Eng. Mohammad Adrah Vitality Effectiveness in Building National Vitality Research Center Syrian Middle Easterner Rebubli.

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Vitality Main Indicators in Syria. current vitality circumstance in Syria ... system to create Syrian protection Code as indicated by atmosphere zones in Syria. ...
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Territorial workshop WEC-ADEME "Assessment of Energy Efficiency Policies in the MENA Region" sorted out by ANME with the backing of UNDP Tunis, 15-16 March 2010 Energy Efficiency in Syria Current Situation & Future Prospects Eng. Mohammad Adrah Energy Efficiency in Building National Energy Research Center Syrian Arab Rebublic

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Content: Energy Main Indicators in Syria ebb and flow vitality circumstance in Syria Distribution of essential vitality request in Syria by segment EE enactments Cooperative projects. - Law 3 - Law 18 - Thermal protection Code

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Energy Main Indicators for Syria in 2008:

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current vitality circumstance in Syria M TOE Year

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vitality request in Syria

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Implement EE What if we do to confront the shortfall … ..??? complete vitality request 11 Mtoe 28 Mtoe ???? RE 70 Mtoe 7 Mtoe Conventional 24 Mtoe

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EE enactments Law 3 Law 18 Thermal protection Code

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Energy Conservation Law No. 3 This law issued in Feb 2009 Regulatory premise for national monetary divisions to adjust Energy protection, vitality proficiency and renewable vitality. All codes and enactments identified with vitality are under the umbrella of this law.

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EE for home apparatuses Labels and standers Law No. 18 Issued in 2008 manages vitality proficiency for home machines in private and business parts

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Building Thermal protection Code in Syria (issued in 17 Nov 2007) First : Thermal transmittance ( U-esteem) U= 0.5 W/m 2 .K U= 0.8 W/m 2 .K U= 5.2 W/m 2 . K if A w ≤ 0.2 An exterior Or U= 3.5 W/m 2 . K if A w > 0.2 An exterior U= 1 W/m 2 .K U= 1.5 W/m 2 .K U= 0.5 W/m 2 .K U= 1 W/m 2 .K Second : The measure of condensate in the auxiliary components Third : Avoidance Thermal Bridges

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Syrian German collaboration venture " pragmatic application for structures warm protection Code in Syrian" 1-Capacity structures in various stages about fitting warm outline of structures, warm protection, building material science, review, control and supervision which will help in executing vitality preservation law No. 3 that issued in 2009 by the President of Syrian Arab Republic. 2-Issuing Syrian Thermal Insulation Buildings Atlas (STIBA) 3-Designing warm count programming for the Syrian protection code 4-Put procedure to create Syrian protection Code as per atmosphere zones in Syria.

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Government of the Syrian Arab Republic United Nations Development Program "Vitality Efficiency Building Codes in the Syrian Arab Republic" expel legitimate, administrative and institutional obstructions to the reception of an EE construction regulation. advance an arrangement discourse among government organizations, industry experts and designers/proprietors on a national EE building activity. increment the acknowledgment of EE measures and practices by industry experts, engineers and landowners. Complete show activities to exhibit the proficiency of proposed principles

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