Enrolled Association of the National Guard of the United States .

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Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States. YOUR Professional Association!. NDAA 2008. Pay Raise. Early Retirement. More Retirement Points. MGIB Portability. CNGB gets 4 th Star. IDT Travel Pay. Repeal Insurrection Act changes. No TRICARE increases.
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Enrolled Association of the National Guard of the United States YOUR Professional Association!

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NDAA 2008 Pay Raise Early Retirement More Retirement Points MGIB Portability CNGB gets 4 th Star IDT Travel Pay Repeal Insurrection Act changes No TRICARE expands Retain battle Injured Mil Techs Extend VA medicinal services from 2 to 5 yrs NG Empowerment $66M Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program $800M NGREA

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NDAA 2008 Separate NGB spending power Seat on JCS For CNGB Joint Duty Credit For TAGs SBP DIC Offset expulsion Cold War Victory Medal 2 more WMD/CST Teams Retroactivity for early Retirement arrangements TRICARE for hazy area retirees Postal advantages for OIF/OEF mailings Commissary access by Surviving life partners MGIB-SR remains with HASC and not HVAC

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2 ½ year think about, 6 Major Areas, 163 discoveries, 95 proposals COMMISSION ON THE NATIONAL GUARD FINAL REPORT AND RESERVE Eliminate BAH-II DHS, not DOD, to decide common bolster prerequisites HLS is essential mission for Guard, battle part is for actives and government saves Reduce obligation statuses from 29 to 2; stop IDT pay One retirement framework, vest at 10 years, gather at age 57—60- - 62 Reduce AGR program, allocate dynamic segment to billets in units Paid IDT Travel more than 50 miles without any limitations, yet advance and dole out anyplace SSS registrants utilized as labor pool for national crises Directors Army & Air Guard answer to CSA & CSAF not CNGB

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NO COMBAT "I would say safeguarding the country is battle, it is war battling." Maj Gen (Ret) Arnold Punaro, CNGR Chair, National Journal 2/2/2008

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ANG Major Units Eielson 8 Elmendorf 8 Kulis 8 Kulis 8 Fairchild 8 Bangor 8 Great Falls 15 Portland 21 Duluth 15 Hector 0 Burlington 18 Hector 8 Alpena/CRTC Boise 15 Pease 9 Minn/ST Paul 8 Boise 4 Hancock 15 Klamath 15 Barnes Otis 15 Niagara 8 Volk/CRTC Schenectady 14 Jose Foss 18 Quonset 8 Gen Mitchell 9 Bradley C-21 Selfridge 8 Stewart 12 Bradley 8 Kellogg 15 Truax 18 Gabreski 9 Selfridge 15 Willow Grove 15 Sioux City 8 Cheyenne 8 Pittsburg 16 Toledo 18 McGuire 16 FT Wayne 18 Des Moines 18 Harrisburg 6 Mansfield 8 Offut/Det Atlantic City 18 Reno 8 Peoria 8 New Castle 8 Salt Lake 8 Lincoln 8 Rickenbacker 16 Martin St 18 Moffett 9 Martinsburg 10 Terre Haute 15 Buckley 15 Rosecrans 8 Martin St 8 Andrews 18 Spring/Beck 12 Buckley 2 Andrews 4 Capital 15 Forbes 8 Richmond 15 Lambert 15 Charleston 8 Fresno 18 Louisville 8 Scott 8 McConnell 9 Channel Is 8 Charlotte 8 Nashville 8 Tulsa 21 McGhee Tyson 8 Kirkland 18 Ft Smith 15 Sky Harbor 8 Memphis 8 March 0 McEntire 24 Will Rogers 8 Birmingham 8 Little Rock 8 Robins 12 Tucson 53 Ft Worth 8 Savannah 8 Jackson 8 Tucson 0 CRTC Hickam 8 Key Fld 9 Dannelly 18 Hickam 15 Gulfport/CRTC Hickam 8 The MDS Jacksonville 15 Ellington 0 New Orleans 15 KC-135 E F-16 15 F-16 15 Kelly Fld 18 KC-135 R F-16 25 F-16 25 The Host The Host C-130 E F-16 30 F-16 30 Air Force Air Force C-130 H F-16 32 F-16 32 ANG C-130 J F-16 42 F-16 42 AFRC NO COMBAT C-5 F-15 F-15 Navy C-17 A-10 A-10 Muniz 8 Sp Alft UAV CSAR J8

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Fees recorded to resigned pay Fair to American Taxpayer Very liberal advantage, yet not free Retiree select charges +380% in 5 yrs TASK FORCE ON THE FUTURE OF MILITARY HEALTH CARE FINAL REPORT

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Annual/Monthly Enrollment Fees for Prime Family before Proposed Indexing  TASK FORCE ON THE FUTURE OF MILITARY HEALTH CARE FINAL REPORT  Single would highlight an enlistment expense and a deductible that equivalents half of those for family rates.

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DOD overestimated costs and anticipated enlistment TRICARE RESERVE SELECT (TRS) GAO Report DOD Est. FY\'05 cost $70M, genuine cost $5M DOD Est. FY\'06 cost $442M, real cost $40M Health mind costs went up 4.7% for FY\'06, DOD raised rates 8.5% DOD charges premiums of $81 month to month for part, $253 month to month for family GAO said premiums ought to be $48 part, $175 family PREMIUMS PAID BY MEMBERS EXCEEDED COSTS !! 22,616 Total TRS arranges 8,311 part just plans 14,305 part and family arranges 61,376 secured TRS recipients as of February 25, 2008

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EANGUS Legislative Priorities for 2007-2008 57 LEGISLATIVE GOALS 2005-2007, 13 \'Need 1\' Employment assurances for parental figures of injured warriors Public Law 110-181, Section 585 (07-19) National Guard Empowerment arrangements (2 resolutions) Public Law 110-181, Sections 1801-1826 (07-09 & 06-27)(07-13,P2) Reduced retirement qualification ("age 55 retirement") Public Law 110-181, Sections 1801-1826 (07-04)(06-19,P3) CRSC/CRDP for 100% impaired & appraised IU Public Law 110-181, Section 642 (06-05) TRICARE accessible on moderate cost share premise Public Law 109-364, Section 706 (06-23) Increased subsidizing and modernization of hardware NGREA expanded from $150M to $800M from FY\'07 to FY\'08 (06-02)(07-13,P2)(05-17) Permanent TRICARE wellbeing and dental care Funding streams gave in before financial years (07-07) Veteran status by Veterans Affairs for every one of the 20-year retirees Continuing to work with House staff on a bill (07-16) Increased AGR approvals & control grades (2 resolutions) AGR slopes secured; working with House staff on a bill for expanded control grades (07-01 & 06-16) [2 other P1 had no quantifiable action] Retain battle harmed Mil Techs without respect as far as possible Public Law 110-181, Section 511 (06-15,P2)(06-04,P3) Improved MGIB benefits, including transportability Public Law 110-181, Sections 530 & 535 (05-12) [TMC G-R 2008 objectives incorporate 20 extra authoritative resolutions]

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TMC Guard – Reserve Committee Legislative Priorities for 2008 Reduced retirement qualification retroactivity to 9/11 (07-04,P1) $2 billion cost by Seamless move for assembled reservists and families Expand Benefits Delivery at Discharge Program, build up Flexible Spending Accounts, power for bosses to add to 401(k)/403(b) amid crowd, scholarly insurances for activated understudies, reemployment rights for hold life partners who suspend occupation to administer to youngsters amid assemblies Improved MGIB benefits Raise rates, total advantages for different battle visits, coordinate dynamic and save MGIB programs, amplify use period post-release, transferability to wards Guard & Reserve availability (07-01,P1) (07-10,P4) (07-12,P5) (06-02,P1) (06-16,P1) Maintain end qualities and appropriate subsidizing for gear and preparing Family bolster programs Better access to online projects like Military OneSource, vigorous preventive guiding administrations, rights and advantages training, tyke mind off the establishment Authorize assess credits for businesses of reservists (07-03,P2) (06-24,P1) Pass significant duty credits and fortify boss support

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TMC Guard – Reserve Committee Legislative Priorities for 2008 Continuum of human services protection alternatives (07-05,P2) (06-17,P3) (05-13) Oppose any TRS charge increments without satisfactory defense, identical counterbalance to non military personnel arrange premiums amid preparation, increment dental advantages to guarantee dental status guidelines when offices are not accessible inside 50 miles, sufficient get to and treatment for PTSD and TBI off the establishment Changes to over the-line reasoning for overnight travel costs (05-16) Change 100 mile limitation to 50 miles Veteran Status for Guard-Reserve retirees (07-16,P1) Expand veteran status to 20-year retirees however don\'t generally qualify under Title 38 Reserve pay framework (07-14,P2) (06-08,P9) (05-20) (05-04) Revise 1/30 th run for extraordinary pays, dispense with BAH-II, enhance Space-A travel arrangements, enhance save pay swap program for activated reservists USERRA & SCRA change (06-07,P5) (06-22,P12) (05-15) Stronger credit arrangements, more prominent teeth in USERRA to ensure assembled reservists and their families

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Changing Landscape on Capitol Hill

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6 Not returning in 2009 SAC-M SVAC SAC-M SAC-D SASC

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35 Not returning in 2009; all are up for re-race HVAC HASC HAC-D HASC HAC-D, HAC-M HASC

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YOUR Professional Association! 1-800-234-3264 http://www.eangus.org

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