Exercise 1.

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6 area tiles (low high veg, uncovered, uncovered timberland snow, capture attempt) ...
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Exercise 1 Bart van nook Hurk (KNMI/IMAU) Exercise 1

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Exercise with GSWP2 reproduction GSWP2 = Global Soil Wetness Project 10 year (1986-1995) after 2.5yrs twist up around the world (~15000 gridpoints) Forcings: downpour, snow, shortwave, longwave, T, q, u, weight Model form: H-TESSEL 6 land tiles (low + high veg, uncovered, uncovered + woods snow, block attempt) unequivocal surface spillover Van Genuchten soil power through pressure Jarvis-Stewart overhang resistance Output every day prognostic fields (at 0:00 UTC) day by day aggregated fluxes assembled in ~10 documents every month Exercise 1

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All variables o_eva "SubSnow" # Snow sublimation [kg/m2/s] "ECanop" # Interception vanishing [kg/m2/s] "TVeg" # Vegetation transpiration [kg/m2/s] "ESoil" # Bare soil dissipation [kg/m2/s] "RootMoist" # Root zone soil dampness [kg/m2] "CanopInt" # Canopy capture attempt profundity [kg/m2] o_fix "SoilDepth" # Soil profundity [m] "M_fielscap" # Field limit [m3/m3] "M_wilt" # Wilting point [m3/m3] "M_sat" # Saturated soil dampness content [m3/m3] o_gg "SoilMoist" # Soil dampness content [kg/m2] "SoilTemp" # Soil temperature [K] "AvgSurfT" # Avergae skin temperature [K] "Icetemp" # Sea ice temperature [K] "SWE" # Snow mass water eq [kg/m2] "SnowT" # Snow temperature [K] "Snowdens" # Snow thickness [kg/m3] o_sub "LSoilMoist" # Diagnostic fluid soil water content [kg/m2] "SoilWet" # Total soil wetness [-] o_sus "VegT" # Skin temperature vegetation [K] "BaresoilT" # Skin temperature exposed soil [K] "RadT" # Surface radiative temperature [K] "Albedo" # Average albedo [-] o_wat "Rainf" # precipitation rate [kg/m2/s] "Snowf" # snowfall rate [kg/m2/s] "Qs" # complete overflow [kq/m2/s] "Qsm" # snow melt [kg/m2/s] "Qsb" # base stream [kg/m2/s] "Evap" # dissipation [kg/m2/s] "DelSoilMoist" # Soil dampness change [kg/m2] "DelIntercept" # Interception stockpiling change [kg/m2] "DelSWE" # Snow Water Equivalent change [kg/m2] o_cld "SnowDepth" # Snow profundity [m] "SnowFrac" # Snow division [-] "IceFrac" # Ice secured gridbox portion [-] "Fdepth" # Frozen soil profundity [m] "Tdepth" # Depth to soil defrost [m] "SAlbedo" # Snow albedo [-] o_efl "Qle" # Average inert warmth flux [W/m2] "Qh" # Average sensible warmth flux [W/m2] "Qg" # Average soil heat flux [W/m2] "Qf" # Average soil combination flux [W/m2] "SWnet" # Net shortwave radiation [W/m2] "LWnet" # Net longwave radiation [W/m2] "DelSoilHeat" # Average soil heat content change [W/m2] "DelColdCont" # Average snow heat content change [W/m2] Exercise 1

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surface attributes surfclim.nc "MAlbedo" # Monthly foundation albedo [-] "landsea" # land-ocean veil [-] "geopot" # Surface geopotential [m2/s2] "cvh" # Cover division high vegetation [-] "cvl" # Cover portion low vegetation [-] "tvh" # kind of high vegetation [lut] "tvl" # sort of low vegetation [lut] "z0m" # gridbox mean unpleasantness [m] "lz0h" # log of warm harshness [-] "sotype" # soil type[lut] "sdor" # standard deviation of orography [m] "clay" # division of dirt [-] "sand" # portion of sand[-] Exercise 1

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Examples of exploration inquiries Energy use Make a guide of yearly mean evaporative division Explain the examples, observing deserts and semi-desert tropical backwoods mild prairie boreal timberland Water use Make a guide of yearly mean overflow portion Explain the examples Vertical soil profiles Make regularly shifting mean vertical profiles of soil dampness and temperature for various districts, and clarify contrasts Europe Sahara Amazone Siberia Temporal variability Make maps of proportion of interannual fluctuation and mean of yearly cycle of soil dampness Explain the examples Snow Make time arrangement of snow spending terms Explain contrasts in yearly cycles between different locales Alps Scandinavia Himalaya Andes Land use Describe mean yearly cycle of vitality apportioning water parceling For a scope of area use sorts Parameterization For different area use sorts, express the reliance of vanishing on soil dampness Exercise 1

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Tools Model yield and scripts are on venus (linux working framework) Generic instruments averaging fields plotting a guide making a period arrangement of a variable All yield and transitional records are in netCDF Some illustration linux and ferret scripts month to month mean yield making a guide of a 10-yr mean variable in a given season making a period arrangement of 10-yr mean variable Exercise 1

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Some helpful linux summons Copy: cp <file1> <file2> Delete: rm <file(s)> Change catalog: compact disc <dir> One index up: cd ../Display registry substance: ls –al <*> View substance of netCDF document ncdump –h <file> Define a variable set var = <value> Print a variable reverberation $var Edit a record (begin Exceed from your WINDOWS first) nedit <file> Exercise 1

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Location of documents and start-up to get compress document with case scripts and unload: cd ~ (goto home index) cp/home/mfo/hurk/opdracht.tar . (get compress document; bear in mind ".") tar xvf opdracht.tar (unpack compress record) to introduce some way settings disc opdracht/scripts source environment.txt area of records my index: $BART (/home/mfo/hurk) your catalog: $HOME your favored work registry: $WRK ($HOME/opdracht/yield) model yield: $BART/gswp/runs/worldwide/HTESSEL illustration scripts: $HOME/opdracht/scripts characterized variables: $BART/opdracht/script/vardef.inc to call a script from your workdirectory ($WRK): ../script.sc or $WRK/../script.sc general data $HOME/opdracht/scripts/readme Exercise 1

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More data Bart van cave Hurk hurkvd@knmi.nl Exercise 1

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