Exercises of the European Patent Office .

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Activities of the European Patent Office. Jeremy Philpott. WIPO - ICC, 16 September 2008. Contents. Introduction to the European Patent Office Introduction to the European Patent Academy Innovation Support ip4inno EPO PD 51 - International Co-operation. The European Patent Office.
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Exercises of the European Patent Office Jeremy Philpott WIPO - ICC, 16 September 2008

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Contents Introduction to the European Patent Office Introduction to the European Patent Academy Innovation Support ip4inno EPO PD 51 - International Co-operation

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The European Patent Office Our central goal As the patent office for Europe, we bolster advancement, aggressiveness and financial development crosswise over Europe through a pledge to high caliber and productive administrations conveyed under the European Patent Convention. European Patent Convention covers 34 part states European Patent Office

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Munich 3 514 The Hague 2 579 Berlin 283 Vienna 119 Brussels 4 Total 6 499 The European Patent Office Filed applications Staff (Dec 2007) Around 60% are patent analysts European Patent Office

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European Patent Academy Founded in 2005; situated in Munich Promotes and bolsters patent-related IP preparing in Europe Works in association with national patent workplaces, WIPO and different organizations

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European Patent Academy - crowds Innovation Support - business counselors et al Academia - college staff & understudies/TTOs Patent Professionals - EQE Judicial preparing - judges and litigators Institutional Strengthening - NPOs et al Materials, Media & Technology

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Innovation Support Seminars & Workshops "Inventors\' Handbook" - online "Handbook of European Intellectual Property Management" - distribution

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ip4inno - nuts and bolts European Commission extend, from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2008 €2 million Objective is to prepare business guides & TTOs in IP subjects, who thusly will prepare different consultants and SMEs Seven work bundles Nineteen consortium accomplices (foundations)

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ip4inno – consortium accomplices European Patent Office Hungarian Patent Office Portuguese Patent & TM Office National Board of Patents & Registration of Finland Spanish Patent Office INPI, France State IP Office of Croatia Turkish Patent Office Danish Patent Office European Business and Innovation Centers Network CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg FUNDITEC, Spain IWT - Flanders Fraunhofer TEG IEEPI, Strasbourg METU - Technopolis, Turkey Fundación EOI, Spain Universidad Politécnica de Madrid University of Alicante

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WP1 WP2 WP4i WP3 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP4ii MS = Input from part states WP1 = General Admin WP2 = SME study WP3 = Web stage WP4 = (i) collect material WP4 = (ii) make modules WP5 = Train coaches WP6 = Pilot preparing WP7 = Evaluation

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ip4inno – Work Packages and Leaders WP1 General organization, spending administration and so on. EPO (PD 5.1) WP2 European study of SME needs. IEEPI 1 WP3 Web-based stage for the preparation materials created in WP4. EPO (PD 0.8) WP4 (i) Harvest existing IP preparing material from the part states; & (ii) make showing modules therewith. EPO (PD 5.4) WP5 Use material to prepare mentors; 40 occasions (each of 1-3 days) in 20 countries. EBN 2 WP6 Pilot preparing system to demonstrate that those prepared in WP5 can train others successfully. HPO 3 WP7 Evaluation. College of Alicante 1 www.ieepi.org 2 www.ebn.be 3 www.hpo.hu

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WP4 (ii) Module Topics

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WP4 (ii) Module Topics

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WP4 (ii) Module Topics

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PD 51 - International Co-operation Supports a scope of activities, two-sided and multilateral, with different nations. Some work with present and future part conditions of the European Patent Organization (e.g. extension of INPI\'s "Pre-diagnostic") Other tasks, e.g. "Trilateral" (EPO, JPO & USPTO); and with China.

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Thank you for your consideration Jeremy Philpott European Patent Academy jphilpott@epo.org European Patent Office +49 89 2399 5405 www.epo.org www.ip4inno.eu

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