Essential JLab Windows Desktop Organization Course.

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Fundamental JLab Windows Desktop Organization Workshop By Myung Blast June 14, 2005 Themes to be Secured Become acquainted with your PC System Design (IP Address, DHCP, Remote, … and so forth) Sign - Jefferson Lab Windows Space Area login process Introducing programming
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Essential JLab Windows Desktop Administration Seminar By Myung Bang June 14, 2005

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Topics to be Covered Get to know your Computer Network Configuration (IP Address, DHCP, Wireless, …etc) CUE - Jefferson Lab Windows Domain login procedure Installing programming Automatic Updates – Operating System Automatic Updates – Anti-Virus Spy/Adware evacuation Storing Data documents securely Checking authorizations on Fileservers and Quotas Email - Managing Inbox and Folders Calendar Passwords PuTTY Printing Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Speed up your framework Restoring your framework Upgrading your framework to Windows XP Security Shortcut to recuperating Mozilla profiles Windows Shortcut Keys Recommendations Getting help

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The most imperative site page The Computer Center site page is your companion - references are on the above page.:

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Before we begin… In Windows, there are a few approaches to do likewise so the way I am demonstrating to you is by all account not the only way, however is the easiest way I know. All cases depend on Windows XP

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Get to know your PC System Properties will demonstrat to you Operating System Information, Registration and Computer Information Right Click ‘My Computer’ and select Properties. Select a General tab.

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Get to know your Computer – continue… What’s my computer’s name? Right Click ‘My Computer’ , select Properties and Computer Name tab.

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Network Configuration: Static versus DHCP Addresses A static IP location is doled out to a particular PC and is expected for utilization on that particular PC. On the off chance that that PC needs to move to an alternate building, you should demand another IP. Asking for one is simple; see A DHCP address (one consequently doled out by the JLab servers to PCs), is being utilized for portable PCs, e.g., tablets or PCs utilized for investigation and moved much of the time. All new form frameworks are utilizing DHCP to get their IP addresses.

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Using DHCP If you are going to utilize DHCP, you must take after the guidelines on If you don’t take after the directions, your PC will be denied access to the system consequently. In the event that your framework is manufacture via programmed form framework (RIS (will cover this later slide)), your framework is naturally enlisted.

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Find out what my Network arrangement is.. Open the Command brief by Start, All Programs and select Command Prompt or Start , Run and sort cmd Type ipconfig/all Demo

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Modifying Network Configurations Right snap “My Network Places” and Properties. Right snap “Local Area Connection” and Properties. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and Properties. If you don\'t mind see; for more nitty gritty directions

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Using remote You must have a remote card that will bolster 128 bit encryption so as to utilize remote, you have to get a WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) scratch All definite data is on;

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Being in the JLAB area All Windows machines must be an individual from the JLAB space. More data on joining the space is accessible at , in the Windows area When your machine joins the JLAB space, your login screen ought to resemble these:

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Login Process During login, at the very least, your J, K, L and M drives will be mapped. When you open My Computer, those drives ought to be there. You will, likewise, see a black box with new News. You ought to peruse all News messages. They contain important data, for example, Computer Center upkeep days, Outage alarms, and considerably more. In the event that you don’t see your mapped drives or News box, please call the helpdesk (x7155) or present a CCPR by means of email to

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Installing CUE Supported programming - OLD way

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Installing CUE upheld programming - New path Go to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Add New Programs .

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After joining the area After your machine has joined the space, the accompanying will be introduced on your framework consequently. Frameworks Management Server (SMS) customers Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition programming (Symantec CE is the main endorsed Anti-Virus programming in JLAB, don\'t introduce diverse against infection programming) We are trying the new form of Symantec CE that incorporates Spyware & Adware evacuation apparatuses.

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Automated Updates – Windows Patches Software Updated Service (SUS) is utilized for fixing your Windows System. Regularly, fixes are discharged once every month by Microsoft, and the Computer Center will convey them on upkeep day If the patch is discriminating, they could be conveyed on non-support days. At the point when Microsoft discharges a patch, Computer Center staff will test every patch to verify it will work in our surroundings. When it has breezed through the test, Computer Center staff will favor the patch through SUS. Upon regard, SUS will convey patches at 3 AM on taking after day in the accompanying request: If a client with Administrator benefits is signed on Restart notificationâ  permits the client to start the shutdown or put off it If a client with non-Administrator benefit signed on Restart warning permits the client to start the shutdown however not to put off it. In the event that no clients are signed on Automatically restarts the framework promptly taking after establishment If the framework was killed amid the planned establishment and missed the upgrade It will introduce redesigns 15 minutes after restart.

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Automated upgrades – Windows/Application fixes Currently, SUS can just convey Widows working frameworks fixes and does not have reporting elements. An overhaul of SUS has quite recently been discharged (June 6, 2005), called WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) which will convey OS patches and application patches. WSUS will have a reporting usefulness. An assessment of WSUS has as of now been begun.

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Automated Updates – SMS Systems Management Server, SMS, is utilized for equipment/programming stock, convey fixes and introduce programming. SMS, additionally, permits CC to remote control customer frameworks for investigating Windows XP has assembled in remote desktop and Remote Assistance to get assistance from distinctive clients (i.e. helpdesk)

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Automated Updates – Symantec Anti-Virus programming When your Windows framework is in the JLAB area, you get week by week redesigns to your Symantec Anti-Virus’s infection definitions (all the more regularly on the off chance that we get warning of new damaging infections in nature). Sign PCs are designed to run week by week examines and give constant infection security (which filters all records you open or get by means of email). Symantec Antivirus CE has three gathering authorizations: Normal (default): Automatic week by week examine – User can not stop it Automatic infection definition redesign – User can not start download Realtime security on – User can not turn it off Mobile Automatic Weekly sweep – User can stop it Automatic infection definition upgrade – client can start download Realtime assurance on – User can not turn it off Control Automatic week after week check – not booked Automatic infection definition overhaul – not turned on. User’s obligation Realtime assurance on – User can turn it off Users can demand to be in Mobile or Control bunch by means of CCPR

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Symantec Shields If your Norton shield on lower right hand corner resembles this: Good – do nothing Bad – call Helpdesk Very Bad – tell Helpdesk quickly

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Spyware/adware evacuation Spyware, otherwise called adware, is Internet language for any information accumulation program that subtly assembles data about you and transfers it to sponsors and other invested individuals. You can unknowingly introduce spyware by introducing another bit of programming, most normally a bit of freeware or shareware (e.g., KaZaA, iMesh, WeatherBug). A number of these projects are expected to track your Internet searching propensities, for example, frequented destinations and most loved downloads, then give promoting organizations advertising information. We have a site permit of Lavasoft Ad-mindful SE Professional to uproot spyware/adware. Expulsion apparatus can be introduced from taking after before slide (Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Add new Programs) guideline. The new form of Symantec Antivirus CE will identify/uproot spyware/adware, too.

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Storing Data Files Safely Always store your information on the Network drives. NEVER STORE ANY CRITICAL DATA ON YOUR LOCAL HARDDRIVE The Computer Center moves down and secures all records put away in home (J: ), site (K: ), applications (L: ) and bunch (M: ) indexes continuously (well, practically). Inside of your home index, there is a subdirectory named J:\Jde. All documents put away in or in subdirectories of Jde must be gotten to by you. Vital : All records outside of JDE can be perused by Everyone of course. (DEMO)

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Storing Data Files Safely Here’s my idea: “It’s not a matter of if my hard commute will fizzle me, it’s a matter of when .” Files put away on a neighborhood hard commute, unless moved down on a successive and general calendar by a dependable system, are not protected. They can be obliterated by being overwritten, erased, tainted by an infection, or disappointment of equipment. Not very many individuals have room schedule-wise or are willing to try to go down records. We generally mean to do it… yet it’s infrequently done. Keep in mind - Anything put away on Government gear has a place with government, not you…. along these

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