Equity Speaks Neediness in America.

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Equity Speaks Neediness in America Gloria WilderBrathwaite, MD, MPH Is America, America for every one of her kin? Franklin D. Roosevelt Condition of the Union Location January 11 th , 1944
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Equity Speaks Poverty in America Gloria WilderBrathwaite, MD, MPH

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Is America, America for every one of her kin?

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Franklin D. Roosevelt State of the Union Address January 11 th , 1944 “Freedom from trepidation is unceasingly connected to flexibility from want…The larger part of our kin have taken care of the requests of this war with great strength and comprehension. While the dominant part goes ahead about its awesome work without protestation, a boisterous minority keeps up a hullabaloo of requests for unique favors...There are nuisances who swarm through the Congress\' anterooms and the mixed drink bars of Washington, speaking to these exceptional gatherings rather than the essential hobbies of the Nation. They have come to look upon war essentially as an opportunity to make benefits for themselves to the detriment of their neighbors…If ever there was a period to subordinate individual or gathering self-centeredness to the national great, that time is now!”

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Status of Children in the U.S. 37% of all youngsters in the U.S. live in low wage families (that is 26 million kids). 85% of all low salary kids live with no less than one working guardian. Low pay families make double the “poverty” salary. 18% of all youngsters (11 million) are “officially poor”. The 2006 government neediness level for a group of four is $20,000/yr . It takes twofold that sum ($40,000/yr.) for folks to give their kids necessities (lodging, tyke consideration and sustenance)

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How would we ascertain the neediness level? The U.S. destitution level is computed in light of an equation created in 1960, which weighted the cost of nourishment as dispensing for 30% of a families costs. As of now, nourishment involves far under 30% of a families costs, while lodging, transportation, and kid consideration devour the best share. 36% of families who rent their homes spend more than 33% of their pay on rent. Yet despite everything we measure destitution by the first standard created in the mid 1960’s. The U.S. has the most elevated neediness rate of an industrialized country.

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The Poverty Wage The current government the lowest pay permitted by law of $5.15 every hour has been set up subsequent to 1997. Its genuine quality is currently more than 30% not exactly what it was in 1978. Full time job at the government the lowest pay permitted by law yields a yearly pay of $10,712 (57% of neediness for a group of four, in this way placing them in amazing destitution). The most astounding state the lowest pay permitted by law is $7.35 every hour. $14,112 every year still underneath destitution!

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Poverty Since 2000 Child neediness has risen generously in the most recent five years in the wake of hitting a low in 2000. We have added 1.4 million youngsters to the destitution moves subsequent to 2000. The biggest increments have been found in the Midwest, where 2.8 million youngsters live in neediness. The ascent was most noteworthy amongst folks who are utilized and the individuals who don\'t have an advanced education. To a great extent because of loss of assembling employments (which pay a living compensation) and the increment of administration occupations (which pay the destitution the lowest pay permitted by law).

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Poverty Since 2000 Across the United States, white and dark youngsters encountered a more noteworthy increment in destitution than Asian or Latino kids. In the South which are “new destination states’ for outsiders. The nativity of the children’s folks was connected to rising destitution.

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What would we be able to do? Pass a living pay change. Just 19 states as of now have a lowest pay permitted by law that is more noteworthy than the government destitution wage. Pass a governmentally commanded Earned Income Tax Credit, as of now just 12 states utilize this chance to build the estimation of low wage work. Repair government funded training and move low wage understudies into advanced education. Build enlistment and registration of underrepresented populaces in graduate and expert schools.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt State of the Union Address January 11 th , 1944 “True singular flexibility can\'t exist without financial security and autonomy. Individuals who are eager and out of an occupation are the stuff of which tyrannies are made.”

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Franklin D. Roosevelt State of the Union Address January 11 th , 1944 “We have acknowledged as it were, a second Bill of Rights …Among these are: Right to valuable and gainful employments Right to acquire enough to give satisfactory sustenance, apparel and entertainment. Right of each family to a not too bad home. Right to sufficient therapeutic consideration and the chance to accomplish and appreciate great wellbeing. Right to assurance from financial apprehensions of seniority, affliction, mischance and unemployment. Right to a decent training

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“I request that the Congress investigate the methods for executing this ECONOMIC BILL OF RIGHTS .” “All of these rights spell security. Our battling men abroad and their families have the privilege to demand it. It is to their requests that this Government ought to pay notice as opposed to the crying requests of narrow minded weight bunches who look to quill their homes while youthful Americans are biting the dust. “ Franklin D. Roosevelt State of the Union Address January 11 th , 1944

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Justice Speaks New Orleans, Feb 2006 “I had spent my profession looking after youngsters who endured and some who kicked the bucket in the wealthiest nation on earth. They endure not on account of we can\'t enjoy them but rather in light of the fact that we won\'t like them. Equity identifies with me and I am certain that neediness isn\'t right and I will do whatever I can to end it. “ Dr. Gloria 2006

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John Wooley and Gerhard Peters, The American Presidency Project, University of California, http://www.americanpresidency.org National Center for Children in Poverty, Columbia University, http://www.nccp.org To Contact: Dr. Gloria WilderBrathwaite Justice Speaks 1050 17 th St., NW Suite 600 Washington DC 20036 202-496-5313 www.justicespeaks.org v

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