Exceed expectations 2010.

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SmartArt representation - Photo Editing. Strip Enhancement. Document tab! ( No Office catch) ... Photograph Editing. Screen shots. Picture amendments. Better imaginative ...
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Exceed expectations 2010 What\'s New? Lisa Friedrichsen Course Technology Author Professor, Johnson County Community College lisalfri@jccc.edu

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What\'s new in Excel 2010? Strip Enhancement Backstage View WebApps – SkyDrive Paste Preview Conditional Formatting – Data bars Sparklines Slicer New Functions SmartArt design - Photo Editing

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Ribbon Enhancement File tab! (No Office catch) Backstage view Create your own tabs and gatherings

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Backstage View File menu, (Save, Open, New, more… ) Info = consents, properties, versions Recent = around 20 Print = auto print sneak peak Share = email, PDF, XPS, Fax Help, Add-Ins, Options (Tools|Options)

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Backstage View

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WebApps & SkyDrive Excel Web App = Web-based adaptation of Excel Edit live information in an exercise manual by utilizing a program Workbook must be put away in a Sharepoint webpage or in Windows Live SkyDrive (Windows Mobile 6.5 = cell phone program)

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Sky Drive

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Windows Live Free projects for your PC Online Web administrations Email Blogging Photo sharing SkyDrive Website home.live.com mhome.live.com

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Office Live

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Office Live – Web Apps

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Paste Preview see the information before you focus on gluing the information

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Conditional Formatting – Data Bars New symbol sets (stars, boxes, triangles) Data bars can be negative Refer to values in different worksheets

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Sparklines Tiny outlines that fit in a phone Visually abridge patterns

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Slicer Highly visual approach to channel the information in PivotTables Filter criteria is obvious constantly

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New Functions Networkdays versus Networkdays.Intl Rank versus Rank.Eq versus Rank.Avg Statistical, building upgrades

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Improved & Renamed Functions

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Photo Editing Screen shots Picture remedies Better masterful impacts Better pressure and trimming choices SmartArt design

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SmartArt Graphics Visual representation of data

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SmartArt Graphics Visual representation of data

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Other… Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel Add-in PivotTable Enhancements, Search box Table Enhancements, table headers Better investigative, measurable capacities Enhanced solver calculations Charting improvements (>32K focuses) Display conditions in content boxes Accessibility Checker

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If time… reviewing tip Compassionate, steady, reasonable Save time evaluating Teach, don\'t pass judgment

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