Exhibiting the H-Brothers .

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ch sibling.
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Exhibiting the H-Brothers Compiled by Jamie L. Lally

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ch sibling "Ch" has a most loved toy. It is in his photo. It is a prepare. He enjoys prepares so much that he says "ch, ch, ch" throughout the day.

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th sibling The th sibling is the most youthful sibling. He is likewise the naughtiest. He generally likes to stick his tongue out and say "th, th, th."

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wh sibling The wh sibling constantly needed to be a cop. Be that as it may, he can\'t shriek. Whatever he can state is "wh, wh, wh".

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sh sibling The sh sibling is the most established sibling. He is continually advising his more youthful siblings to be very by saying, "sh, sh, sh".

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Notes for the "H-Brothers" Wh, th, sh, ch are consonant groups or consonant digraphs. They are two letters that when assembled they make one sound. To make an association between the four consonant digraphs, they are known as the "H-Brothers".

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