Electronic Installment Frameworks 20-763 Address 13 Versatile Installments, Virtual Cash.

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A larger number of handsets than PCs associated with the Internet before the end of 2003 ! ... installment to the Internet shop. by... 3. Purchaser has merchandise in shopping. wicker container and chooses
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Electronic Payment Systems 20-763 Lecture 13 Mobile Payments, Virtual Money

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Mobile Payment Players Content Provider/Merchant Financial Institution Network Operator User

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Mobile Payment Issues Content Provider/Merchant Financial Institution Network Operator User Security Privacy Ease of Use Devices Open Standards Inter-operability Roaming Authentication Integrity Non-disavowal Fraud lessening Getting Paid User selection Low Cost Issues SOURCE: ARVANI GROUP

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Current Business Models Card based (Visa, MC) Carrier based (DoCoMo) Third gathering (PayBox) SOURCE: ARVANI GROUP

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Merchant Clearing & Settlement OPTION 1: Multi-application: SIM + EMV (CEC) Mobile EMV Chip Debit/Credit Voice or IP Browsing & Offer Request Issuing Bank Wallet advances address points of interest WAP, i-Mode Acquiring Bank Merchant Offer Acquiring Payment Engine Gateway Wallet Server Purchase Request Shipment Confirmation SET or SSL/TLS Authorisation Request/Response M/CHIP exchange with ARQC and ARPC/ARC information classed as "Card Present" Transaction Option 2: Dual space telephone with full size EMV SOURCE: MAOSCO

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Wireless Card Authorization SOURCE: SAMSUNG

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Mobile Phone Future Millions More handsets than PCs associated with the Internet before the end of 2003 ! Anticipated cell endorsers Projected Web handsets Projected PCs associated with the Internet 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

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Mobile Payment Population Growth SOURCE: CELENT

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Consumer has products in shopping wicker container and chooses "paybox - pay with cellular telephone" on site 1 2 paybox interfaces exchange accomplices and rings shopper on cell telephone 4 ...entering the paybox-PIN on the cellular telephone Consumer approves the installment to the Internet shop by... 3 5 Clearing& settlement is done by means of electronic direct charge paybox SOURCE: PAYBOX NORDIC AB

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Paybox Combines Networks Payment Space Banking Network Authorization Space GSM Network PAYMENT MADE THROUGH BANKING NETWORK AUTHENTICATION AND AUTHORIZATION MADE OVER GSM NETWORK Transaction Space Internet works with any cell telephone any system supplier underpins WAP by means of GPRS or UMTS high cab infiltration 6% of all B2C in Germany TRANSACTION TRIGGERED OVER THE INTERNET SOURCE: PAYBOX NORDIC AB

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3. Call clients cellular telephone 2. Send telephone # + sum 4. Affirm beneficiary + sum (PIN) 5. Affirm installment 1. Send telephone number 6. Ship products paybox: Payment Procedure paybox Customer Vendor SOURCE: ANDREAS KUNZ

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Paybox Features Payment confirmation by cellular telephone, depends on SIM distinguishing proof and GSM encryption Started in May 2000 in Germany, now likewise operational in Austria, Spain and Sweden with additional to come (e.g. England) half possessed by Deutsche Bank Amounts: beginning at around 1€ Transfer to other cell telephone (1-2% or 25 penny charges) or ledger conceivable Offline shopping conceivable

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Paybox Cross-Border Mobile Payments Merchant Consumer Provision of Goods and Services Purchase Call on GSM system PIN approval Transaction Request and Confirmation Paybox: Transaction Instruction Engine by means of EDI Deutsche Bank\'s Network Money Transaction Consumer Account at ANY bank in ANY nation Merchant Account at ANY bank in ANY nation Clearing System Direct Debit Crediting SOURCE: PAYBOX

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AsiaPay PayDollar Mobipay underpins iPaq or Palm Bank cards PayDollar Direct (shared email) PayDollar PPS – continuous online charge installments DEMO SOURCE: PAYDOLLAR

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Product .....: REF. 1234 8 2 1 4 7 5 6 3 8 REF: 01021234 1500 ptas Store X PIN: - REF: 01021234 1500 ptas Store X PIN: 12345 Delivery REF 1234 Store x OK REF: 01021234 Alternative : + PIN 4. Information acceptance 1. Client picks Mobipay installment technique on shipper site 5. PIN ask for 2. Shipper sends one of a kind Mobipay reference asociated with sum 6. PIN reaction 7. Authorisation 3. Client sends reference (+ PIN) 8. Affirmation 4 Mobipay Vending Machine OR Internet Merchant Mobipay System with Access Node switch Processor +Issuer/Acquirer WEB + GSM ))))  OPERATOR NETWORK If PIN not entered specifically User

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International Mobipay Principle : Use existing universal installment foundation Current worldwide card base 7 Mobipay International Acquiring Bank Issuing Bank 4 5 3 2 6 Local Mobipay Local Mobipay 1 MERCHANT 0 4 CLIENT FROM COUNTRY B Country A GSM Roaming Country B SOURCE: MOBIPAY

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3. Return marked buy request 2. Sign buy request 4. Check signature 1. Send buy request 2. Transfer application and certifications 1. Register a) Send gathered buy arranges consistently b) Check buy orders 1. Give Customer\'s keys and declaration c) Clearing and settlement Customer enrollment 2. Confirmation ask for Application and accreditation transfer 3. Make key combine and endorsement Clearing and settlement T-Mobile Micropayment Service Customer: cell phones Merchant: Point of Sale Mobile Gateway Mobile trade stage Financial Institution Content Billing Application Repository Micropayment Public Key Infrastructure Advertising Location Based Services SOURCE: T-SYSTEMS

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Digital Wallets Files or gadgets containing installment data, perhaps representations of cash Used for consistent installments, without huge client intercession SOURCE: LAUDON & TRAVER

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Microsoft Wallet

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How Microsoft Passport Works SOURCE: LAUDON & TRAVER

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Major Ideas Mobile installment is growing quickly Wallets yield incredible conveneince Blind computerized marks are conceivable eCash is a minor improvement

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Q A &

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Data Telco system Internet Financial Institutes/Telco charging External Business Systems mCommerce: Replacement for Cash & Card Vending, Access, Ticketing, and so on. Clients Call Center WWW Mobile Payment Platform SOURCE: SONERA

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A Mobile Payment Scheme 4. Demand PO (API) 0. Directing Mobile 5. Guaranteed PO 8. Store Gateway PSP Merchant " s 2. Offer (WML) 1. Offer (WML/HTML, PFL) PSP 6. Confirmed PO 7. Store 0 3. Installment Authorization Mobile purchaser Merchant SOURCE: NEWGENPAY.COM

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