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The ENUM Objective. Mapping PSTN addresses into the IP worldENUM permit any IP gadget to build up whether an E.164 phone location is portrayed by an Internet Service Point addressAnd
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ENUM Overview – July 2003

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The ENUM Objective Mapping PSTN addresses into the IP world ENUM permit any IP gadget to build up whether an E.164 phone address is depicted by an Internet Service Point address And … what the favored Internet Service Point really is And … what IP address, convention address, port address and application deliver ought to be utilized to contact the favored Service Point

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What is ENUM? ENUM is a piece of the expansion of the PSTN into the Internet ENUM is characterized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and makes an interpretation of an E164 number into Internet Service Points; [RFC 2916, September 2000] Defines the utilization of Domain Name System (DNS) asset records to outline phone number into a gathering of administration locations, including : SIP/H.323 VOIP addresses IP FAX servers Voice Mail servers PSTN administrations (divert)

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Why ENUM? Each VOIP-based PABX is a stub arrange hanging off the PSTN Each VOIP PABX passage must utilize the PSTN to achieve all other VOIP PABX expansions = proceeded with toll income for the telco ENUM is an approach to interface up \'islands of VoIP in the PSTN ocean\' ENUM permits each VOIP PABX door to find all different portals, as required VOIP entryways can pass calls to other VOIP augmentations by means of VOIP, bypassing the PSTN totally = declining toll income affect for the telco ENUM ability for PSTN started calls are hazy

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The multi-Gateway VOIP World The PSTN is utilized as the between VOIP organize Obvious ramifications of income insurance for PSTN administrators More unobtrusive ramifications for broadened private VOIP systems PSTN Internet

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VOIP + ENUM = PSTN Bypass How can a VOIP passage discover powerfully If a phone number is reachable as an Internet gadget? What\'s more, assuming this is the case, what\'s its Internet benefit address? PSTN Internet

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How does ENUM Work? An ENUM VOIP Gateway first uses an ENUM DNS call to check whether the dialed number is reachable by means of an IP administration The DNS reaction is a requested gathering of Service URIs (NAPTR records) If there is a reaction, the Gateway chooses the most favored coordinating administration to finish the call ask for DNS Resolver 1. sip:gih@sip.telstra.net 2. tel:61412356780 3. tel:61212345678 3. DNS URI reaction My inclination for approaching voice calls is: attempt to set up a VOIP call to my taste server, then fall back to a cell phone then fall back to a work area telephone. 2. Portal DNS Query 1. Dial : +61212345678 Gateway 4. Taste call to sip:gih@sip.telstra.net IP Phone

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What is the Potential with ENUM? ENUM can likewise outline telephone number to an email address, a web address, or some other type of administration address, determined by a URL ENUM is about the possibility to reuse telephone numbers as Internet administration identifiers Allows the utilization of a conventional phone number with regards to various correspondence media, e.g., email addresses, texting, individual site pages, and hence could encourage the entrance of new applications into the mass market effectively One individual, One number, numerous administrations

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E.164 as a typical personality substrate? fax:+61 2 62486000 mailto:gih@telstra.net http://www.jd.com tel:+61 2 12345678 sip:jd@sip.telstra.net ENUM Use this number for any administration: +61 2 12345678

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Opinions about ENUM itself has no esteem. Its how you utilize it! ENUM speaks to a potential income risk to set up PSTN administrators. Some advance it for client effortlessness:- "One number tending to disposes of need to recollect various, complex, supplier based locations" Some advance is a methods for ISPs to go into the PSTN advertise as a VOIP-just supplier Revenues might be driven by new esteem included administrations and applications empowered by utilizing telephone numbers as a pervasive computerized character token Although this income may not really head towards the telco Some accept there will be new administrations incomes from PSTN-IP Telephony and extended venture into the Internet

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How ENUM is Organized The IETF and the ITU have concurred on, and actualized, an ENUM mapping of PSTN numbers into the DNS It utilizes a one of a kind top level space (e164.arpa), populated with E.164 nation codes as the main purpose of designation ITU Member States have the decision with regards to the assignment of their E.164 nation code into the ENUM DNS chain of command Each ITU Member State (ACA in Oz) may regulate their DNS mapped E.164 assets as they see fit

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ENUM Privacy Considerations Registrant Choice (select in/out) Privacy Analysis Open Disclosure of Registrant Information in DNS Information Handling During Registration and Provisioning ContactInfo Fair Information Practices

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ENUM in Australia (1) ACA wishes to finish their piece of prerequisites Public Discussion Paper - Jan 2003 Information workshop, I\'nat speakers – March 2003 National Discussion Group Mtg1 – April 2003 (month to month) Pushing hard… assume it closes with Tier-1 Registry PSTN bearers are assessing the thought Busy assessing NGN and VoIP execution What are the new client esteemed applications? How to deal with move and keep up the income stream? VoIP bearers are most likely steady

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ENUM in Australia (2) Strongly bolstered by potential Registry/Registrar administrators (CSIRO/AARNet, Melbourne-IT and so on) Strongly restricted by protection advocates, some purchaser agents, and scheme scholars Other Groups (eg incapacities) need ENUM to address their motivation

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Regulatory contemplations of ENUM will require some serious energy as it raises numerous administrative issues: Which telephone numbers can be utilized as a part of along these lines? New "individual" numbers? Existing \'geo" numbers? Existing versatile numbers? Could the Numbering Plan control "number-just" administrations? Who gets the opportunity to put a passage into the DNS to outline telephone number to an arrangement of URLs? The telco? (like in-addr.arpa) A named restraining infrastructure level 1 registry that uses different level 2 enlistment centers (like .com, and so on) Privacy, Emergency, Legal block attempt, and so on Who claims the base number? The client? The Application supplier? A Registrar? The Registry? The Access supplier? By what means can an individual affirm elite enthusiasm for a telephone number? Are telephone numbers autonomous of a PSTN benefit? Will private n/w administrators be "got" by CSP direction? If not who is in charge of the Telco commitments?

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