Electronic Growth of Customary Prepackaged games:.

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Conventional family table games are still well known, deals in Europe and US really developing ... Tabletop game makers are cynic, however willing to contribute assets ...
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Electronic Augmentation of Traditional Board Games Final Presentation Clim de Boer MEDIATECHNOLOGY April 26 th 2004

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Contents Introduction Trends in Board Games Possible Electronic Augmentations The Self-Conscious Gameboard Case Study with Settlers of Catan Summary and Discussion Clim de Boer

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Introduction (I) Modern innovation brings about (PC) diversions for people Traditional family prepackaged games are still famous, deals in Europe and US really developing No hybrid Clim de Boer

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Introduction (2) What quality can cutting edge innovation add to the… social-intelligent character energy/amusement esteem ease of use adaptability … of conventional tabletop games? Clim de Boer

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Trends in Board Games (1) History Backgammon (3000 B.C., Sumaria) Mah Jong (800, China) First deck of cards (1000, Asia) Chess (15 th century) Monopoly (1936, US) Clim de Boer

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Trends in Board Games (1) Market Sales in Europe and US developing following 1995 Economic retreat, risk of psychological oppression and war makes individuals need to "escape" advanced society Growth particularly in offers of more mind boggling amusements (focused at grown-ups) Declining deals for 9 to 15 year old youngsters Clim de Boer

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Trends in Board Games (2) Games, these days… Less impact of good fortune (dice) Tactics are of developing significance All players contend until the end of the diversion (instead of e.g. Imposing business model ) The gameboard can be changed before or amid an amusement ( e.g. Pilgrims of Catan) Clim de Boer

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Trends in Board Games (3) Manufacturers think costs for advancement and generation of electronically increased tabletop games are to high Game fashioners need to gain information of gadgets and present day innovation, and assets to assemble models Both sides are searching for conceivable developments that current innovation could convey, however are doubter since achievement neglected to come as of recently. Clim de Boer

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Trends in Board Games (4) Consumers Board amusements prompt nostalgic sentiments and are an approach to get away from the rushed of present day life Modern innovation ought to make recreations more open and elevate their diversion esteem Clim de Boer

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Possible Electronic Augmentations What is Electronic Augmentation? Past and Current Developments Possibilities Disadvantages Clim de Boer

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What is Electronic Augmentation of a Board Game? Improvement or augmentation of an amusement idea through the joining of cutting edge innovation Clim de Boer

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Past and Current Developments Electro (Jumbo, 1953) Dokter Bibber (MB, 1975) King Arthur (Ravensburger, 2004) Clim de Boer

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Possibilities (1) incorporated advanced standards mistake insurance/avoidance vivified diversion cases electronic showing randomization (e.g. evolving gameboard) computerized authoritative undertakings time, scores, diversion developments, player measurements varying media input (top notch) Clim de Boer

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Possibilities (2) counterfeit consciousness reproduction of players recommendation of moves recovery/reestablish amusement physical criticism cross-media applications correspondence between amusement examples straightforward included intricacy Clim de Boer

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Possibilities: TOP 3 (study result) Randomly changing gameboard creation Integrated advanced amusement rules, empowering e.g. programmed blunder assurance and avoidance Simulation of extra players Clim de Boer

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Disadvantages Malfunctioning of gadgets; repair? Unexpected circumstances in pre-modified diversion rationale Obscured innovation can befuddle Increasing offering costs Clim de Boer

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The Self-Conscious Gameboard (1) "Unsure" non-philosophical Concept depiction: "… a gameboard that can perceive the state and arrangement of every one of its components. It can distinguish these components and demand, set and convey the condition of them." Clim de Boer

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Controller GAME TOKEN GAME TOKEN GAME TOKEN GAME TOKEN FIELD TILE FIELD TILE GAME FLOOR PLAY FIELD The Self-Conscious Gameboard (2) Elements: Controller Game floor Field tiles Game tokens Game control components Clim de Boer

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Enabling \'Hesitance\'s (1) Recognizing board state: kind of components turn of components position of components Providing input Clim de Boer

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R 2 R 1 R 3 Game floor N 1 N 2 R 6 R 4 R 5 Enabling \'Reluctance\'s (2) Need for contact focuses (minimized) Research appears: C =  2 log( n . R + 1)  Where: C : number of contact focuses n : number of conspicuous sorts R : number of unmistakable pivots Clim de Boer

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Case Study with Settlers of Catan Assess shortcoming and qualities of idea Existing, effective tabletop game to think about unique versus improved amusement quality is a demonstrated certainty center consideration regarding electronic expansion Clim de Boer

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The Game Settlers of Catan Multiplayer table game (smash hit) Players are pilgrims of uninhabited island Build streets, settlements and urban areas to procure triumph focuses Resource creation controlled by two six-sided dice Clim de Boer

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Electronic Augmentations (1) Each field tile: Cardboard number is supplanted with seven-section LED show Two-shaded LED included Electronic sensor for "Thief" Digital bones capacity (with selectable chance dissemination) Switches for diversion inclinations Clim de Boer

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Electronic Augmentations (2) Task of appropriating number is computerized Displayed numeric values arbitrarily change (like clockwork/each 10 turns) Tossed number showed by green LEDs "Burglar" interfaces with load up, hindered payout of asset is shown by LED turning red Clim de Boer

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Building the Prototype (1) Clim de Boer

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Building the Prototype (2) Clim de Boer

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Playing the Prototype Randomization expands energy and amusement delight Influence on player\'s chances and system Digital dice barely seen (focuses to straightforwardness) Nostalgic feel remains Clim de Boer

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Summary Board diversion makers are doubter, however ready to contribute assets Important snags: Cost of advancement and generation Need for learning of innovation Technology must be non-prominent and give clear advantages Clim de Boer

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Questions and discourse Clim de Boer

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Thanks for your visit! Paper accessible Technical Report in LIACS library (TR 2004-05; 80 pages, in Dutch) Acceptance "ICEC 2004" meeting pending clim@clim.nl/www.clim.nl Clim de Boer

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