English-Lithuanian-English Lexicon Database Management System for MT .

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English-Lithuanian-English Dictionary Database Administration Framework for MT. Singleton Labs. Gintaras Barisevicius and Elvinas Cernys. Kaunas College of Innovation, Bureau of Programming Building. Circumstance in Lithuania. Circumstance in Lithuania. General electronic word references
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English-Lithuanian-English Lexicon Database Management System for MT Singleton Labs. Gintaras Barisevicius and Elvinas Cernys Kaunas University of Technology, Department of Software Engineering

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Situation in Lithuania

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Situation in Lithuania General electronic word references http://www.fotonija.lt ; http://www.led.lt Morphological investigation apparatuses Text corpora (100 mln. words) http://donelaitis.vdu.lt Speech acknowledgment frameworks Machine interpretation examine

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Previous lexicon Open to the client lexicon Rigid word reference structure Lack of traits Not all parts of discourse included Indexed records for lexicon stockpiling Polysemy excluded Phrases excluded

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Requirement to new framework Open to the client word reference Easy administration of the characteristics All parts of discourse Big volume stockpiling Solution to polysemy and equivalent words

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Project measure

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Current framework Orientated to MT More qualities, simple to develop All parts of discourse included Database for word reference stockpiling Polysemous words, spaces Automatic era of morphological structures System can deal with different OS.

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Development prepare From C++ to Java Rational Rose instrument CVS for adaptation control administration MySql database

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Adding new dialects

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System arrangement localy

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System sending on the web

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Future desire Phrases Text corpora Syntax run acknowledgment Additional components Possible other interpretation decisions WEB interpretation Video subtitle interpretation

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Text corpora use in MT The pen is on the table . PEN RASIKLIS use with STALAS is all the more frequently! Look use with RASIKLIS STALAS TABLE LENTELE Look use with RASIKLIS

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Conclusions Thorough examination of Lithuanian and English dialect directed Additional components to the word reference must be included (expressions, linguistic structure rules) Filling the lexicon can be begun Machine interpretation is in progress

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Thank you for your consideration. Gintaras Barisevicius gintaras.barisevicius@stud.ktu.lt gintaras.barisevicius@singleton-labs.lt

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