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Welcome to AGN’s AUTOWIN Presentation Established in the year 1995. Objective : To provide efficient need based software solution. Key of success : Features & Service to Satisfaction. Core business activities : Software development and consultancy. AUTOWIN (DMS)
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Welcome to AGN\'s AUTOWIN Presentation Established in the year 1995. Objective : To give proficient need based programming arrangement. Key of achievement : Features & Service to Satisfaction. Center business exercises : Software improvement and consultancy. AUTOWIN (DMS) AGN-AUTOWIN (Integrated Software for Automobile Dealerships) is dealing with practically every movement of Automobile Dealership. Running effectively at more than 300 areas crosswise over India. AUTOWIN manages every one of the prerequisites of the Automobile Dealer Organization like Vehicle Sales, Workshop Activities, Spare Part Inventory & Financial Accounting. The tight coordination of AUTOWIN modules consequently maintains a strategic distance from the redundancy of sections & creates greatest data spill out of least information sources . G1/68 NEELKANTH COLONY, AJMER ROAD, JAIPUR (RAJASTHAN). Stick 302021

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AGN CLIENTS India 2007 Windshield Experts ERP Solution for all INDIA Workshops & Franchisee. Programmed Data Import, Export from Workshops, HO. Exhaustive Reporting, Centrally oversaw Master. Zone Wise AUTOWIN Installation North : 72 South : 44 West : 51 Central : 58 East : 35 TOTAL : 260

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Principal Company insightful Clientele Company (Manufacturer) shrewd AUTOWIN Installation M&M - AD : 170 TAFE : 20 Honda Car : 10 M&M - TD : 25 TVS : 10 Hero Honda : 25

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REFERENCE CLIENTS M & M Automotive (Total AUTOWIN Installations : 170)

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Team AGN Software has a devoted group of programming experts drawn from both useful and specialized ranges, enhanced with huge involvement in programming improvement and execution utilizing all the most recent instruments and procedures. The group having inside and out experience of planning and growing expansive frameworks of business nature & the mastery of programming advancement from different parts. Or more all, the Team part has a handy affair of taking care of Routine, Audit related, Report accommodation related, investigating related issues of an Automobile Dealership.

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Specialization AGN skill lies principally in building extensive estimated altered applications, which relate to wide assortment of business frameworks. AGN works in Database & framework outline, which is generally in view of organized technique. The tight plan keeps up the information get to speed, uniform. (e.g. Speed of getting to 10 records & speed of getting to 10 lacs records, is same). The most effective component of AGN advancement is that we keep up two databases at the same time, ONE is the fundamental database and OTHER is the database of touched exchanges & experts, which is being utilized for information import, send out. The discovery idea and the cohesiveness utilization amid outline & advancement, expands the life and the viability of the product. This is the main reason that since most recent 12 years we are easily keeping up and including the new components in the product. The above ideas are fundamentally the devices of measuring the product.

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Philosophy AGN Software has faith in straightforward workable arrangements giving full client fulfillment & esteem for cash. The strategy variables are recorded as takes after. The product improvement cycle took after is all around organized & accomplishes the gauges set down remembering the aggregate nature of the framework. The after support is our prime thought process & obligation towards our clients to make our product a win. AGN\'s drive towards programming usage naturally guarantees full ease of use and advantages of programming . The individual with information of Automobile dealership working is the best client of AUTOWIN. Autowin works with Robust Database, as it needs to oversee different undertakings effectively with the constraints of equipment, systems administration, clients, UPS bolster, and so on. Programmed multi reinforcement utility of AUTOWIN makes client feel extremely casual, however we make it compulsory for the client to take reinforcement on outside media on a given arrangement of interim. AUTOWIN keeps running on any form of Windows. The lower the windows, the quicker the speed, since lower form has most extreme essential memory.

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Assured Support System The effective & provoke support is the key of accomplishment of programming usage. The in fact qualified bolster armada is the foundation of AGN\'s prosperity. AGN keeps all information identified with equipment, organizing, clients data of dealership which helps in taking care of the issue in a flash. The downtime of programming at dealership is practically negligible. The investigating devices, the different information reinforcements, the movement procedure groupings, are the most supportive instruments of minimizing downtime. The moment arrangement of clients question unquestionably permit client to have 100% reliability on programming. The underlying preparing plan guarantees speediest usage of programming. In typical course, the live & online use of programming begins on a 2 nd day of beginning establishment. The operational preparing is being given with their real information, which expands clients certainty. The approach trademark of emotionally supportive network is to make the product working live, at dealership

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AGN\'s Ready to offer Offline WEB Solution… ..the stream

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All Dealership Status initially… … One single archive on my table

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DMS Cycle Sales Auto-SMS Accounts Add-on-Feature Admin Spares AUTOWIN Add-on-Feature Workshop Job Display Sp. Utility

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View of JOB Card Follow-up Reminders AGN-AUTOWIN Workshop Activities Popup of CSI, SSI, IQS, Retro, Repeat, Chassis Sp.. Comments, History, Appointments, and so on. Updates for third Day, 30th Day call, first Service, Next Due Service, PSF calls, CCCF Marking & Top-2-Box.

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Flow of Workshop-1 (Job Card to Billing)

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Flow of Workshop-2 (Warranty Claim Procedure)

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Flow of Workshop-3 (Master Entry-One Time Activity)

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Flow of Workshop-4 (CRM Special Activities )

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Flow of Workshop-5 (Miscellaneous Activities )

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Flow of Spares-1 (Ordering To Purchase)

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Flow of Spares-1 (Ordering To Purchase) Flow of Spares-3 (Master Entries –One Time Activity)

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Flow of Spares-2 (Miscellaneous Activities) Spares Reports

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INGENIOUS SERVICE & SPARES Service Performance estimation framework Service Advisor Performance CRM Performance Realistic Cost Estimation Rate Right On time Rate Bill Explanation Rate and so forth. Workshop Performance Efficiency Check Vehicle Reporting - Labor Revenue Spare Parts Consumption - Spare Parts Ordering Maximile Off take - Part fill proportion Workshop Key Factors TIME & COST ESTIMATE VARIANCE REPORT This report helps the dealership to keep up the great reasonable estimation rate. This is one of the fundamental benchmarks for the execution of any car workshop. Rehash REPORTING ANALYSIS AGN has provoke informing framework to the end client while opening the JOB card that this specific vehicle has returned to in workshop before its calendar benefit.

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JD POWER DATA User can set date extend and the concerned banners like (C7/I7) for CSI investigation according to M&M Guidelines. In the wake of setting these banner AGN framework naturally prompts the client while opening the JOB card and banner is imprinted on Job Card itself. RETROFITTMENT AGN clients can set criteria of Model and Chassis no. extend in the framework for the retrofitment recommended by the producer time to time. AGN framework naturally prompts the client while opening the JOB card about the concerned retrofitment. MENU PRICING This is one of the JD-POWER perspectives and AGN has joined menu valuing highlight for AUTOWIN clients. This element helps client in giving time and cost estimation to the client while making Job Card. In the meantime detail of work and part required for that employment can without much of a stretch be called from the menu value ace, this component spares parcel of time required for nourishing the parts in demand and work in Job card. DUE SERVICE REMINDERS AND FOLLOW-UP CALLS Reminder for First Free Service Reminder for next due Service Post Service calls

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WORKSHOP REPORTING ROM Entry System This is a programmed created report of all vehicle reported in the merchant workshop in a specific period. This report is accessible in exceed expectations design which is to be sent to Mahindra Area Office/Officials on the normal premise by all the AGN clients. 1. Repair Order Maintenance is the new idea presented by M&M for the examination of all protestations and issues saw amid the occupation take a shot at every vehicle reporting in workshop. 2. AGN has executed the element for programmed making of CSV record which can specifically be transferred on M & M entrance. 3. Yield Formats ROM Data in Excel Sheet (for Dealership reason) ROM Data in CSV record according to M & M design (for transfer) Top-2 Box Rating for Service Advisor Top-2-Box Rating report is presently accessible in Mahindra Utility module for Service Advisor. The yield is in Excel record design with subtle elements of Job Card (Service) And the question astute focuses earned. Sporadic CUSTOMER LIST CSI ANALYSIS MONTH WISE PART CONSUMPTION CCCF REPORTS

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CHANNEL/MODEL GROUP/SERVICE TYPE WISE SALE BOOK Total report of the income made on the offer of Spares, offer of Lubricants, Inside Labor/outside Labor, Taxes and so on. This report is accessible Channel shrewd/Model Group insightful/Service Type savvy and regular too. Thing DEMAND VS. ISSUE VARAINCE REPORT AGN framework has the framework to check the JOB card shrewd and Item savvy report showin

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