Essential PC System.

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A PC or PDA or phone. A record with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) ... A system of PCs that are in the same physical area, for example, home or ...
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Fundamental Computer Network WeeSan Lee

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Bandwidth Data rate measured in bits (not bytes) every seconds Kbps (Kilobits every seconds) 125 scorches/sec Mbps (Megabits every seconds) 1,250 roasts/sec Gbps (Gigabits every seconds) 12,500 burns/sec

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Connecting to the Internet Requirement A PC or PDA or mobile phone A record with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) A modem ( mo dulator/dem odulator) for dial-up administrations or a NIC (Network Interface Card) for DSL/Cable administrations

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Home Network (single machine) Wall Jack DSL/Cable Modem USB/Ethernet Cable

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Home Network (various machines) Wall Jack DSL/Cable Modem Hub/Switch/Router USB/Ethernet Cable

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Home Network (numerous machines) Wall Jack Ethernet Cable DSL/Cable Modem Hub/Switch/Router

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Home Wireless Network Wall Jack Ethernet Cable DSL/Cable Modem Hub/Switch/Router

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Connection Types LAN WLAN Dial-up Services Broadband Services WAN

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LAN (Local Area Network) A system of PCs that are in the same physical area, for example, home or building Usually associated utilizing Ethernet A standard on how PCs convey over a mutual media (link) New: RJ45 for curved pair link Old: BNC connector for coaxial link

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LAN (Local Area Network) Ethernet Standard 10BaseT 10Mbps (Mega bits every second) 100BaseT 100Mbps 1000BaseT 1000Mbps or 1Gbps Correction from the book (pg. 10) Why do we get speedier association at work or on grounds than at home?

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LAN (Local Area Network) Question: Can 2 PCs impart by associating each other utilizing an Ethernet link consecutive?

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WLAN (Wireless LAN) Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) A remote innovation that interfaces PCs without links Access Point (AP) A gadget (base station) that associates remote gadgets together Usually associated with a wired-system ESSID (Extended Service Set ID) A "name" for the AP, eg. mobilenet Hotspot The zone secured by remote access focuses

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WLAN (Wireless LAN) Standard 802.11b - 11Mbps 802.11g - 54Mbps 802.11a - 54Mbps Security WEP (Wired Equivalen Privacy) WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) To avoid wardriving 2.4G 5G

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Dial-up Services Modem Mo dulator/dem odulator A gadget that proselytes simple sign to advanced (tweak) and the other way around (demodulation) Speed 1200/2400/9600 bps 14.4/28.8/33.6 Kbps 56 Kbps

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Dial-up Services ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network 2 information station (56K every) 1 voice station

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Broadband Services xDSL (Digital Subscriber Line) An innovation that gives computerized information transmission over unused frequencies on customary phone lines For instance, ADSL (Asymmetric DSL): DL > UL Speed Downlink 128Kbps - 4Mbps Uplink 64Kbps - 800Kbps Need a DSL modem Splitters are expected to isolated the voice and information signal

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Broadband Services Cable An innovation that gives computerized information transmission over digital TV framework Speed Downlink 128Kbps - 3~5Mbps Uplink 64Kbps - 128Kbps~1Mbps Need a link modem

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Broadband Services Satellite An innovation that give computerized information transmission over satellites Speed Downlink 500Kbps - 1Mbps Uplink 50Kbps - 100Kbps Need a satellite dish

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WAN (Wide Area Network) A LAN traverses an expansive geographic region, for example, associations between urban areas Usually associated utilizing rented line T1 (1.5Mbps) T3 (45Mbps) OC3 (155Mbps) OC12 (622Mbps) OC48 (2.4Gbps) Telecommunication lines Fiber optic lines

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Hub/Switch/Router To interface numerous sections of systems into a bigger one Hub A multiport repeater to improve signal inside the same LAN Switch Like center point yet with clever Better execution Router Forward parcels starting with one LAN then onto the next

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Intranet versus Web Intranet A private system that is contained inside an endeavor Could be LANs and WANs Internet An open system of systems Both are utilizing TCP/IP

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TCP/IP A group of conventions that makes the Internet works The Robustness Principle "Be liberal in what you acknowledge, and preservationist in what you send" - Jon Postel

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TCP/IP (cont) Data Segments Packets Frames Bits

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Packets A little lump of information transmitted over the Internet Alice Bob The Internet

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) A protected passage to a private system through an open system Once settled, neighborhood hub gives off an impression of being a hub in the private system in a safe way Correction from the book (pg. 11): VPN does not mean utilizing phone line association!!!

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Host & IP Address Correction from the book: "A host is a PC associated straightforwardly to the Internet" "You home PC is not a host" Each host needs an IP address IP address A 32-bit number, orchestrated in 4 numbers seperated by "." Eg.

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DNS (Domain Name System) Domain name to IP address change Eg. → ??.???.??.?? Area name or IP address lookup

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Top-level Domains gTLDs (nonexclusive TLDs) .com, .edu, .net, .organization, .gov, .mil .air, .biz, .coop, .data, .exhibition hall, .name, .master ccTLDs (nation code TLDs) .au, .ca, .br, .de, .fi, .fr, .jp, .hk, .cn, .tw, .my, … .us

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Second-level Domains that are specifically underneath a TLD Eg. Must apply to a recorder for the fitting TLD

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Domain Names & Registrars Profitable area names - $2.75M – $3M - $7.5M Network Solutions, Inc used to hoard the name enlistment Now, ~500 enlistment centers

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How To Register A Domain Name? Come up another name 2 name servers\' IP addresses 1 authoritative contact 1 specialized contact Register the name to an Internet space enlistment center Eg., Used to be done by means of email or fax, now all online!

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Policies AUP (Acceptable Use Policies) An authoritative report, composed to shield the ISP from unlawful utilization of its administration, and diagrams disallowed employments of the administration and conceivable results of abuse Privacy Policies An archive portrays an ISP\'s arrangement for securing clients\' data

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Conclusion Described how to get associated with the Internet Talked about the related system advances and parts

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References Internet Effectively (Ch 1-2) Modem DSL How DSL works? VPN

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References (cont) RFC1122: Requirements for Internet Hosts Domain Names faq.htm

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Homework 2 Read "Taking your neighbor\'s Net" Read "Is taking remote wrong?" Post your own remark in 100-150 words to "Homework 2 Forum" by next Mon (10/8) @ 23:55pm Reply one of the remarks from others by next Tue (10/9) @ 23:55pm.

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