Environmentally friendly power Energy - from Innovation to a Vibrant Industry .

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Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE. . Biggest European sun based vitality research institute>930 individuals from staff (incl. understudies). Regions of business: Photovoltaics Solar Thermal Technologies Renewable Power Generation Energy-Efficient Buildings and Technical Building Components Applied Optics and Functional Surfaces Hydrogen Technology.
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Environmentally friendly power Energy - from Innovation to a Vibrant Industry Eicke R. Weber Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE and Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg, Germany Knowledge Economy Forum IX, Berlin, May 7, 2010

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Fraunhofer-Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE Largest European sun powered vitality look into establishment >930 individuals from staff (incl. understudies) 10% essential financing 90% contract investigate 40% industry, 60% open € 56 M add up to spending plan (\'09) > 10% p.a. development rate Areas of business: Photovoltaics Solar Thermal Technologies Renewable Power Generation Energy-Efficient Buildings and Technical Building Components Applied Optics and Functional Surfaces Hydrogen Technology

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Fraunhofer Alliance Energy Strong German research system of 14 establishments in vitality proficiency and renewable vitality advances Partnership of Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems CSE in Boston with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA Customer\'s advantages New advances for vitality and effectiveness Innovative and astute vitality ideas Strengthened intensity and accomplishment in the market ISIT IWES IFF UMSICHT IKTS IWES IITB/AST ISC IISB, IIS ISI ICT IBP, IGB ISE IBP www.energy.fraunhofer.de

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We are Facing the Urgent Challenge of a Drastic Change in our Global Energy System Protection of the establishment of life as-we-probably am aware it by quick diminishment of CO 2 outflows Limitation of fossil vitality prompts to expanding vitality costs Reduction of geopolitical clash potential in light of fossil energizes

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The Transformation into a Green Energy Future Requires: Increased vitality productivity in structures, transport (e-portability) and creation Rapid improvement of all renewable energies , particularly wind, PV, ST, hydro, geothermal and biomass towards a 100% renewable vitality future Expansion of the power lattice for long-separate transport and shrewd buyers My proposal for atmosphere examination: Replace CO 2 lessening focuses by Renewable Energy presentation targets!

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EJ/a TW 50 Geothermal Other Renewables 1400 Solarthermal (Heat just) 40 Solar Electricity (PV und solarthermal) 1000 30 Wind Biomass (present day) Biomass (conventional) 20 600 Hydropower Nuclear Energy 10 Gas 200 Coal 0 Oil 2020 2100 2000 2040 Year Exemplary Path, Global Primary Energy Consumption Source: German Advisory Council on Global Change, 2003, www.wbgu.de

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Annual Installation of PV Modules (around the world) 2009: 6,43 GW p Actual Shipments Projection (2003) 2003: 600 MW p Sources: 2000-2003 Strategies Unlimited, 2006 EPIA "sun based era", 2007 LBBW Report, 2010 SolarBuzz

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2010 2020 Learning Curve of Crystalline Si PV Module Prices [€/W p ] h cell [%] = 10 15 18 20 slant: 22% abatement for each multiplying of introduced limit 100 1980 1990 2000 10 2004 (25%) 2007 (30%) 1 d [µm] = 400 300 200 100 50 10 - 4 10 - 3 10 - 2 10 - 1 10 2 10 3 Installed Peak Power (cumulated) [GWp] Slide affability of G. Willeke

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mg-Si powder deplete (SiHCl 3 , SiCL 4 , H 2 , Metall Chloride) hot Si tidy quartz tube warming HCl From mg-Si to Ultrapure poly-Si: the Siemens Process ca. 100.000 t/a ca. $50/kg fragmentary refining \'fluidised bed\' reactor Siemens Silicon Plant Alternative Technology for PV: updated metallurgical Si, umg-Si, without utilizing the gas stage

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Solar Cell Conversion Efficiency with 100% umg-Si New Metallization  Median per ingot A B Emitter  Each information point speaks to the middle proficiency for one ingot (~ 10,000 cells) Median productivity achieves 16% Record cells moving toward 17% Slide cordiality of CaliSolar 01/11/2010 CaliSolar Confidential 10

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High-Efficiency ISE Triple-Junction Solar Cells Ga 0.65 In 0.35 P burrow diode Ga 0.83 In 0.17 As passage diode Ge substrate

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Realization : FLATCON ® System by Concentrix III-V based couple cells C geo = 500x Point center Fresnel focal points Housing made of glass

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Desertec - Vision of an Electricity Super Grid

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Intelligent Use of Energy (Smart Grids) Import/Export HGÜ Future Structure of Electricity Supply: Supergrid with conveyed Responsibilities 110/220/380 kV 10/20 kV Command Unit Distribution Operation 400 V Intelligent Grid Operation Prognosis: Generation and Consumption

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Electricity Costs of Renewable Energies Electricity Costs rely on upon number of working hours On-shore wind achieves equality with fossil energies PV at great areas aggressive with CSP Number: kWhr/kW p for PV, CSP, and wind Slide kindness of C. Kost (Fraunhofer ISE)

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Electricity Cost and Learning Curve Prediction Steep PV expectation to absorb information brings about costs that are aggressive with customary sources (Onshore-) wind is focused today Offshore-wind has susbtantially higher expenses, even long haul Source: C. Kost, Fraunhofer ISE

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Energy Use of Residential Buildings End Energy Consumption in kWh/m²a CurrentAverage New Code 1995 New Code 2002 Heating Warm Water Other Electricity Household Electricity with Solar-vitality utilize 3-Liter House Passiv-House Zero-outflow + PV Source: H.M. Henning, Fraunhofer ISE

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Employment in Selected Industries in Germany 1998-2008 Quellen: Statistisches Bundesamt, Statistik der Kohlewirtschaft, BMU, Atomforum, VDA, Stand: 4/2009

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Conclusion: The Green Energy Future The objective is 100% renewable vitality era at incredibly expanded effectiveness in vitality utilization The world is moving towards an efficient power vitality future ; the open question is, the means by which quick will we come there This move of the worldwide vitality advertise gives energizing chances to move advancement into occupations Countries that pioneer this trail will have awesome financial favorable circumstances as steady vitality costs and occupations in high-and low-tech segments Fraunhofer foundations are in a perfect world arranged to work with research organizations and industry in ECA nations to quicken this energizing improvement

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