Electronic Trade and Operators.

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Electronic Trade and Specialists Plain Dignum Utrecht College dignum@cs.uu.nl Diagram Chronicled review Meaning of Electronic Business (EC) Illustrations of EC Electronic markets and barters Operators The role(s) of specialists in EC Conclusions Authentic point of view (Enormous) mini-computers
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Electronic Commerce & Agents Frank Dignum Utrecht University dignum@cs.uu.nl

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Overview Historical diagram Definition of Electronic Commerce (EC) Examples of EC Electronic markets and barters Agents The role(s) of operators in EC Conclusions

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Historical point of view (Big) number crunchers Central databases disseminated data and word handling customer/server joined databases backing of (managerial) inward procedures (WFMS)

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Historical viewpoint Support of inside correspondence (groupware) Knowledge administration Support of outer correspondence (Internet & WWW) Support of outside procedures (Electronic trade)

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Definition (?) Electronic Commerce is: Any type of business exchange in which the gatherings communicate electronically as opposed to by physical trades or direct physical contact

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Commerce Information trade Product/administration/… trade

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Information trade Partner/item seek arrangement, business sector, closeout contract satisfaction (orders) lawful data and so forth

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Product/administration trade (miniaturized scale )installment (impalpable) item logistics of items and administrations membership instruments

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Stages of Business Transactions

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Support for stages

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business Consumer Public organizations business 12/22

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EC Applications Supply chain administration Home shopping Remote relying upon line showcasing and publicizing Distant learning Procurement and buying Video on interest

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Examples of EC (B-C) Retail Internet bookshop CDNow shopping centers Auctions Collective purchasing

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Item watching at e-cove now

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Examples of EC (B-C) Finance ESI (securities exchange) Electronic saving money

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Examples of EC (B-B) Business to business bolster Maxtrad (business data) MEMO (Mediating and Monitoring EC) Secure contracts (ICC) Bolero (electronic record bolster) Markets Automotive industry (aggregate purchasing) Retail world Insurance private trade of virtual items

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Role of establishments Facilitate the exchanges Provide proficient value disclosure system Provide standard exchange conventions Provide settlement components Enhance trust through Provision of information on potential accomplices Legal procurements to move down contracts Provide securities/sureties Provide regulations on conduct amid exchanges and intends to uphold them

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Infrastructure for electronic markets Banking offices Communication secrecy honesty verification non-disavowal Transfer and capacity of items Advertising

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Banking offices Different installment routines ought to be upheld Payment ought to be sheltered Payment and conveyance ensured

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Communication Some basic dialect ought to be utilized. Develops in the dialect ought to have an exact and formal significance. Note: monetary standards ought to be clear Contracts ought to be lawfully tying. Commitments ought to be unmistakable

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Storage and exchange of merchandise Physical items can be sold just once. Their computerized representation can without much of a stretch be duplicated and sold more than once. Downloading of advanced items ought to be conceivable. Transport ought to be orchestrated different items.

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Advertisement How is promotion orchestrated? Writing board? Shopping center? One-on-one commercial permitted? Organization of notices? Payed notices? Who can publicize?

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Types of business sectors Direct exchanges shopping center ordered promotions direct arrangement Brokered exchanges wholesalers dealers barters

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Types of business sectors II Direct exchanges direct contact purchaser and merchant less organized exchanges impact market (establishment) littler Brokered exchanges controlled contact in the middle of purchaser and vender exchange convention exceptionally strict organization has aggregate control

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Auctions Only “negotiate” about cost. Settled: item determination installment technique transport conveyance terms and so on

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Auctions Sealed barters First estimated fixed offer Vickrey Sealed twofold closeout Open barters Dutch closeout English closeout

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First value fixed offer Rules (convention): Bidders present a solitary fixed offer before due date Outcome: Winner is most elevated offer at offer value Optimal procedure: Bid just beneath private estimation of thing With N bidders offer: v(N-1)/N

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Vickrey Rules (convention): Bidders present a solitary fixed offer before due date Outcome: Winner is most elevated offer at second most elevated value Optimal methodology: Bid private estimation of thing

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Sealed twofold closeout Rules (convention): Bidders and venders present a solitary fixed offer before due date Outcome: Auctioneer decides a solitary business sector clearing value and matches purchasers and merchants Optimal system: Bid private estimation of thing

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Dutch closeout Rules (convention): Auctioneer gets out plunging cost. Bidder gets out an offer Outcome: Winner is first bidder to get out at value offer Optimal system: Bid just underneath private estimation of thing

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English closeout Rules (convention): Bidders progressively raise offer for thing until one bidder remains Outcome: Winner is last bidder staying at cost of second-most noteworthy bidder Optimal method: Bid until private estimation of thing, then drop out

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Non-private quality barters Value of thing depends at any rate incompletely on the worth others give it. Resellable items (errands) treasury charges Strategy now likewise relies on upon desire or information of the worth others give the item.

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Other issues on barters Bidder agreement Lying barker Interrelated barters

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Examples of barters http://www.wehkamp.nl/Veiling/http://www.ebay.com/aw/http://www.onsale.com/http://www.band-x.com/http://www.auctionconnect.lycos.com/

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Technologies in EC EDI WWW Multimedia Work Flow Management Agents Electronic installment, savvy cards, and so forth ...

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Agents Agent properties: self-governing star dynamic receptive social capacity learning Agent capacities: data assembling and sifting arrangement (straightforward like closeout or ContractNet) screen long haul forms

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Agents and electronic trade Agents for bolster: data get-together and correlation (e.g. shopbots: firefly) logistics Agents as representatives: just when trust is not essential or simple Price and danger are low Process all around characterized

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Agent worked markets http://auction.eecs.umich.edu/http://www.iiia.csic.es/Projects/fishmarket/Stock business sector Power exchange

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Agents for arrangement Limited utilization because of multifaceted nature, yet Very helpful for e.g. barters with: “Simple” world model Predetermined associations Fixed principles One shot relations brought together base

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Agents for arrangement Fully computerized AMEC first in circumstances where: Interactions are quick Interactions are rehashed Trade is of relative little esteem Process is rehashed over long stretches Products are anything but difficult to indicate Examples: stock exchange, force exchange and telecom

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Item watching at e-narrows now

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Item viewing with specialists Agent watches barters in which you are intrigued Agent cautions when your offer is toppled Agent cautions when it inspires fascinating to begin offering Agent offer (deliberately) up till a predefined level

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Conclusions EC contains numerous, distinctive viewpoints EC is per definition multi-disciplinary Agents can bolster in data looking for stage (now as of now) Agents assume a part in exchanges when these are all around characterized and the requirement for velocity or observing is high

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Vraag Als ik mijn auto wil verkopen, kan ik sew dan beter operation een Engelse veiling (boden lopen operation) of een Nederlandse veiling (veilingmeester laat prijs dalen) aanbieden? Geef aan waarom. Wat zou een operators operation een Nederlandse veiling van bv. bloemen kunnen leren, waardoor hij in de circle van een ochtend beter gaat bieden? Welke informatie moet hij hiervoor bijhouden? .:tslidesep.

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