Emergency treatment.

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Find and know where your First Aid units are. Despite where you work, remember the ... Every City vehicle ought to have a First Aid pack and Fire Extinguisher ...
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Emergency treatment Evaluating crisis circumstances & Knowing how to get help

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First Aid Outline Major Emergencies Evaluating the Situation When and Who to Call How Best to Help Emergency Personnel First Aid for Others Employee Assisted First Aid Signs of Emergency Situations Seeking First Aid For Yourself Self Preparedness Standard First Aide Equipment Locations and Use Office Vehicle

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Evaluating the Situation Before managing First Aid… Use your faculties… Look, Listen, and Smell Look for the reason for the crisis – is the circumstance still unsafe Look for an approach to call for Listen for risky circumstances… gas releases, engine vehicles, motors running Smells of perilous materials

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Major Emergencies When to Call 911 Any life undermining circumstance Person Is not breathing Person is draining Person is oblivious If the individual is bleary eyed and supposes they may lose cognizance Major mid-section torments and/or stomach torments

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Who to Call for Help Dial: 911 Cell Phone Dial: 786-6444 Call Operator - " 0 " Yell - "Help" Emergency work force will arrive soon Ask others for help

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Helping Emergency Personnel If crisis staff is rendering First Aid and requests your assistance - tune in, and do what is inquired as to whether you aren\'t required - stay off the beaten path Keep others away - keep range clear Help direct crisis faculty Respect the security of others

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First Aid For Others Employee Assisted First Aid Any time there is a non debilitating harm Minor cuts and wounds Minor cerebral pains Irregular conduct in your collaborator Locate First Aid supplies and administer Calm harmed individual

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Signs of Emergency Situations Seek Immediate Help If YOU Become dazed or tipsy Are chilled and sweating Have shortness of breath Have torment in focal point of mid-section spreading to neck, shoulder, or arms Have sudden shortcoming/deadness of the face Have loss of discourse/inconvenience talking or comprehension discourse Have a sudden extreme migraine Are having diabetic issues Are having hypersensitive responses to… bug bits or nourishment

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Self Preparedness Time is basic - do what you can before the unforeseen happens Complete a Med card so crisis work force know your condition early and can get ready (Get a Med card) Medications - keep a rundown in your pocket, wallet, or tote Let other know any exceptional requirements for your condition Annual redesign your crisis contact information in Human Resources

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First Aid Training The City urges worker to select in First Aid preparing by offer progressing First Aid Classes. Every division is required to have worker prepared in First Aid Finance Department Compliance Requirements is: 100% field half office Lasts for 2-3 year

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Regardless of where you work, remember the area of the closest First Aid pack Each City vehicle ought to have a First Aid unit and Fire Extinguisher Locate and know where your First Aid units are

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