Enhancing Measurement and Reporting on the Impacts of Federal Science and Technology .

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Improving Measurement and Reporting on the Impacts of Federal Science and Technology. Presentation to the FPTT 2008 National Meeting June 3, 2008 André Downs Director General. About the Policy Research Initiative.
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Enhancing Measurement and Reporting on the Impacts of Federal Science and Technology Presentation to the FPTT 2008 National Meeting June 3, 2008 André Downs Director General

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About the Policy Research Initiative Horizontal approach investigate that backings vital arrangement improvement and medium-term arranging Overseen by a Deputy Ministers Steering Committee Support CCDM strategy boards and PCO arranging Research portfolio: financial approach social arrangement environmental change natural filtering (e.g., C anada@150 ) 2

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Summary Diagnostic Conducting strategy examine with elected offices and organizations on measuring and writing about the effects of elected S&T is key a key duty under the elected S&T Strategy declared in May 2007 governmentally performed S&T is extensive (about $5 billion every year) a noteworthy late arrangement writing to draw from 3

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The Project in 1 Slide Draw suggestions from late arrangement inquire about, the experience of specialists, and from unique examination, to recommend how the effect of the S&T performed by the central government can be better measured and reported, and along these lines conceivably upgraded after some time. A discussion or "unbiased space" for elected offices and offices to recognize and investigate: ideas that can be connected to draw a more entire photo of the differing effects of S&T exercises performed by the central government; choices for enhancing giving an account of those exercises; and methodologies for how to augment the advantages to Canadians of those exercises in connection to costs. 4

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Governance Oversight by a between departmental directing advisory group Consensus-driven Preliminary discoveries tried inside and outside the government Public report by February 2009 5

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Project Deliverables Research investigate how openly supported research associations transmit innovation and learning to trailblazers. (StatCan lead) Identify and survey approaches for extra reporting. (PRI lead) A "think piece" on distinguishing, portraying, and measuring the effects of governmentally performed S&T. (IC lead) Synthesis provides details regarding the market and non-advertise impacts on Canadians of government S&T ventures. (PRI lead) Four occasions to exhibit and talk about results. Lessons learned and best practices for evaluating and reporting impacts. (NRC lead) Additional work on non-advertise impacts. (EC lead) 6

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1. Open labs and pioneers Research report by Frances Anderson from Statistics Canada Applies global definitions and information from the 2005 Canadian Survey of Innovation in Manufacturing to inspect how open labs (colleges, government labs, and common labs) transmit learning and innovation to inventive firms 7

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1. Open labs and trend-setters Percent of Manufacturing Innovators Indicating that the Source was Important for Innovation Source: Statistics Canada, Survey of Innovation 2005 8

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1. Open labs and pioneers Sectors more prone to recognize open labs as essential: regular asset preparing hardware and gear aviation The trend-setters most unequivocally connected to open labs had a tendency to: be bigger; have workers committed to R&D; be occupied with more advancement exercises; team up additional with open and private associations; and get financing from more open and non-routine private sources. 9

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1. Open labs and pioneers Percent of Manufacturing Innovators Indicating that their Innovations had an Important Impact, by Impact Area Source: Statistics Canada, Survey of Innovation 2005 10

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2. Reporting Definitions Resources are distributed to … … Activities that lead specifically to … … Outputs that are planned to accomplish … … Outcomes (or Results) that advantage the nation. Impacts envelop Outputs and Outcomes 11

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2. Reporting Source: PRI explore, in light of a database arranged by Industry Canada reported in The Impact Group (July 2005), Commercialization Activities of the Federal Government: Program Synopsis . 12

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2. Reporting 13

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2. Reporting Possible Approaches 1. Explicitly join S&T in the Program Activity Architectures (PAAs) of divisions and organizations by: Treating S&T as an interior administration; Portraying S&T exercises as a solitary program inside every office and office; Describing S&T as far as exercises that now and again fall under more extensive projects; or Describing S&T as far as tasks (where conceivable). Grow the yearly Statistics Canada review to gather information as far as the higher-arrange PAA classifications of divisions and organizations. Set one up broad S&T report. 4. Get ready yearly S&T reports for every office and organization. 14

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3. Think piece on recognizing, portraying and measuring the effects of governmentally performed S&T Federal S&T Strategy focused on expanding responsibility by enhancing capacity to gauge effects of elected S&T speculations Considers lessons learned in view of past endeavors by elected S&T entertainers to quantify impacts Paper intended to better catch full scope of effects for governmentally performed S&T Analytical structure connecting effects to Strategy\'s Entrepreneurial, Knowledge and People Advantages Currently being finished 15

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4. Combination reports The Market Impacts of Federal S&T Investments No as of late arranged blend has completely mirrored the sizeable experimental writing Report will recognize: Policy suggestions in view of the amalgamation; The strategies that have been best in determining comes about; Outstanding strategy significant research inquiries; and Suggestions for further research and information advancement. 16

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4. Union reports The Non-Market Impacts of Federal S&T Investments Report will give: An outline of government S&T; Conceptual discourse of the non-showcase effects of S&T ventures; Literature audit with an attention on wellbeing, security and security, and the nature of the earth; Empirical confirmation on the linkages amongst market and non-advertise impacts; Outstanding exploration issues and learning crevices; and Policy suggestions. 17

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5. Extend occasions Preliminary discoveries in July 2008 Public Science and the Marketplace: Connecting, Measuring and Reporting in September 2008 How do governments bolster scientists and trailblazers to grow new thoughts and convey them to the commercial center, and by what means would they be able to gauge and investigate these endeavors? Presentations by H oward Alper, Chair of the Science, Technology and Innovation Council, Ken Carlaw, Richard Lipsey\'s co-creator and teammate, and Paul Johnston, President and CEO of Precarn, among others Synthesis reports in October 2008 Draft extend report in mid 2009 18

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Next strides Further work on deliverables Events from July 2008 to mid 2009 Final report by February 2009 19

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