Emotional wellness and Primary Care Integration .

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Essential Care
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Psychological well-being and Primary Care Integration County of San Mateo Mental Health Cheryl Walker M.S., M.F.T. Unit Chief Primary Care Interface Team Unit Chief Family Self Sufficiency Interface Team

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Primary Care & Mental Health Integration Points Primary care Interface Team (implanted in essential care facilities) Primary care nurture practitioner (inserted in emotional wellness centers)

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Primary Care Interface Team 2006 Primary care interface group. 3 Spanish talking emotional well-being clinicians in 4 essential care centers. One .5 Adult Psychiatric in 2 essential care facilities 1.5 Youth Spanish talking clinicians in 4 essential care centers 1 Youth Chinese clinician conversant in at least two dialects in 3 essential care facilities One .60 Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in 3 essential care facilities 1 Unit Chief. One .5 field based assistant

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Primary Care Interface Service Assess, counsel, treat or allude. Distinguish SMI and connection to the admission group. Brief treatment Solution Focus Therapy, case administration or linkage (1-8 intercessions). Allude patients to liquor and medication administrations, counsel with those administrations and add to treatment arrange. Encourage correspondence between essential care, local psychological wellness.

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Psychiatrist Role Assessment Medication assessment Brief pharmaceutical administration for complex side effects that have not reacted to essential care treatment. Discussion

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Psychiatrist Role: Continued Liaison Education Training

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Primary Care Interface Criteria for Mental Health Treatment Mental or passionate disease adversely affecting medicinal care Crisis intercession/5150 Serious emotional sickness/linkage to ACCESS group

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Breakdown of Services 2001-2002 Received 877 composed referrals Opened 691 graphs Charted more than 6000 contacts Team profitability is 70% Average 172 open diagrams for every clinician yearly 71% of the outlines were shut inside 60 days Average 10 mediations for every customer

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Breakdown of Funding Sources Medi-cal Medicare Insurance M.O.U. Different divisions Fees

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Communication Intra-office referral shape E-mail Voice mail Dictation of MH report into restorative information base Computer access to MH, therapeutic, Data

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Interface Team Funding 02-03 Medi-cal $388,000.00 Hospital & centers $ 97,000.00 Human administration organization $120,000.00

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Primary Care Nurse Practitioners 1994-Current 1.3 medical caretaker experts in three provincial psychological well-being facilities

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Criteria for Referral to N.P. Treatment for maladjustment by territorial emotional well-being group Client not able to utilize essential care center administration because of weakening psychological well-being side effects

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Nurse Practitioner: Treatment Primary therapeutic care Referral to pro Discharge criteria Referral to essential care facility when released from psychological well-being administrations

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N.P. Result Diabetic training bunches Nutrition weight reduction think about Monitoring for known restorative symptoms of atypicial Lipid variation from the norm Diabetes Weight pick up

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Continued: Women\'s wellbeing concentrate discovered Majority more than 40 Non smokers Increased weight pick up Not sexually dynamic

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Communication Mental heath group referral frame Attends week after week emotional wellness clinical meeting Consultation with psychological well-being staff Voice mail Dictation of therapeutic report into medicinal information base Computer access to emotional well-being information base E-mail

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Nurse Practitioner Funding Approximately $175,000.00 Completely supported by essential Care Funding assets Medi-Cal Medicare Well Program Fees Indigent program

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Work in Progress Improving correspondence between essential care & local emotional well-being Developing new PC framework for electronic record Developing release techniques to essential care Start up of specialists Start up of Youth advisors

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Thank You Celia Moreno-Medical Director Mental Health (650)573-2043 Cmoreno@co.sanmateo.ca.us Cheryl Walker-Unit Chief, Interface Teams (650)573-2630 Cwalker@co.sanmateo.ca.us

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