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Research Program. Lisa A. Weissfeld Professor and Associate Chair Dept. of Biostatistics. Methodology. Survival Analysis
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Investigate Program Lisa A. Weissfeld Professor and Associate Chair Dept. of Biostatistics

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Methodology Survival Analysis Spline-based augmentations of the Cox relative dangers display: advancement of estimators for corresponded result information, estimation of survival bend, decency of-fit, trial of proportionality Correlated result information: copula approach Missing information: copula approach, design blend demonstrate, evaluating condition approach

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Collabarotive Critical Care Medicine: sepsis look into, wellbeing administrations examine (2 GSRs subsidized) Obesity and Nutrition Research Center: behavioral trials, metabolic studies, PET studies (2 GSRs financed) Positron Emission Tomography: Pittsburgh compound B, late life melancholy (2 GSRs supported)

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Other Research financing Cancer preparing award: stores two understudies and has financing for one postdoc

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Critical Care Medicine Spline based expansions of the Cox relative perils show in view of Gray\'s model. Application: transplant information and ICU information. Properties of model: does not require that proportionality supposition holds.

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Critical Care Medicine Missing and additionally truncated information Examples: incendiary marker information has a lower point of confinement of location. Most "ordinary" specimens are at this lower restrict. Improvement of factual approach: displaying methods for representing the truncation of the result variable in the rehashed measures setting, demonstrating strategies that record for truncation when the variable is a covariate, demonstrating systems that consider the incorporation of numerous connected incendiary markers.

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Critical Care Medicine Missing and additionally truncated information (ctd.) Organ Failure appraisal: how to handle a lot of missing information. Look at the effect of "filling in" missing qualities on examinations. Enlightening blue penciling: how would you represent instructive blue penciling in a rehashed measures examination.

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Critical Care Medicine Quality of Life Analyses Estimation of value balanced survival: techniques around there are not quite the same as those in growth where there are discrete states. Missing information is additionally an issue with this kind of information.

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ONRC Missing information This is a major issue in behavioral intercession examines. In the zone of pediatric weight, the issue is further frustrated by the way that the subjects are becoming through the span of the study. Gotten consideration in the therapeutic writing with an article in the New England Journal of Medicine

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ONRC Missing information (ctd.) Also an issue in smoking end where people regularly miss visits. Shows up as an alternate issue in metabolic studies, where you may test a little segment of a huge associate (result subordinate examining).

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ONRC Definition of results Problem in pediatric stoutness where huge numbers of the subjects selected are > 95 th percentile of body mass list. Require great meaning of weight reduction for people in this classification.

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PET Development of techniques for the investigation of another ligand, Pittsburgh Compound B (PIB), which ties with amyloid Development of separation standards for a finding of Alzheimers infection and mellow subjective debilitation from PIB comes about.

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PET Statistical Issues Development of voxel-based techniques for the investigation of PIB information, especially crosswise over modalities. As of now, there are no techniques that are computationally achievable. Improvement of rundown measures that can be promptly used to separate conclusion classifications.

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PET Statistical Issues (ctd.) Assessment of "best" parameter settings for voxel-based investigations. Investigation of rehashed PIB examines utilizing a voxel-based approach

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