Exercises in Belgium.

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Exercises in Belgium. Facilitator: Viviane Pierrard. President of the Belgian ... School understudies (5 and sixth auxiliary) 28 to 30-4-2005. Heysel Palace ...
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Exercises in Belgium Coordinator: Viviane Pierrard President of the Belgian Physical Society Viviane.Pierrard@oma.be www.wyp2005.be www.physics2005.be

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Brussels Date Place Event Organizer Public 2005 Scientastic (beside Grand Place) 90 probes Physics and deceptions Scientastic All Tuesd., Wedn. also, Thursd. in 2005 ISIB La Physique, ça s\'applique (labo and tests) ISIB Teachers and optional school understudies Thursd. & Sat. Challenges up to 31-1-2005 Brussels IRM-KMI Conferences & Contests Ciel et Terre Dekeyzer SRBA  All Young 15-21 5-3-2005 Academy Palace Conference on vitality CNP-NCN All  23-4-2005 16-3-2005 VUB ULB Finale Olympiades Vlaamse Fys. Francoph. & German. Vlaamse Gemeenschap  ABPPC School understudies (5 and 6 th optional) 28 to 30-4-2005 Heysel Palace Brussels Expo science Jeunesses scientifiques All, school understudies From 5-2005 Brussels Planetarium Space expo IASB-BIRA, IRM-KMI, ORB-KMS, Planetarium All 21-8-2005 to 26-8-2005 Hotel Metropole Conference ICENES 2005 SCK-CEN Scientists and arrangement producers 10-2005 Brussels Exhibition E=mc2 ULB, VUB All 1 to 3-12-2005 Brussels Solvay Conference on Cosmology ULB, VUB Physicists (one day open for the extensive open)

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Flanders Date Place Event Organizer Public 2005 Mechelen Technopolis Experiments and truck Technopolis All Saturdays in 2005 Gent University Saturdays of material science Ugent All Wednesdays 14-17h or Saturdays 9-12h Antwerp RUCA, Labo S216 Brugproject UA School understudies (4, 5 and 6 th auxiliary) 22 to 24-10-2004 Mechelen Technopolis Science feast Technopolis All 2-3-2005 to 15-4-2005 Leuven KUL science library Exhibition Einstein KUL All 22-4-2005 to 22-5-2005 Kortrijk Exhibition Einstein KUL All End 4-2005 Diepenbeek Superteam LUC School understudies From May 2005 Leuven Tourist science walk KUL All 3-9-2005 to 18-9-2005 Leuven (La Foresta) Summer School on Statistical Physics KUL Physicists Fall 2005 Leuven LERU Science week KUL Kids 10-12 yr old

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Wallonie Date Place Event Organizer Public 2005 Mons Confer. Phys. Astron. Workshops "De Galilée à Einstein" UMH All 2005 Transinne New Space Odyssey (expo) EuroSpace Center All 2005 Transinne Space camps EuroSpace Center Students Wednesdays in 2005 Couillet (Charleroi) Conferences Astronomie pour tous Découverte del\'univers Center de society scientif. ULB All 1-2005 UMH Mons Saturn investigation UMH Primary schools 12-1 to 6-2-2005 Couillet (Charleroi) The Month of Experimentarium: Physics at home Center de society scientif. ULB All 7 to 19-3-2005 Mons (Cathédrale Ste Waudru) Foucault pendule and exhib. UMH All 14-3-2005 to 20-3-2005 Namur Expo Printemps des sciences FUNDP All 11 to 28-4-2005 UMH Mons Exhib. "Histoire d\'ondes" UMH All 2005 Namur Theatrical exhibitions FUNDP All 2005 Namur Open day for understudies FUNDP School understudies

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Worldwide or abroad exercises particularly for Belgians Date Place Event Organizer Public 7 to 18-3-2005 UIA, VUB, ULB, UMH, UCL + remote Universities Masterclasses in molecule material science EPOG High school understudies 18-4-2005 World Physics illuminates the world Max Lippitsch in Austria All 5-2005 3 to 12-7-2005 7-2005 Prague (Tch. Rep.) Salamanca (Spain) Moscow (Russia) European Union Science Olympiad International Physics Olympiades EUCYS Talent seek EUSO IPHO European Commission Secondary school understudies chose in Olympiades Candid. from Expo science 29-8 to 2-9-2005 Lille University (France) Joint FPS-BPS exploratory meeting FPS and BPS Physicists 29-10 to 6-11-2005 Leiden (The Netherlands) Study trip VeLeWe Science educators

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Conclusions Activities in all the nation (displays, gatherings, trial showings… ) in French, Dutch and English Some exercises can be drop if no financial plan is gotten Try to draw in broad daylight by press declarations www.wyp2005.be www.physics2005.be

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