Examination of Coenzyme Q 10 .

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School of Pharmacy:. School of Pharmacy:. Analysis of Coenzyme Q 10. By Taylor Sineath 6-1-01. Purpose. To test the qualities of Coenzyme Q10 dietary supplements using analytical methods. What is Coenzyme Q 10?.
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School of Pharmacy: School of Pharmacy: Analysis of Coenzyme Q 10 By Taylor Sineath 6-1-01

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Purpose To test the characteristics of Coenzyme Q10 dietary supplements utilizing explanatory strategies.

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What is Coenzyme Q 10? Normally happening compound found in life forms. Utilized for an assortment of signs strikingly cardiovascular sicknesses.

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Forms/Dosage GNC/FoodLion both 10 mg containers GNC is in a case frame FoodLion is in delicate gel shape

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Testing Methods Weight variety Disintegration HPLC Assay

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Weight variety Tests the variety in weight of cases Tests the deviation from the normal Tests the net fill of delicate gel (FoodLion) Tests the heaviness of the cases (GNC)

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Disintegration Tests the solvency in a domain expected to emulate that of the stomach Used 6 cases in sodium acetic acid derivation cradle 37 o C +/ - 2 o C The point of confinement was 45min

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HPLC Assay Determine centralization of analyte inside an example Measures it by light retention Analyzed 3 cases for every parcel

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HPLC Setup Used a wavelength of 275nm Flow Rate 1ml/min Column 150mm x 4.6mm Altima C18 3  Mobile Phase (25:75) Hexanes:Methanol Injection volume of 20 ul

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Sample Chromatogram

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Sample Preparation – Soft gels Cut open the shell utilizing forceps and a surgical tool over a pipe in a 100ml volumetric flagon Wash the funnel,forceps and the surgical tool into the 100ml carafe with 20ml of hexanes Sonicate for 5 min and weakened to volume with methanol Then sonicate again for 5 min

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Sample Prep. (cont.) Pipetted 2ml of the example into a 50ml volumetric carafe and weakened with methanol Filled a HPLC vial 1/2 to 3/4 full

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Data from FoodLion Weight Variation

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Data From GNC Weight Variation

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Disintegration of FoodLion Brand

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Disintegration of GNC Brand

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Assay of FoodLion Soft gels

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Assay of GNC containers

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Conclusions Weight varieties inside brands reliable Disintegrations inside brands predictable Assay would demonstrate fluctuation inside the part and from parcel to part Preliminary information proposes that FoodLion would be a superior decision Costs less $10 versus $17 100 cases versus 90 case in container Less inconstancy

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