Ellen White, Sacred writing and Philosophy.

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Had He come dressed with the splendor of paradise, he couldn't have discovered access to men ... The Son of God originated from paradise to make show the Father.
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Ellen White, Scripture and Theology Denis Fortin June 22, 2005 SEEDS Plus!

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Ellen White\'s proposal In 1851, toward the end of her first booklet, Ellen White expressed: "I prescribe to you dear peruser, the Word of God as the guideline of your confidence and practice. By that Word we are to be judged" (EW 78).

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Take it as it seems to be "I take the Bible pretty much as it may be, as the Inspired Word. I trust its expressions in a whole Bible.. . . . Men of humble acquirements, having however restricted abilities and chances to wind up familiar with the Scriptures, find in the living prophets solace, direction, counsel, and the arrangement of salvation as clear as a sunbeam. . . .

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Take it as it seems to be "Nobody need be lost for need of information, unless he is unyieldingly visually impaired. We express gratitude toward God that the Bible is set up for the poor man and also for the educated man. It is fitted for all ages and all classes. (Ms 16, 1888 in 1 SM 17-18)

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The nearness of God "In the Bible the will of God is uncovered to His youngsters. Wherever it is perused, in the family circle, the school, or the congregation, all ought to give tranquil and passionate consideration as though God were truly present and addressing them." (5T 84)

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Books on the Bible Conflict of the Ages arrangement : Patriarchs and Prophets and Kings Desire of Ages Acts of the Apostles Great Controversy Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing Christ\'s Object Lessons Ministry of Healing Education

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Only reverential compositions? As of late, numerous individuals have asserted and contended that Ellen White\'s works were essentially reverential and thusly not expected for doctrinal and religious direction; that since she was not a prepared scriptural researcher, or exegete, we ought not see her compositions as more than reverential books.

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Only reverential? A large portion of Ellen White\'s books were peaceful in nature: Testimonies for the Church Many books of insight Other books were more philosophical and down to earth: Education Ministry of Healing

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Only reverential? Are Ellen White\'s compositions on scriptural stories and topics, for example, the Conflict of the Ages arrangement, just reverential? How did Ellen White use Scripture? Is it accurate to say that she was ready to think philosophically and to express her works inside religious classifications?

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Primarily a pundit In her works, yet basically in her Conflict of the Ages arrangement, Ellen White "remarked" on the scriptural story from the cause of wrongdoing in paradise to its last destruction from the universe after the thousand years. She enunciated her considerations around real topics: awesome debate, adoration for God, and salvation in Jesus.

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Types of scriptural translation Typologies Moralisms Character outlines Biblical analogies and parallelisms Spiritual fighting Exegesis

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Typology A typology is to comprehend or see a man or occasion in the Old Testament as a figure or illustration–a type–of something or somebody in the New Testament or in the Church.

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Elijah a kind of the remainder "Elijah was a sort of the holy people who will be living on the earth at the time appearance of Christ and who will be "changed, in a minute, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump," without tasting of death. 1 Cor 15:51, 52. It was as an agent of the individuals who might be along these lines deciphered that Elijah, close to the end of Christ\'s natural service, was allowed to remain with Moses by the side of the Savior on the mount of transfiguration. In these celebrated ones, the devotees found in small a representation of the kingdom of the reclaimed. . . .

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Elijah a kind of the remainder "They observed Jesus dressed with the light of paradise; they heard the "voice out of the cloud" (Luke 9:35), recognizing Him as the Son of God; they saw Moses, speaking to the individuals who will be raised from the dead at the time coming; and there additionally stood Elijah, speaking to the individuals who at the end of earth\'s history will be changed from mortal to interminable and be meant paradise without seeing demise." (PK 227)

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Moses a sort of Christ During the misguided worship at Mount Sinai: "Moses was a kind of Christ. As Israel\'s arbiter hidden his face, in light of the fact that the general population couldn\'t persevere to look upon its radiance, so Christ, the perfect Mediator, hidden His heavenly nature with humankind when He came to earth. Had He come dressed with the splendor of paradise, he couldn\'t have discovered access to men in their wicked state. They couldn\'t have persevered through the brilliance of His nearness. Accordingly He lowered Himself, and was made "in the resemblance of wicked substance" (Rom 8:3), that He may achieve the fallen race, and lift them up." (PP 330)

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Moralism Another way Ellen White uses Scripture is moralism. Moralism is weaving moral lessons from occasions that happen to scriptural individuals and applying these lessons to the Church today.

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Aaron and heathen worship at Sinai "How frequently, in our own day, is the adoration for delight masked by a "form of godliness"! A religion that grants men, while watching the rituals of love, to commit themselves to childish or arousing satisfaction, is as satisfying to the hoards now as in the times of Israel. Furthermore, there are still malleable Aarons, who, while holding positions of power in the congregation, will respect the wishes of the unconsecrated, and in this way energize them in wrongdoing." (PP 317)

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Nadab and Abihu The story of Nadab and Abihu a couple of parts later is full of good lessons for God\'s kin (359-362). Absence of solidness in their instruction Lack of adoration for God Use of liquor

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Character Sketches Given the general topic of the colossal debate in her works, how individuals identify with God in this discussion amongst great and wickedness permits her to delineate how one\'s life today ought to be lived keeping in mind the end goal to be successful or to be crushed by the adversary. A lot of character portrayals delineate her stories. Among her top picks in the Scriptures : Joseph, Daniel and the missionary John.

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The best need of the world "The most noteworthy need of the world is the need of men—men who won\'t be purchased or sold, men who in their deepest souls are valid and legitimate, men who don\'t dread to call sin by its right name, men whose still, small voice is as consistent with obligation as the needle to the shaft, men who will remain for the privilege however the sky fall." (Ed 57)

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Biblical similarity and parallelism Ellen White draws parallels between different Bible stories, occasions, individuals, or writings. In the section "Heathen worship at Sinai", she draws a scriptural similarity between God\'s judgment of pagan worship with what is anticipated will happen toward the end of time (PP 326).

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Biblical relationship and parallelism Often, Ellen White clarified the importance of a story by drawing on numerous writings of the Bible. In associating together numerous stories and writings, she saw a fundamental agreement between the majority of the books of the Bible.

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"God with us" In the principal section of Desire of Ages in which she clarifies the significance of Jesus\' first coming, Ellen White alludes to: Isa 9, Ps 65, Ps 95, John 6-8, Mal 4, Rom 16, John 3, Isa 14, Phil 2-3, Heb 10, Exo 25, John 1, Heb 2, 4, Ps 40, Exo 3, John 10, 14, Mat 28, Isa 53, Heb 7, 11, Zech 9, Eph 2, 3.

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Spiritual Warfare Ellen White presents to her perusers the "off camera" occasions, discussions amongst Christ and Satan, or between fiendishness blessed messengers, how God deciphers or responds to occasions, and so forth. This methodology is firmly associated with her comprehension of the colossal discussion.

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Spiritual Warfare Chapter 29 in Patriarchs and Prophets , "Satan\'s Enmity Against the Law" Chapter 79 in Desire of Ages , "It Is Finished"

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Satan\'s new condition "Satan remained in astonishment at his new condition. His joy was no more. He looked upon the blessed messengers who, with him, were once so cheerful, yet who had been ousted from Heaven with him. Prior to their fall, not a shade of discontent had damaged their ideal joy. Presently all appeared to be changed. Faces which had mirrored the picture of their Maker were bleak and hopeless.

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Satan\'s new condition "Strife, conflict, and astringent recrimination, were among them. Past to their disobedience these things had been obscure in Heaven. Satan now sees the repulsive consequences of his disobedience. He shivered, and dreaded to confront the future, and to mull over the end of these things." (1SP 28)

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Exegesis Although Ellen White was not a prepared scriptural researcher and exegete, she in any case translated Scripture. She clarified the significance of words, discussed the connection and circumstances of the entries, alluded to different writings to reveal insight into an entry.

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Exegesis Books, for example, Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing and Christ\'s Object Lessons are certifiable Bible discourses. Her utilization of typologies, moralisms, character portrays, and scriptural analogies and parallelisms are a piece of interpretation.

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Exegesis of Mat 5:48 "Be ye in this manner immaculate, even as your Father which is in paradise is perfect." Matthew 5:48. "The word "therefore" suggests a conclusion, an induction from what has gone some time recently. Jesus has been depicting to His listeners the unfailing leniency and adoration for God, and He offers them in this manner to be great. Since your sublime Father "is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil" (Luke 6:35), in light of the fact that He has stooped to lift you up, in this way, said Jesus, you may get to resemble Him in character, and remain without deficiency in the nearness of men and heavenly attendants." (MB 76)

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Emphasis "The space she gives to Biblical occasions and persons is not generally corresponding to the space given in the Bible. Her accentuation on specific occasions or persons relies on upon h

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