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Plan. Demo Project Pay SystemPay FlexibilitySetting Pay for Promotions and ReassignmentsQ
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Exhibit Project Pay Administration WORKSHOP FOR EMPLOYEES

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AGENDA Demo Project Pay System Pay Flexibility Setting Pay for Promotions and Reassignments Q & A

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DEMO Project Pay System A compensation framework that enhances the capacity to pull in and hold quality representatives Offers adaptability when setting pay Streamlines endorsement for pay setting activities Emphasizes pay for execution

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Pay Flexibility Pay for new contracts can be set anyplace inside the compensation band aside from interims 4 and 5 Salary offers can be arranged Recruitment reward can be offered to logical, designing and other difficult to fill positions Special pay rates extend the compensation band

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Things that are considered when setting pay: Qualifications of officeholder and level of experience Competitive pay rates offered for comparable positions Comparison of pay rates of existing staff Expected expectation to absorb information & preparing necessities Budget Issues in the associations Negotiation of pay rates Pay movement ACI – Annual similarity increment Eligibility for Performance increment – June fourth

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Setting Pay for Promotions and Reassignments Pay might be set anyplace between interim 1 and 3 Promotions must get at least a 6% expansion Pay movement & advancement potential No in band advancements

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Setting Pay for Promotions and Reassignments (con\'t) Eligibility for execution increment – June 4 th Competitive development starting with one position then onto the next inside a similar vocation way and pay band

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How supervisory pay is gotten? Must be named administrator 6% Beyond non-supervisory top of pay band Salaries for new bosses are not set in interims 4 and 5 Movement through interims 4 and 5 must be earned through yearly execution builds Supervisory pay is ended in the event that you leave a supervisory position

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Q & A

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Supervisory Pay I will be another director in the Demo Project. I am right now topped toward the finish of interim 3, however was chosen intensely for a reassignment into a DEMO supervisory position. Upon section into the supervisory position can my compensation be set in interims 4 or 5?

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Answer No. Managers can just move into interims 4 and 5 through boosts in compensation in view of yearly execution assessment.

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Promotions I am as of now a Fishery Biologist, ZP-482-3 with advancement potential to the ZP-482-4. I have filled in as the compensation band 3 for over a year and my boss has chosen me for advancement to the following band. My present compensation is $53,468 and he proposes a 6% expansion. Is 6% the maximum sum for advancement and is that all that I am qualified for?

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Answer No. At the very least, pay rates advancements activities must be no less than 6% expansion over the present pay. Regardless, pay rates can be set higher. The advancement compensation additionally must be identifiable in the correct band and interim.

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Pay Setting for New Hire I will be another government worker in the Demo Project. I not acquainted with the venture. I don\'t know how pay is set and will be because of begin my residency the primary payroll interval of the year. I am mindful of the typical cost for basic items occurring toward the start of year and additionally the government benefit accepting territory pay in view of topographical ranges. I might want to get the more prominent compensation/advantage while with the exception of this position. Will my beginning compensation incorporate the typical cost for basic items increment?

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Answer Yes. Under the Demo Project, all compensations incorporate the territory pay for each geological zone. Much of the time, the region distinction and typical cost for basic items increment are thought about when setting pay rates.

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Conversion out of Demo I am a ZP-482-3 status worker leaving from the administration. I might want to come back to the administration if the open door presents itself. In what manner will my compensation be set contrasted with the GS plan?

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Answer Pay will be set in view of changing over the Demo Project Pay rate to the GS pay rate. Pay transformation happens utilizing the relating area diagram . For multi review groups, the most noteworthy GS review in the band is utilized to set pay. For instance, if a worker is as of now a ZP-3, the identical review example is a GS-11/12. On the off chance that the compensation is equivalent to or more noteworthy than the progression 4 of the GS-12, then that review is proportional review. In the event that the pay is not as much as step 4 of the GS-12, then the following most elevated review of the band (the GS-11) is utilized to look at and set pay.

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References DEMO Project Operating Procedures DOC DEMO Project Pay Setting Guide

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DEMONSTRATION PROJECT WEB SITE http://ohrm.os.doc.gov/Demo/dev01_000105 http://www.wfm.noaa.gov/a_z.html#d_section

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