past tense….

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Similarities to English syntax The straightforward past The past dynamic Either “would” or utilized to”

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USES #1-When depicting an activity or state that continues onward, and going and going…….did I say it continues onward? (be that as it may, makes not reference to a definite starting, length of time, or end of the activity)

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Did you say illustration? Cuando estaba en Puerto Rico, pasaba mucho tiempo con mi abuela. When I was at Puerto Rico, I invested a great deal of energy with my grandmother.

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It is additionally utilized to….. Describe….. Rehashed Habitual Continuous Actions BUT REMEMBER EVENTS IN THE PAST!!!!!!!!!!!

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For example…. Cuando period un austronauta, me ponã­a un traje muy gracioso. When I used to be a space traveler, I would put on an exceptionally clever outfit (lol amusing).

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Another utilization can be….. To portray two things happening in the meantime.

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For instance (speck, dab, spot) Monchito escuchaba al perro ladrar mientras se preparaba para comenzar a correr. Monchito heard the canine bark, as he set himself up to start running. (….and get the HECK out of there!!!!)

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AND in conclusion the IMPERFECT can be utilized when….. One activity hinders another BUT THERE IS A TRICK!!!!!!!!!!!! The activity the hinders is in the PRETERIT While the interfered with activity is in the IMPERFECT

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CONFUSE????? (here is a case) Miraba al cielo cuando vio un metiorito acercarce. (Feed DIOS MIO!!!!!) She took a gander at the sky as she saw a shooting star come closer. Miraba the interupted is in the defective Vio the INTERUPTER is in past time

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Regular types of the flawed

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THE END OF THIS EXCITING PRESENTATION  One truth to know: Mexican’s LOVE churros. So please in the event that you are Mexican or not please go eat a churro. This presentation has been conveyed to you

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