Empowering Volunteering Dublin 9 Walk 2006.

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Empowering Volunteering Dublin 9 Walk 2006 George Thomson VDS points Offer with you my viewpoint The methodology we're taking in Scotland Supplement Wendy Osborne Begin a dialog between us Sure atmosphere media Parliament Year of the Volunteer CSR-managers and organizations) Understudies and so on.
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Enabling Volunteering Dublin 9 March 2006 George Thomson VDS post-it

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points Share with you my viewpoint The methodology we’re taking in Scotland Complement Wendy Osborne Start a dialog between us post-it

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Positive atmosphere media Parliament Year of the Volunteer CSR-businesses and organizations) Students and so forth post-it

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Context for Volunteering is characterized by the social, monetary, political, ecological, social and chronicled setting of the spot you’re keen on. Australia-150,000 volunteer firefighters-Scotland mountain salvage post-it

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Different sorts of volunteering UN portrays volunteering inside of 4 headings administration battling Civic contribution and support Self-help post-it

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Concept of volunteering market Supply-individuals Demand-opportunities post-it

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Who’s concentrating available? Confirmation as opposed to conclusion Government Local Authority arranging Agencies-work (e.g.Pre Volunteering Program for Commonwealth Games Manchester) Voluntary associations (Samaritans) post-it

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The supply\'s significance side Tackle the myths Advocate for individuals Sensitive to way of life, assorted qualities, singular circumstances Listening Help the interest side to join Promotion (why advance volunteering?) post-it

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Some supply side discoveries 95% worth volunteering Equal eagerness of all financial gatherings to volunteer Middle class twice as prone to volunteer Young people’s interest ( Project Scotland research- - £5k) 60% never inquired! post-it

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Some interest side discoveries 75% volunteering through willful division 25% open area Higher turnover Lack of costs/childcare and so forth. Volunteering 100 gathering set up post-it

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Volunteering system Scotland 04 Research based and market examination approach-4 strands Young individuals ( expand supply side) Tackle the open door hole ( request – side) Improve the volunteer experience (interest side) Monitor and assess for arrangement ( knowledge) post-it

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Volunteer Development Scotland part Understand the volunteering business sector Design suitable mediations with Government ( evildoing and opportunity) and others Work with Volunteer Center\'s to reflect the national approach locally CONNECT supply and request, and increase harmony post-it

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Volunteer Centre’s part Understand the volunteering business sector Design fitting intercessions with CONNECT supply and request, and addition balance LEAP arranging structure Data base Networking and association post-it

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Lifestyle and changing face NFP Canada post-it

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Creative interfacing People and planet BBC Action Scotland ICT Make destitution history Western Islands family movement days post-it

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Organizational advancement vision mission Priorities for activity Relationship to volunteering ( much greater than us!) Partnerships Results post-it

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empowering decision Different empowering parts Creating the conditions for your vision Partnership introduction post-it

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Hope I’ve joined with you? post-it

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