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English for Graduate Understudies 清华大学 徐燕红 副教授 Xu Yanhong Partner Educator of English Tsinghua College Get into contact… 清华大学 徐燕红 副教授 Course reading 1. Dynamic English for Postgraduates (Perusing and Composing) 《 当代研究生英语》 (读写教程)
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English for Graduate Students 清华大学 徐燕红 副教授 Xu Yanhong Associate Professor of English Tsinghua University

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Get into contact… 清华大学 徐燕红 副教授

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Text Book 1. Active English for Postgraduates (Reading & Writing) 《 当代研究生英语》 (读写教程) 2. Face to Face: an English Listening & Speaking Course 《 听è¯\'教程》

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Final Test Structure & Vocabulary (20%) Cloze (10%) Reading (5 entries ×4 or 4 sections ×5 , 40% ) Translation ( 15 % ) Writing ( 15 % ) 考试时é—\': 7月 18日(下午2:00-4:30 ) 150 分钟

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Lecture Plan 1 – Introduction; Unit 1 7 – Unit 9 2 – Unit 3 8 – Unit Review 3 – Unit 4 Face to Face 4 – Unit 6 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,12,,13,14,15 5 – Unit 7 6 – Unit 8 Plus materials for listening and talking from Face to Face & two units for every class 《 听è¯\'教程》每次课两单元

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Lecture 01 Introduction

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Guidelines 1. Performance versus Examination-orientated Learning traditional methodology: to focus upon examination; study content English, classroom English (simulated English) 2. Grammatical Correctness versus ‘Homemade English’ To institutionalize/shine English (better than average; rich) 3. Communication versus ‘Vocabula ry + Grammatical Rules’ Approach (Communicative Appropriateness) Traditional methodology: vocabulary & sentence structure; new approach: correspondence, to create relational abilities (real dialect) Distinguished (adj.) Reporter/columnist: liberal; straightforward; imaginative Editor; TV host/lady; anchor person/lady Silence is gold.

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Course Description Zero in on the objective! Target: Learn to convey effectively in English. Enhance relational abilities in diverse circumstances.

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What is Communication? 1. A two-way handle: (message) sender-collector relationship (two accomplices included in an open procedure) 2. An intelligent procedure: convey what needs be make the accomplice comprehend get the reaction from the accomplice

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A rundown of a principle\'s percentage purposes behind imparting Giving or requesting accurate data. Communicating what you think or figuring out what another person considers. Communicating what you understand and discovering what another person feels. (joy, dismay, preferring, not enjoying, fulfillment or disappointment, disillusionment, stress, sensitivity, appreciation, or craving) Expressing what you believe is correct or wrong Giving so as to ape to or excusing somebody Organizing somebody recommendations, guidance, influence, request, and so forth Being agreeable (welcome, presentation)

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Lecture 02 Let You Dreams Come True

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To Achieve You Dreams, Remember You ABCs I Avoid pessimistic sources, individuals, places, things and propensities. Have faith in yourself. Consider things from each edge. Don’t surrender, and don’t give in.

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To Achieve You Dreams, Remember You ABCs II Enjoy life today; yesterday is gone and tomorrow might never come. Family and companions are shrouded fortunes. Look for them and make the most of their wealth. Give more than you wanted to give.

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To Achieve You Dreams, Remember You ABCs III Hang onto your fantasies. Overlook the individuals who attempt to demoralize you. Take care of business! Continue attempting. Regardless of how hard it appears, it will get less demanding. Adore yourself first and most.

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To Achieve You Dreams, Remember You ABCs IV Make it happen. Never lie, cheat, or take. Continuously strike a reasonable arrangement. Open your eyes and consider things to be they truly are. Careful discipline brings about promising results. Weaklings never win, and victors never quit.

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To Achieve You Dreams, Remember You ABCs V Read, consider and find out about everything critical in your life. Quit hesitating. Take control you could call your own fate. Comprehend yourself with a specific end goal to better comprehend others.

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To Achieve You Dreams, Remember You ABCs VI Visualize it. Need it more than anything. Quicken your endeavors. You are one of a kind of all of God’s manifestations. Nothing can supplant you. Focus in on your objective, and take the plunge.

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Supplementary Expressions CV: educational programs vitae Resume What’s your conjugal status? single, wedded, separated connected with, isolated

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Presentation choose a theme deliver a discourse (3-5 minutes) discussion Topics: mass media English as a global dialect American society; social stun cross-social correspondence

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Lecture 1 Unit 1 – A the internet: on the off chance that you don’t cherish it, abandon it Homework – P 16 II: B; P 17 III; P 18 IV

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Key to homework P 16 II: B acbdb bcacd Leave only me. (Don’t trouble me.) On obligation; on furlough on leave (on wiped out leave; in the midst of a furlough leave) The Graduate School offers MPA/JM program. (courses) Would you kindly help me out? (help sb out) embrace (n&v) give sb an embrace; embrace sb give sb a kiss; kiss sb favor (v) lean toward sth to sth; like to do sth;to have inclination for sth Tax is forced on all nationals.

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Word study: expense, pay, charge… 1). This pair of shoes expense me 200 yuan.( 花è\'¹ï¼‰ … cost sb (some money)( 花è\'¹â€¦å¤šå°‘钱) My graduate training expense me RMB 49,000. 2). I paid 200 yuan for this pair of shoes.( 支付) … pay (some cash) for sth ( 为…支付…) I paid RMB49, 000 for my graduate training. 3). They charged 200 yuan for this pair of shoes.( ç\'¢è¦ï¼‰ … charge (some cash) for sth ( 就…ç\'¢è¦ï¼‰ – How much do you charge for this pair of shoes? – I/We charge 200 yuan for this pair of shoes. …charge sb (some cash) for sth( 就…向…ç\'¢è¦ï¼‰ e.g. They charged me 200 yuan for this pair of shoes. The Graduate School charged me RMB 49,000 for my training.

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bill sb for sth( 要求…为…付帐) e.g. My phone organization charges me consistently. e.g. They charge me for power extremely month. bear the cost of sth; stand to do sth e.g. I can\'t bear the cost of three weeks from work. e.g. I can’t bear to purchase an auto. expense an enrollment charge; a permit charge; an educational cost expense; application charge; confirmation charge Tax; individual wage (a great many taxes pay/compensation) Our legislature is from the general population, for the general population and by the general population.

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on leave; on obligation; on vacation/wiped out leave set sb’s eyes on sth put aside; set away to open a record; to store cash in sb’s record; to pull back cash from sb’s record book; record number; check card; Mastercard character card; driver’s permit; pass employee’s card (working personality card)

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P 17 III exactly as that won annually by they virtual because simply across still even concern response access to led between place sb win a prize; sth win sb a prize worry about sth lead sb to do sth Highly-jeopardize bunch

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Love it or abandon it. (colloquialism) If you don’t adore it, abandon it. The amusement\'s standards (watch) It’s a little world. The world is getting littler. The world has transformed into a worldwide town. Worldwide travel (a typical thing) Jet set: a gathering of individuals who travel routinely between distinctive nations (specialists, business pioneers, brokers, security merchants/operators, lawmakers, pop stars, UN authorities, and so on) UN: the United Nations (part states) EU: the European Union Lawyers, judges, cops, common hirelings/authorities Don’t trouble me. Allow me to sit unbothered.

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Para. 1 mind (n.) – A young lady who cherished and was adored by Eros and was united with him after Aphrodite\'s desire was succeed. She along these lines turned into the spirit\'s embodiment. (from Greek Mythology ) 普绪客一个爱上爱神厄æ\'›æ–¯æˆ–为他所爱的å¹\'轻女子,在阿芙æ\'›è’‚特的嫉妒心消除之后,他们俩结为夫妇她后来成了灵魂的化身 – human soul and soul; human personality 心灵 desire after America is an extensive nation.

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Para. 2 the internet: formally a play area for PC fans; now is getting prominent with individuals from diverse foundations. Fill a structure Marital status: single, wedded, separated (drew in, isolated, widowed) Flirt (v): play with sb What’s your side interest? My interest is: pursuing young ladies, playing with gorgeous young men. Chinese-Americans: American-conceived Chinese (ABC, banana man) A beautiful young lady with fair hair and blue eyes

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tease (v) play with sb/one another coquettish (adj.) a coy man/lady fill in a structure Marital status: single, wedded (separated) a fake single MBA: wedded yet accessible/separated atypical pneumonia

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Para. 3 The way of the internet: the allegory of land, as an educat

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