Eras in the Workplace: Insights from Adolescent Health .

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Disclaimers. I don\'t do OD work, but since my spouse does
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Eras in the Workplace: Insights from Adolescent Health Christine M. Gilroy, MD, MSPH Associate Professor Div. General Internal Medicine

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Disclaimers I don\'t do OD work, but since my significant other does… .. Because of Jennifer O\'Donnell, PhD, and Mountain States Employers Council for sharing assets This is normally a 8 hour class

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Warning When this data is utilized to categorize individuals, it turns into a risky weapon. When we utilize it to ask ourselves "How might I be more compelling?" it turns into an important apparatus.

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Physicians as Managers As doctors we oversee Patients Ancillary staff Residents/Interns/Medical Students Data and Strategies from Best Management Practices can advise and facilitate our practice as doctors, instructors, and directors

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Objectives What is an "era?" What shapes every era? How does every era appear? How might we identify with every era all the more successfully?

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Guess When… "Understudies entering school can\'t compose well. Their contemplations are youthful, they are hopelessly communicated, and they don\'t know how to spell." ~ 1694, Harvard University

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Guess When… "Our earth is deteriorated in those last days; there are signs that the world is quickly reaching an end; pay off and debasement are normal, and youngsters don\'t comply with their folks." ~ around 2800 BC, hieroglyphic engraving on an Assyrian tablet

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Generational Peer Groups Peer bunch = a gathering whose individuals share a typical chronicled area and have comparative encounters

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Generational Markers Adversity/the economy Social occasions Politics Education Organizational structure/rehearse Technology & media

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Adversity/The Economy Depression WW2 Nuclear multiplication Pensions Cash or lay-away 14%  contract "A penny spared" More security US as predominant force to be reckoned with Explosion of items Consumption Credit More portability Children in the spotlight Suburbia Return to misfortune Stock-advertise crash Gas lines Recession (avg of 10 wks/year) Layoffs Downsizing No more benefits 40%  contract Dow Jones records Affluence Globalization "You merit this" Parents both work Very inspirational standpoint

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Social Events Women\'s rights Segregation Unions Low versatility Strong people group Strong family structure Time \'s 1967 Man of the Year Civil rights Malcolm X Dr. Ruler Sit-ins and dissents The pill Rock & move Drugs Communes Woodstock Space investigation AIDS Challenger blast Both guardians work Divorce takes off Latch-scratch TV viciousness Diversity Dot-com blast PC development 9/11 Columbine Children-centered Overplanning Helicopter guardians WIKI

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Politics FDR 12 years The New Deal WW2 ERA (1923) Prohibition McCarthyism The Bomb Cold War Patriotism Social Security Vietnam Watergate Civil rights Assassinations Roe v Wade Brown v Board of Education Watergate Nixon leaves Gulf War on TV Berlin Wall fell Cold War Perestroika 9/11 Terrorism/fear Desert Storm Clinton embarrassments Globalism Immigration Women in influential positions

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Education 8 th grade instruction Limited get to Segregated schools Learning through experience Sputnik (1957) Brown v Board of Education More ladies in school Graded on more than scholastics Graduate degrees Creative training Independence Inclusion School wellbeing Advanced degrees Home-tutoring Student-drove educational module Mobile instruction Helicopter guardians

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Organizational Structure/Practice The Industrial Age Hierarchy Clear expert Unions Promotion in view of residency Manual work Loyalty to US organizations Hierarchy Team-arranged More ladies Low assorted qualities Reward for the amount they work The Technology Age Free office Contract work Flatter associations Entrepreneurial No more annuities Reward for nature of work The Knowledge Age Flatter associations Multi-social, worldwide organizations Mobile "workplaces" Worthy aims

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Work Ethic Dedicated Dutiful Willing to pay contribution Climb stepping stool with life span Loyal to the organization Task-centered Driven Climb stepping stool by working harder Personal character fixing to work Team-situated Process-concentrated "Live to work" Balance Fun Quality of life Climb stepping stool by working more brilliant Work is place to develop, not age "Work to live" Determined Tenacious Achievement-centered Climb step with smart thoughts, potential Do precisely what\'s asked

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Work Culture & Relationships Fair & steady administration Methodical approach Respect levels of leadership Directive Clearly-characterized parts Clear desires Humane work Democratic Cordial, non-angry Real work groups Treated as entire creatures Treated as inviting equivalents Strong connections Balanced Training esteemed Respectful of self-sufficiency Independent Casual Reluctant to submit Fast-paced Creative Flexible Efficient Earned titles Hands-off administrator Egalitarian, comprehensive culture Fun Organization is having any kind of effect Positive, idealistic Multiple parts empowered Diversity grasped Coaching, bolster Collaborative Achievement-situated

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Leadership Style Autocratic Authoritarian Hierarchical Inaccessible "Football group" Participative By accord Accessible "Soccer group" Self-coordinated Hands-off Collaborative "Swim group" Cooperative Collaborative Inclusive Open "Anybody can join our group"

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View of Authority Respectful Follow the tenets By-the-book The last word Love-detest Anti-administration Relationships start things out Need to know "why" Unimpressed Skeptical Not attached to rules Polite Relaxed Respectful Help make the standards

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Communication: Preferences One-route Top-down Limited Reluctant to differ Respectful of force structures Two-way Lateral Open Unafraid to challenge, ask "why?" Expressive Egalitarian Direct Unafraid to test PC Brief Informal Facts, subtle elements Cell, email, instant message Inclusive Respectful All-way Open Networking Lots of data

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Communication: Dos Written, wrote On letterhead Signatures in ink Face-to-face Direct Respectful, prudent Correct linguistic use Formal, courteous Face-to-face In gatherings, gatherings Attention to detail Honest, open Provide the setting Confirm to close the circle PC Brief Informal Facts, points of interest Cell, email, instant message Very casual Immediate, FAST Cell, email, instant message, IM, online journals Expressive

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Communication: Don\'ts Profanity Slang Emotional dialect Disorganization Poor punctuation Disrespect for their experience Assuming can address them by first names Brusqueness Unfriendliness Not demonstrating enthusiasm for them Shows of force War representations Schmoozing Inefficient utilization of time Flashiness Exaggeration Corporatespeak Acronyms Complex strategies Meetings Cynicism Sarcasm Unfairness Condescension Divisiveness

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Misperceptions of Millennials? Millennials are a polarizing era. "Millennials are very requesting with regards to requiring direction, visit execution evaluations, fast professional success, work life adjust… they are knowledgeable… yet experiencing a deficiency of sound judgment". Ron Alsop, "The Trophy Kids Grow Up"

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"Millenials, You Raised Them, Now Manage Them" Nadira Hira, Fortune 5/28/07

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Adolescence The psychosocial advancement of a youngster into a grown-up A social build Age traverse has changed essentially since Piaget initially portrayed in 1948 Starts with pubescence, and changes in data and enthusiastic handling related with sexual improvement Ends with physical and monetary freedom, arrangement of develop connections, suspicion of a calling or occupation, the limit with respect to formal inductive thinking, and socially capable cooperation in the public arena

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Ages of Adolescence

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Tasks of Psychosocial Development

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Independence Overprogramming Privacy, Day-imagining, Fantasy, Play vital for inside improvement, especially in early pre-adulthood The Trophy Kid Preparing for school since nursery school "certifications driven" The Helicopter Parent Fear of Independence Growing old Reflected shine Repair association with parent by not making kid revolt

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Peer and Social Relationships Web 2.0 Wide systems of shallow connections Display extremely individual data broadly Social money through number of contacts rather than individual connections Delayed Intimacy Average time of sexual presentation, marriage expanding "Companions with advantages"

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Risk-Taking CDC\'s Youth Risk Behavior Survey \'07 Increased period of sexual introduction Decreased teenager pregnancy Fewer adolescent sex accomplices Decreased scenes of hitting the bottle hard Fewer high schoolers utilizing substances

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Risk-Taking Pew Research Center Survey of 18-25 yo 75% accept easygoing sex more pervasive 70% trust more brutality seeing someone 70% accept there is an expansion in episodic drinking 63% accept there is expanded unlawful medication utilize 20% have mishandled solution and OTC medications

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Perceived versus Genuine Sexual Risk

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Cognition Brain Maturation Medial Prefrontal Cortex, Parietal Cortex, and Superior Temporal Cortex not completely myelinated until mid-20\'s Amygdala is more dynamic in adolescents and early grown-ups Nucleus Accumbens reacts insignificantly to little rewards, exaggeratedly to medium and extensive prizes Giedd, J, JAH April 2008

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Cognition mPFC, Amygdala, and STS are included in Executive Function Risk Assessment Decision Making Impulse restraint Social Cognitive Ability Facial feeling acknowledgment Perspective taking Parietal Cortex required in theoretical thinking Blakemore, S, QJ Exp Psych Mar 2007

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Cognition Reward Center on overdrive Immature motivation control Immature errand center Brains work considerably harder to channel contending assignments/decisions Misinterpret passionate appearances Can\'t reliably extend results of an activity Jordan, K, Nature April 2002

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