Enterprise Travel Patterns.

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Motivation. What is adventure?Who are enterprise travelers?What are present top destinations for experience travelers?What are the patterns in spending?Why is experience travel imperative?. Who is the Adventure Travel Trade Association?. . Worldwide exchange system of visit administrators, suppliers, tourism sheets and different organizations committed to reasonable industry development. More than 650 individuals speaking to 70 cou
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Enterprise Travel Trends Chris Chesak, ATTA Christina Heyniger, Xola Consulting

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Agenda What is experience? Who are experience explorers? What are present top goals for enterprise voyagers? What are the patterns in spending? Why is experience travel vital?

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Who is the Adventure Travel Trade Association? Worldwide exchange system of visit administrators, suppliers, tourism sheets and different organizations devoted to reasonable industry development. More than 650 individuals speaking to 70+ nations Consumer activities to advance experience travel: media relations, www.Adventure.Travel Research on patterns, goals, promoting, industry sway Online systems administration group, \'The HUB\', of almost 1200 experts occupied with sharing data, associations, proficient improvement, best practices, and more Knowledge assets - white papers and online course arrangement on manageability issues, back office administration, advertising & PR, and so on 2011 Adventure Travel World Summit - Oct. 17-20, Chiapas Mexico - 600 experts go to for systems administration, individual & proficient advancement, best practices, Marketplace, media effort, and the sky is the limit from there

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Who is Xola? Xola is a counseling and research benefits firm work in experience tourism item improvement and enterprise

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What is Adventure Travel?

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Pioneer Companies

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Mainstream Companies Embrace Adventure

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Adventure and Volunteer Market Statistics $89 Billion in worldwide burning through 16% of all takeoffs from Latin America, North America and Europe are for "Experience Travel" 26% of all explorers from these locales take part in enterprise exercises In Scotland: Nature tourism = £ 1.4 billion ; 39,000 all day employments. Mountain biking and kayaking are worth £ 178m . Untamed life tourism gets £ 127 million SOURCE: Adventure Tourism Market Report, Study by George Washington University, Adventure Travel Trade Association, Xola Consulting; 2010

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Demographics 50/50 male/female proportion 40% are matured 30-41 (37% of this age bunch use visit administrators) 19% are matured 50-74 (63% of this gathering use visit administrators)

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Adventure Traveler Segmentation by Activity Hard Adventure: Mountaineering Caving Roped Climbing Soft Adventure: Cultural Activities Birdwatching Canoeing Cycling Horseback riding Safaris Mainstream Travelers: Cities Sun, Sand & Each Other

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Adventure Traveler Segmentation Evolves to Values + = Eco-Traveler Seeks association with validness of individuals and nature Adventure Traveler Seeks association with nature by means of exciting exercises Eco-Adventurer Seeks bona fide, exciting and/or arousing exercises

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2009 ATTA Survey Findings An overview of more than 275 visit administrators (speaking to 2 million clients) found that: Each administrator serves by and large 7,482 clients every year Average trek value point (land cost) = $2,748

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How Valuable is the Adventure Traveler? Hard travelers spend an extra 87% of the sum they spent on the trek, on apparatus. Delicate enterprise voyagers burn through 42% of outing cost on rigging Since 2006, normal go through per traveler with TUI\'s experience organizations has developed by 21% from £987 to £1198 (TUI, 2010)

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Top Activities Offered by Adventure Tour Operators % of Tour administrators

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Top Adventure Destinations (Current) Possible movement from customary occasions to enterprise exercises in recognizable goals…

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ATTA\'s Role Help make supportability a standard in the experience business - Industry training inevitably streams down to explorer - In a system, information spreads Some purchaser patterns are with us: " Authentivores ," "Green," "Reasonable" Some are against us: "Hairdryers in the wilderness" Some corporate patterns are with us: CSR Some are against us: Greenwashing , muddling and localwashing

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Systemic Issue & Business Opportunity There is an absence of Interconnection amongst Travelers and Product Middle Men think about buyer requests and group needs and open doors Scattered people group off the standard vacationer tracks have fascinating travel open doors and necessities Adventure Travelers Baby Boomers Gen X & Y Families Student Volunteers NGOs Tour Operators

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Why Adventure Travel Matters While not the biggest division (it will NEVER be), it is: Innovative (industry brimming with business people) implies that a ton of advancements originate from this front edge Resilient voyagers – last to leave, first to return after a characteristic or political emergency Leaders in maintainability – if living space, natural life, societies are not secured, we have NO business, subsequently. A.T. individuals truly ensure it High esteem client – not generally the greatest high-roller but rather on the grounds that they look for nearby hotel, guides, makes, nourishment and so forth more $$ stays in the goal Requires less framework – enterprise explorers don\'t need something cleared, overbuilt and so forth. Utilize what\'s as of now there.

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"On the off chance that you believe you\'re too little to have any kind of effect, you\'ve never been sleeping with a mosquito." Dame Anita Roddic THANK YOU! chrischesak@adventuretravel.biz christina@xolaconsulting.com

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