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. . . . After World War ll - vital national flying machine assembling venture The formation of CTA and ITAEmbraer set up in 1969. Inception and Development. Privatization (1994). The coordination of two societies . Mechanical
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EMBRAER AT A GLANCE July seventh, 2009

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Evolution After World War ll - key national air ship producing venture The formation of CTA and ITA Embraer built up in 1969 Origin and Development Privatization (1994) The joining of two societies Technological & Industrial + Entrepreneurial

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Aerospace Industry Fundamentals Qualified People Cash Intensiveness Flexibility High Technology Global Presence Customer Satisfaction Base of our entrepreneurial activity SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS

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High Technology Virtual Reality Center In operation since Feb 2000 Knowledge Based Engineering Automation of routine task exercises Output: CATIA model for rib Ergonomics Analysis Output: wing model for basic investigation Intelligent interface for auxiliary examination and undertaking

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Qualified People Number of Employees Dec/94 Embraer was privatized April/97 was the most minimal level of work – 3,200 individuals SINGAPORE 50 FRANCE 232 BRAZIL 16,359 CHINA 42 USA 554 * not including the representatives of its auxiliaries OGMA and HEAI.

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Qualified People Educational Levels* Minimum instructive level – High School 01/31/09 * Brazilian Units

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Embraer Units - Brazil Faria Lima Unit - FL Eugênio de Melo Unit - EGM São José dos Campos - SP São José dos Campos - SP Taubaté Unit – Distribution Center Taubaté - SP Brazil São José dos Campos Eugênio de Melo Gavião Peixoto Botucatu Taubaté

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Embraer Units - Brazil Gavião Peixoto Unit - GPX Botucatu Unit - BOT Botucatu - SP Gavião Peixoto - SP Brazil São José dos Campos Eugênio de Melo Gavião Peixoto Botucatu Taubaté

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Embraer Units - Abroad Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services Embraer Aircraft Holding Fort Lauderdale, FL - USA Nashville, TN - USA Embraer Customer Center Melbourne, FL - USA Fort Lauderdale Nashville Melbourne

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Embraer Units - Abroad Embraer Le Bourget Service Center Embraer Aviation Europe Le Bourget - France Villepinte - France Villepinte Le Bourget

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Embraer Units - Abroad Embraer China Embraer Harbin Beijing - China Harbin - China Embraer Singapore China Beijing Harbin OGMA Singapore Portugal Alverca - Portugal

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Commercial Aircraft

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ERJ 145 Family 37 Seats (1,750 nm range) 44 Seats (1,650 nm range) 50 Seats (1,550 nm range) 50 Seats (2,000 nm range)

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EMBRAER 170/190 Family 70 to 80 Seats – 2,100 nm Range Certification – first Q/2004 78 to 88 Seats – 2,000 nm Range Certification – fourth Q/2004 98 to 114 Seats – 2,400 nm Range Certification – third Q/2005 108 to 122 Seats – 2,200 nm Range Certification – second Q/2006

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Defense Systems

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Super Tucano High-execution development of the demonstrated EMB 312 Tucano State-of-the-workmanship frameworks and propelled flying Optimized for essential/propelled preparing and operational applications in antagonistic situations Operation from ill-equipped runways, day or night

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ISR Systems – Special Mission Aircraft ISR Intelligence – Surveillance – Reconnaissance EMB 145 AEW&C Airborne Early Warning & Control EMB 145 Multi Intel Airborne Ground Surveillance and Strategic Intelligence EMB 145 MP Maritime Patrol

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EMBRAER KC-390 New-era military carrier and tanker flying machine 19 metric ton most extreme payload Maximum extent in abundance of 3,300 nautical miles (around 6,200 km) Optimized full fly-by-wire flight controls framework Able to transport troops, vehicles and a wide range of load and to airdrop paratroops and freight, including LAPES (low elevation parachute extraction framework) Capable of working from short and semi-arranged runways State-of-the-craftsmanship aeronautics and entire night vision goggles (NVG) similarity

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Executive Aviation Market

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Phenom 100 * NBAA IFR (35 min) Reserves + 100 nm substitute; 4 inhabitants @ 200 lb (91 kg)

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Legacy 600 * NBAA Reserves (8 pax, PMD, 0.74 M, ISA)

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Legacy 600

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Lineage 1000 All preparatory information * NBAA IFR (35 min) Reserves + 200 nm exchange; 8 travelers @ 200 lb

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Embraer View on Sustainability Economic Social Environmental Sustainability Embraer goes for greatness in every one of its viewpoints

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Embraer Achievements on Environmental Initiatives First OEM to accomplish ISO 14001 affirmation First to dispense with VOC discharges from airplane painting Industry pioneer in strong waste reusing (more than 84%) Launched first "tip-to-tail" project to give full carbon balance to clients (ECO = Embraer Carbon Offset) Technological advancement projects to enhance item plan proficiency, (and decrease emanations) E-Jets basic productivity by configuration Aerodynamic changes on all air ship Phenoms are first VLJ and LJ composed digitally Legacy 500 and 450 are first full fly-by wire MSJ and MLJ

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Corporate Quality

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Corporate Quality Customer Community Government Shareholder Supplier Employees Local Quality Manuals Operational Unit Process Local : Procedures Instructions Records Corporate Quality Manual

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Corporate Quality - Responsibilities Quality System: Define SIG-MASSQ ( Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, and Quality Integrated Management System ) - Corporate Manual; Coordinate the Management System Certifications; Execute SIG-MASSQ Internal Audits; Business Excellence Program: Define the Excellence Criteria; Support the Criteria usage; Evaluate the Company\'s Cells.

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