Emprendimientos Inmobiliarios de Interés Común.

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Emprendimientos Inmobiliarios de Interés Común Accomplices and Chiefs PATRICIO LANUSSE JUAN ÁNGEL SEITÚN JORGE O'REILLY MATEO SALINAS
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Emprendimientos Inmobiliarios de Interã©s Comãºn

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Partners and Directors PATRICIO LANUSSE JUAN ÁNGEL SEITÚN JORGE O’REILLY MATEO SALINAS Agronomist, before framing piece of EIDICO, he tuned in the accompanying\'s association private neighborhoods: San Josã© and Las Marã­as at La Horqueta; and El Lago at Bella Vista. Lawyer, accomplice of the law office Seitãºn & Asociados. He additionally tuned in the private\'s association neighborhood San Josã© at La Horqueta. JD - Pontificia Universidad Catã³lica Argentina - UCA Argentina. LLM - Georgetown University - Washington DC. MBA - IESE Business School - Barcelona, Spain. Licentiate in Management.

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Background EIDICO is an administration supplier organization represented considerable authority in the improvement of ‘at cost’ private urbanizations. Since 1994 it has composed, showcased, and oversaw 50 projects that take up a surface of hectares, isolated into more than units (between parcels, quarters and homesteads) million dollars subscribed under the Eidico framework 13,950 19,811 562

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Work Philosophy MISSION  “EIDICO is an across the country administration supplier organization dedicated to helpfully grow land and venture organizations, coordinated to a gathering of persons with premiums in like manner by method for an immediate and customized communication.”

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Key qualities Risks of the activity – Audacity Friendly relationship Social obligation Ability to decipher Flexibility

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What We Do EIDICO ’ s capacity is to sort out and grow land endeavors, without starting capital, uniting the direct invested individuals (recipients). Two things should be assembled: The proprietor of a major division of area with little esteem, and the gathering of youngsters prepared to attempt the considerable undertaking to change that territory into a tenable spot, making their commitments on a month to month premise, and wagering on a future decent quality family life.

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EIDICO is an administration supplier organization that demonstrations Who Are We? As a designer As an advertiser Through direct contact of At expense, land ventures By method for a shut framework

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We are an administration supplier organization that recognizes fundamental basic needs unsolved by customary frameworks. We outline the required item and propose the method for having entry to it, gathering and dealing with the total individual commitments expected to accomplish the objective of developing the proposed land or venture ‘at cost.’ One of the keys of this framework is the capacity of putting inside subscribers’ achieve an objective that, if separately confronted, would be completely difficult to accomplish .

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Highlights of the System For endorsers Very alluring benefit. Generally safe because of promoting of the 100%, ensured income. Straightforwardness and security under the picked lawful configuration (Trust assention). Regular financing with no hobby, in light of the fact that installments are made by development authentications.

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Highlights of the System For the land\'s proprietor No expense in advertising or improvement. No business hazard, and if membership is accomplished: Significant pay. Safeness as to the venture\'s accomplishment. Sureness of accumulation. In the event that they reinvest in parts: The upsides of any endorser. It upgrades last salary, exchanging so as to enhance liquidity one resource for some.

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The EIDICO framework began with the advancement of private neighborhoods bound to lasting lodging. Today our business has additionally extended to relaxation improvements, and funds and venture ventures (tourism, forestation, shopping centers). Improvements BEFORE NOW

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EIDICO System Clients are little financial specialists. Under the most fitting lawful arrangement. Customers focus on consenting to a timetable of commitments. EIDICO gets in contact, in a customized manner, with its customers, companions, and endorsers.

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Legal Tools Originally, the townhouse and command frameworks were utilized (on account of the Santa Marã­a de Tigre neighborhood). We were one of the pioneers in the utilization of the ‘At Cost’ Trust. Administration Trust : private neighborhoods. Operational Trust : wage and speculation ventures (forestation, stockbreeding, and shopping centers). Open Trust : salary and speculation ventures (shopping centers). As of late, we have utilized the command framework (San Benito neighborhood) as a method for enhancing the Trust position.

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Steps to Follow in any Project Identification of the Place and Analysis of the Project Definition of the estimation of the uncovered area. Execution of an assention between Trustor-Trustee (6 months choice). Configuration of building task. Arrangement of spending plan for the work. Determination of expenses and evaluation of 100% of the parcels.

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Steps to Follow in any Project B) Subscription of the Project Publication in Tigris magazine for no under 3 months. Past preparation to those intrigued. Date of membership and arrangement of the 100% of the parcels. Execution of the understandings.

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Steps to Follow in any Project C) During the Construction Execution of the Trust deed. Administration of the stores. Follow-up of accumulations, installments, hirings and control of works, until their fruition.

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Steps to Follow in any Project D) Finished Product Formalities to acquire the apartment suite deed. Singular deeds for every part. End of the Trust or order.

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Description of the Jobs EIDICO S.A., a Trust Company, comprises of five zones: Legal Technical Commercial-Economic Administrative Architecture The five territories continually associate, and they act together.

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Description of the Jobs 1. Legitimate Sample concurrences with the lands\' proprietors. Test assentions to be executed with the future recipients. 2. Specialized Analysis of the present venture. Recommendations to enhance cost proficiency. Gathering of all essential data to set up the monetary allowance of the work. (Altimetry, area of general administrations, meaning of fundamental quality parameters, subtle element of attempts to be incorporated). Financial plan of the considerable number of attempts to be performed on the premises, including the inside channeling and conductors and additionally how utilities achieve the area. Meaning of the terms for the works and finished works plan.

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Description of the Jobs 3. Business ECONOMIC Definition of the complete venture and its income. Estimation of every part and installment terms. Examination of the specialized instruments to be utilized. Meaning of the message and picture to be transmitted. Target date for the starting. Intermittent gatherings, dates, areas and welcomes. 4. Managerial Assistance to customers. Booking structures to be agreed upon. Meaning of interceding gatherings. Gathering framework (assessment of expenses and distinctive options).

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Description of the Jobs 5. Structural engineering The construction modeling region is secured by an understanding executed with the firm Robirosa-Beccar Varela-Pasinato. Because of its expert quality and distinction, it is the most eminent in urban outlines. It has focused on only go with EIDICO in every one of its activities subject to this design.

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EIDICO Developer F inds lands suitable for the advancements; suitability is characterized in a twofold sense: -cost of the area -vital speculation. Readies the essential urban and specialized undertakings. Gauges the financial backing. Dispatches the proposition. Settles the negotiations. Oversees and coordinates the task. BACK

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EIDICO Marketer Summons those intrigued by subscribing the undertaking. Executes concurrences with endorsers through which 100% of the fundamental commitments to complete the undertaking are secured. Every assention is subordinated to the last\'s execution one; if the100% is not subscribed, the membership is drop. The membership understanding is not a deal, and in that capacity, it is not a conventional type of showcasing. BACK

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Direct Contact There are no ad costs. There are no advertising costs. The bunch\'s magic of the started is produced. Showcasing is centered around a gathering with fondness components. The organization adds to its own database. It sets up its own correspondence framework. BACK

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EIDICO Undertakings EIDICO as Land Developer The term “developing”â can have distinctive implications, however in the EIDICO’s systemâ it takes a specific measurement. Developerâ for us suggests twoâ differentâ visions: (i) The usual genuine estateâ point ofâ view. (ii) The primary target ofâ developingâ anyâ project is not theâ transformation of theâ land itself,â but satisfying plural and/or communityâ needs.  People’s hobbies are the begin and end of ourâ projects. BACK

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EIDICO Undertakings The term “emprendimiento” can have diverse implications, yet in the EIDICO framework it takes a specific measurement. “Emprendimiento” suggests two essential implications: (i) Firstly, it starts from “company,” not in the business sense but rather in that of human work, of objectives individuals convey to the organization; and (ii), it focuses to a plural sense, that of a group (a “emprendimiento” is a “company” of a few individuals.) BACK

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At Cost EIDICO The way that this is a “at cost” improvement begins the accompanying outcomes: Financial : subscribers’ commitments are made by span of the work (somewhere around 24 and 48 months), with which supporters acquire a type of installment that out

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