Employments of Active Directory .

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Employments of Active Directory. Login ScriptFolder RedirectionWindows Software Update Services (WSUS)Remote ManagementShared Printers. Logon Script. UsesMap drives in light of gathering membershipEnables remote administrationEnables some firewall exceptionsMakes beyond any doubt LSP gathering is in chairmen groupCan be bunch or vbscript.
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Employments of Active Directory Jeremy Dennis Information Technology June 21, 2006

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Uses of Active Directory Login Script Folder Redirection Windows Software Update Services (WSUS) Remote Management Shared Printers

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Logon Script Uses Map drives in view of gathering enrollment Enables remote organization Enables some firewall special cases Makes beyond any doubt LSP gathering is in chairmen gathering Can be clump or vbscript

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Login Script (cont.) GPO Settings: Computer Configuration Administrative Templates System/Group Policy User Group Policy loopback preparing mode: empowered Mode: Merge User Configuration Scripts Logon Name: way to script.

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Folder Redirection Uses Alternative to meandering profiles Redirects Application Data, Desktop, Start Menu, and My Documents to a system share Initial logon takes longer while nearby records are moved (yet documents can be pushed forward of time)

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Folder Redirection (cont.) GPO Settings Enable Loopback User Configuration Windows Settings Folder Redirection My Documents Setting: Basic Path: \\server\share\ (username is annexed naturally)

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WSUS Uses Local Windows Update Server Clients programmed overhaul setting compelled to neighborhood server by means of GPO. Overhauls can be endorsed or denied as required. Is there a requirement for a grounds wide WSUS Server? Spares transfer speed (server downloads from net, customer PCs download from LAN) LSPs won\'t control what overhauls are endorsed/denied unless they run a tyke WSUS server.

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WSUS (cont.) GPO Settings: Groups doled out by GPO, one GPO for every office. PC Configuration: Administrative formats Windows Components/Windows Update

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Remote Management Computer Management Checking blunder logs Restarting administrations Sharing envelopes Local gathering administration Remote Scheduling

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Shared Printers can be IP printers, yet should be introduced on a PC When sharing, click "Rundown in the Directory" Users can look for printers in the catalog and introduce them Location settings help customers in scanning for printers

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