Expanding on "Working and Adapting Together to Manufacture More grounded Groups".

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Expanding on "Working and Learning Together to Build Stronger Communities" A joint articulation on group learning and advancement, including grown-up proficiency and numeracy, by the Scottish Government and COSLA

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Overview The joint proclamation: Builds on Working and Learning Together (WALT) Focuses on joint working at both nearby and national levels in light of the Concordat Sets its messages inside the connection of the National Performance Framework (NPF) and Single Outcome Agreements (SOAs) Is tended to seats of Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) Includes Adult Literacy and Numeracy

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"Our Shared Vision" Community Learning and Development (CLD): assumes an imperative part in connection to a scope of national and neighborhood results can offer courses into and through long lasting learning offers people and groups the open doors they have to achieve their maximum capacity can add to group strengthening by building group limit

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Building on WALT The Joint explanation: Reaffirms the three national needs for CLD: accomplishment through learning for youngsters accomplishment through learning for grown-ups accomplishment through building group limit Recognizes the extensive variety of settings in which CLD can convey backing to people and groups Emphasizes that Adult education and numeracy is an essential piece of CLD WALT is supplemented by the Adult Literacy and Numeracy in Scotland Strategy and other national methodologies

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The difficulties for CLD "The Scottish Government and COSLA will work in Partnership with nearby powers and their group arranging accomplices, and with all associations with an enthusiasm for CLD, to meet people\'s high expectations… "

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The difficulties for CLD 1. Perceiving the commitment of CLD to national results "We ask nearby chiefs to consider the potential commitment of CLD, including ALN, conveyance to accomplishing broadly and privately concurred results, especially for the individuals who can profit most."

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The difficulties for CLD 2. Implanting the connections to Community Planning COSLA and the Scottish Government need to participate in a discourse with CPPs about: Developing successful and comprehensive associations Reviewing and invigorating group arranging structures Working towards group strengthening

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The difficulties for CLD 3. Guaranteeing that accomplices are gifted up to convey COSLA and the Scottish Government urge associations, separately and working in association to: assess their interest in preparing and advancement amplify its quality by co-ordinating assets with others

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Actions at national level The joint explanation recognizes various associations that have a part to play in taking forward these difficulties at national level: The Scottish Government COSLA HMIE Local power CLD Managers Scotland The Standards Council for CLD in Scotland National 3 rd . Segment Intermediaries

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Actions at national level 1. Building ability to impact arrangement and enhance conveyance 2. Supporting advancements of the Standards Council 3. Sharing models of arranging and conveyance 4. Investigating future parts in social occasion execution data 5. Creating preparing and advancement foundation

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From a joint explanation to joint activity… What open doors does the joint proclamation offer? What are the hindrances to advance? By what method would we be able to cooperate to overcome these? What wellsprings of backing would we be able to make utilization of? What are the following strides? In what manner would we be able to all add to this plan and what are our individual parts inside this?

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Contact and site points of interest Contact Learning Connections at: learningconnections@scotland.gsi.gov.uk Find the joint proclamation at: www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Education/Life-LongLearning/LearningConnections/cldjointstatement

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