Electronic Business and the Virtual Undertaking.

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Electronic Commerce and the Virtual Enterprise Session 1: Defining Electronic Commerce and The Network Economy

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Electronic Commerce "Electronic Commerce has created over $1.2 billion in riches in the previous year and a half" -Al Gore How is this conceivable?

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Electronic Commerce According to a late overview, 66% felt the PC was the most huge development of the 20 th century. The plane was 2 nd at 18% Also, more individuals trust that Bill Gates (45%) greaterly affects their everyday lives than Bill Clinton (44%)  www.upi.com/corp/news/980430

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Electronic Commerce Volchok Computing did a late study -just 23% of senior executives at Fortune 1000 organizations could clarify the motivation behind a modem while 93% of sixth graders took care of business -98% of the sixth graders knew the Internet was not possessed by anybody, 68% of the executives thought some company ran it -23% of the executives thought the Internet was a piece of Microsoft

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Electronic Commerce Increasingly esteem is found not in substantial resources, for example, items but rather in immaterial resources, for example, marking, client relationship, supplier joining and the accumulation of key data resources. - Kalakota

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Growth 1998-1999 Number of web clients overall expanded by 55% Number of hosts rose by 46% Number of web servers expanded by 128% Number of new web address enlistments ascended by 137% www.ecommerce.gov/ede/chapter1.html

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Growth Dell\'s online deals dramatically increased in 1998 to $14 million every day. Last quarter deals were $18 m/day first quarter 1999 Travelocity\'s business developed to $128 m - 156% expansion over same period a year prior Quicken contract masterminded $400m in advances in 1Q99 versus $600 m for all of 1998 www.ecommerce.gov/ede/chapter1.html

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Growth In mid 1998 forecasters were proposing that business-to-business e-trade may ascend to $300 billion by 2002. Most now consider that evaluation to be too low. Forrester recommends b-b will reach $1.3 trillion by 2003 EVERY evaluation of e-business volume and development has been LOW www.ecommerce.gov/ede/chapter1.html

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So what is Electronic Commerce?

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So What is Electronic Commerce? - Hollywood SX www.hsx.com -Satellite www.terraserver.com -Voice Recognition 888-573-8255 Jupiter -Translations www.altavista.com -Bus Call www.buscall.com -Online cameras events.exploratorium.edu/CAM1/index.html -PoliceScanner www.policescanner.com -LA Traffic traffic.maxwell.com/la/ -Ebay www.ebay.com

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So What is Electronic Commerce? Is it innovation? Is it a procedure? Is a procedure?

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Elements of EC Defined Communications: the conveyance of data, items administrations, or installments by means of phone lines, PC systems, or some other means Business Process: the use of innovation toward the computerization of business exchanges and work processes

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Elements of EC Defined Service: an apparatus that addresses the craving of firms, purchasers, and administration to cut administration costs while enhancing the nature of merchandise and expanding the rate of administration conveyance Online: gives the ability of purchasing and offering items and data on the Internet and other online administrations

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EC Defined Key Elements of our definitions: -EC is NOT simply innovation -Technology connected to a business issue so data is caught and traded in computerized or electronic positions.

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Electronic Commerce Technology is unquestionably essential to any meaning of EC "Great Technology that is acknowledged by both business and society all in all stands an amazing change of changing the principles" -Jeff Harrow, Compaq

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EC versus IS/IT How is Electronic Commerce not the same as the Information Systems capacity in a venture? "EC attempts to enhance the execution of business exchanges over different systems" - Kalakota & Whinston Information Systems oversee data as an asset

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E-trade versus E-business?

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E-trade versus E-busines E-trade worries about the exchange E-business is everything prior and then afterward the deal Let\'s take a gander at a model for E-business

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Stakeholders Employees A Model for E-business Internal Business Partners Supply Chain Mgt Enterprise Resource Planning External Knowledge Applications Enterprise App Integration Management Control Administration Control Customer Relationship Mgt Selling Chain Mgt Customers, Resellers

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A Framework for Electronic Commerce This is my Model for this course Let\'s discussion through every segment

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Virtual Corporations An association that develops its impact past the limits of time, separation, and physical offices. May be impermanent in nature, intended to play out a given errand or lasting the length of the business need exists Some illustrations?

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The Network Economy As the virtual organization rises we start to consider moving towards an economy in light of the Network. What does that mean??? Some contend that the very way of the firm will change - do we have to arrange assets similarly that we have?

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The Network Economy The advanced upset gets every one of the features nowadays. Be that as it may, turning gradually underneath the quick forward turbulence, consistently driving the spinning cycles of cool technogadgets and gotta-haves, is an a great deal more significant upset - the Network Economy - Kevin Kelly, New Rules for the Networked Economy

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The Network Economy What\'s the estimation of a solitary Fax machine? As the quantity of hubs in a system increments numerically, the estimation of the system increments exponentially. Including a couple of more individuals can significantly build esteem. Quality is gotten from plentitude - not lack!

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The Network Economy The destiny of individual organizations is not reliant on their own benefits but rather additionally on the destiny of their neighbors, their partners, their rivals... Systems agitate - feasible dis-balance - cite from Kelly

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The Network Economy Donald Hicks of UT considered the half-existence of Texas organizations for as long as 22 years - Their life span has dropped by 1/2 since 1970 - Number of occupations becoming quicker than any time in recent memory - Wages at most astounding point and developing "by far most of the businesses on which Texans will depend in the year 2026 - or even 2006 - don\'t yet exist"

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The Network Economy What are the suggestions for us? Change is consistent Planning skylines abbreviate Education is constant Spiral Development Others?

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The Internet What was all out e-business in 1990? What set off the development? Why?

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The Internet Email TCP/IP EDI Internet E-Mall HTML HTTP Catalogs Browsers We will talk about numerous innovations however the Internet will be vital to all

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The Internet Jack Welch - The Internet is need 1, 2, 3, and 4 for GE Clearly the Internet has developed as a practical business stage WHY? Installment Systems Global access Security Information Exchange Marketplace

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Emerging Internet Models Business-Consumer Business-Business Product Based www.amazon.com www.mercata.com www.officemax.com www.boeing.com Physical www.Estamps.com www.hallmark.com www.wsj.com www.photodisc.com Digital Service Based www.peapod.com www.etrade.com www.fedex.com www.expedia.com Traditional www.roboshopper.com www.ebates.com www.netseminar.com www.yesmail.com Digital

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Assignment for Next Week For now the site page is: acasun.eckerd.edu/~duffja 1. Complete the lattice from the past page 2. Read the Whitehouse position paper on ecommerce www.whitehouse.gov/WH/New/Commerce/read.html 3. Read New Rules for the Digital Economy www.wired.com/wired/file/5.09/newrules_pr.html 4. Macro-Effects of E-business www.mhhe.com/business/mis/zwass/ecpaper.html 5. Send me an email - duffj@ctc.com 6. Read 1 & 2 in the content when accessible

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