Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design Second Edition Joseph S. Valacich Joey F. George Jeffrey A. Hoffer .

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Learning Objectives. 1. Clarify the procedure and deliverables of planning structures and reports2. Talk about general configuration rules for structures and reports: highlighting, arranging content, tables and lists3. Clarify the procedure and deliverables of outlining interfaces and dialogues4. Talk about the general rules for interface plan and dialogues5. Clarify interface plan rules one of a kind to the desi
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Basics of Systems Analysis and Design Second Edition Joseph S. Valacich Joey F. George Jeffrey A. Hoffer Chapter 8 Designing the Human Interface 8.1 Copyright 2004 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

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Learning Objectives 1. Clarify the procedure and deliverables of planning structures and reports 2. Talk about general plan rules for structures and reports: highlighting, designing content, tables and records 3. Clarify the procedure and deliverables of outlining interfaces and discoursed 4. Talk about the general rules for interface plan and discoursed 5. Clarify interface plan rules one of a kind to the outline of web based business frameworks 8.2

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1. Planning Forms and Reports System sources of info and yields are delivered toward the finish of the examination stage Precise appearance of structures and reports was not characterized amid this stage Only concentrate on which frames/reports require exist and what substance in structures/reports Forms and reports are vitally identified with DFD and E-R charts Every information (yield) shape identified with an information stream entering (created by) a procedure on a DFD Data on structures/reports comprise of information components on the E-R graph 8. 3

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Designing Forms and Reports: Key Concepts Form A business archive that contains some predefined information and may incorporate a few ranges where extra information are to be filled in – (can enter information) An example of a shape is ordinarily in light of one database record Report A business record that contains just predefined information A latent record for perusing or survey information Typically contains information from numerous database records or exchanges 8. 4

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The Process of Designing Forms and Reports User-centered action Follows a prototyping approach Initial model is composed from necessities Users survey model outline and either acknowledge the plan or demand changes If changes are asked for, the development assessment ask for cycle is rehashed until the outline is acknowledged 8. 5

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Requirements assurance Who will utilize the frame or report? What is the motivation behind the frame or report? At the point when is the report required or utilized? Where does the shape or report should be conveyed and utilized? What number of individuals need to utilize or see the frame or report? 8. 7

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Deliverables of Designing Forms and Reports Design particulars are significant deliverable and contain three segments Narrative review General outline of attributes of clients, assignments, frameworks, and situations in which shapes/reports will be utilized Screen configuration Testing and convenience evaluation 8. 8

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2. General Designing Guidelines for Forms and Reports General Formatting Guidelines for Forms/Reports Highlighting Displaying Text Displaying Tables/Lists 8. 10

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Highlighting Use sparingly to attract client to or far from certain data Blinking and capable of being heard tones ought to just be utilized to highlight basic data requiring client\'s quick consideration Methods ought to be reliably chosen and utilized endless supply of significance of stressed data

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8. 15

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8. 16

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Displaying Text 8. 17

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Displaying tables and records 8. 20

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8. 23

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3. Planning Interfaces and Dialogs Focus on how data is given to and caught from clients Dialogs are practically equivalent to a discussion between two individuals A decent human-PC interface gives a bringing together structure to discovering, seeing and summoning the diverse parts of a framework 8. 24

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The Process of Designing Interfaces and Dialogs User-centered action Parallels with frame and report configuration prepare Employs prototyping philosophy Collect data Construct model Assess ease of use Make refinements Answer Who, What, When and Where 8. 25

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Deliverables of Designing Interfaces and Dialogs Design Specifications is real deliverable for planning Interfaces and Dialogs, which including 3 areas: Narrative Overview Sample Design Testing and ease of use evaluation 8. 26

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4. Planning Interfaces and Dialog Guidelines Design Interfaces Designing Layout Structuring Data Entry Field Providing Feedback Systems Helps

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Designing Layouts Standard configurations like paper-based structures and reports ought to be utilized Screen route on information passage screens ought to be left-to-right, start to finish as on paper frames Flexibility and consistency are essential outline objectives Users ought to have the capacity to move unreservedly between fields Data ought not be for all time spared until the client unequivocally asks for this Each key and order ought to be doled out to one capacity

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8. 30

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Structuring Data Entry 8. 32

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Controlling Data Input One target of interface configuration is to decrease information section blunders Role of frameworks examiner is to expect client mistakes and configuration highlights into the framework\'s interfaces to stay away from, distinguish, and right information passage botches Table 8-9 portrays sorts of information passage mistakes Table 8-10 records procedures utilized by framework planners to identify blunders 8. 34

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Providing Feedback Status Information Keeps clients educated of what is happening in framework Displaying status data is particularly vital if the operation takes longer than a moment or two Prompting Cues Best to keep as particular as conceivable e.g. Enter SSN (123 - 45 - 6789): ___ - __ - ____ Error and Warning Messages ought to be particular and free of mistake codes and language User ought to be guided toward an outcome instead of admonished Use terms well known to client Be predictable in organization and position of messages 8. 37

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Providing Help Place yourself in client\'s place when planning help 8. 39

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Providing Help Context-Sensitive Help Enables client to get field-particular help Users ought to dependably be come back to where they were when asking for help 8. 40

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Designing Dialogs Dialog Sequence in which data is shown to and gotten from a client Primary outline rule is consistency in succession of activities, keystrokes, and phrasing Three-stage prepare 1. Design discourse grouping 2. Build a model 3. Assess ease of use 8. 43

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Designing the Dialog Sequence Define the succession Have a reasonable comprehension of the client, assignment, innovative and natural qualities Dialog Diagram A formal technique for planning and speaking to human-PC discoursed utilizing box and line graphs Consists of a case with three areas Top: Unique show reference number utilized by different showcases for referencing exchange Middle: Contains the name or depiction of the show Bottom: Contains show reference numbers that can be gotten to from the present show 8. 44

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8. 45

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5. Internet business Applications Designing Human Interface at Pine Valley Furniture Design Guidelines Menu-driven route by means of treat pieces Lightweight Graphics Forms and Data Integrity Template-based HTML

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Electronic Commerce Application: Design Guidelines Menu-driven route by means of treat morsels A method that uses a progression of tabs on a Web page to show clients where they are and where they have been in the website Tabs are hyperlinks to permit clients to go in reverse effectively inside the webpage Two imperative purposes Allows clients to explore to a point beforehand went by Shows clients where they have been and how far they have gone from purpose of passage into webpage

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Cookie Crumbs Show where they are and where hello have been Level 1: Entrance Level 2: Entrance->Products Level 3: Entrance->Products->Options Level 4: Entrance->Products->Options->Order

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Electronic Commerce Application: Design Guidelines Lightweight Graphics The utilization of little straightforward pictures to permit a Web page to be shown all the more rapidly Forms and Data Integrity All structures that record data ought to be obviously marked and give space to info Clear cases of information ought to be given to diminish information blunders e.g. Information birth (dd/mm/yr): __/__/____ Site should unmistakably assign which fields are required, which are discretionary and which have a scope of qualities www/ 8. 50

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Electronic Commerce Application : Design Guidelines Template-based HTML Templates to show and process regular traits of larger amount, more dynamic things - reusable Creates an interface that is anything but difficult to look after 8. 51

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Summary Designing Forms and Reports Processes Deliverables Guidelines Formatting content, tables and records Designing Interface and Dialog Processes Deliverables Guidelines Interface plan rules remarkable to the Internet 8. 52

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