Essential Unit and Operational Design.

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Fundamental Unit and Operational Design Reference: FM 101-5-1 Essential Images Inviting Unit Establishment or Benevolent Air/Ocean Unbiased Unit Foe Unit (substitute) Foe Unit Modifiers Size Pointers Establishment Group/Team Squad Segment Detachment/Separation X XX Organization/Battery/Troop
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Fundamental Unit and Operational Graphics Reference: FM 101-5-1

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Basic Symbols Friendly Unit Installation or Friendly Air/Sea Neutral Unit Enemy Unit (substitute) Enemy Unit

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Modifiers Size Indicators Installation Team/Crew Squad Section Platoon/Detachment X XX Company/Battery/Troop Battalion/Squadron Regiment/Group Brigade Division XXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXX Corps Army Group/Front Region

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Modifiers Future or Projected Location of Unit Location of Unit Location of Headquarters Task Force Location of Multiple HQ’s Location of Multiple Units Location of Headquarters

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Modifiers Air Assault Airborne Gun Equipped Mechanized or Armored (Wheeled) Motorized LP or OP Reconnaissance (Scout) Air Defense Artillery Anti-Armor Aviation, Fixed Wing Aviation, Rotary

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Modifiers Engineer Artillery Infantry Chemical MI MP Military Intelligence Military Police Signal Supply Maintenance Medical Treatment Facility Supply Trains

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X Boundary Operational Graphics Minefield Point, General Area, General ENY Coordination Point Decision Point Area, General (Enemy) Target

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Operational Graphics Axis of Advance, Main Axis of Advance, Air Axis of Advance Supporting

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FSCL X XX Operational Graphics Contaminated Area, NBC Sample

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