Experimental writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Woods Park.

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Three ditzy blonde young ladies with their little pooches in their pink image name handbags ... False satisfaction and fabulousness. National enquired and unimportant hard feelings. So ...
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Snap to see the marvels! Exploratory writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park Sophia Arrighi 10 Mrs. Dowling

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Thank you for going by this portfolio. Here untruth the virtuoso works of the universes most conspicuous cutting-edge essayist, Sophia Arrighi. I trust you will appreciate these acts as much as other people does. Presentation Table of Contents

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Portfolio 1 Journal Entry 1 Journal Entry 2 Journal Entry 3 Journal Entry 4 Journal Entry 5 Writing Assignment Poetry Additional Work Reflections Table of Contents Chapter 3 Superficial Rules Tire Inflation Rain Perfect Opposite Smile Museum Proud Senryu Petty Hush Child Reflections (1) (2) Chapter 2 Wolf Snow XY Sans Self Objectify Dangerous Art Zombie Silly Girl Reflections

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Chapter three.

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Superficial I\'m shallow. I\'ll judge you, blame you, investigate you, censure you of your image name shoes and last season\'s hair style and old hat shirt. I wont talk long in case you\'re wearing something revolting. I wont look at you without flinching in the event that it makes me need to vomit. I wont date you if the considered kissing your split and dried out draining lips is a loathsome picture.

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Rules for my Island No beginning to look all starry eyed at No slaughtering anybody without accord from island No enticing individuals to island No infants might be conceived without agreement from island No leaving the island No battling without substantial contention and a group No unflattering hair styles

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Tire expansion A decent business to remind you to blow up your ties would be this way: Three ditzy blonde young ladies with their little canines in their pink image name handbags stand in favor of the street laughing. A person in a games auto hauls over and gets out. The young ladies stroll over giggly and coy. The person grins, pops off one of the leaders of the blonde, attaches it to his tire, and empties her head. He returns the head on the blonde, however now it resembles a flattened inflatable. The two blonde young ladies left simply take a gander at each other, shrug, laugh, and bounce into the back of his consideration. What\'s more, they all drive off.

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Rain Asphalt drenched with downpour Leaves this suburbs noiseless Smells of industry Reminders of contamination Nature isn\'t normal.

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Perfect Blanketing the earth Hiding all defects Beauty of the snow Just for 60 minutes A day Forever in my brain A picture of flawlessness Shall sit tight.

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Opposite Money, insatiability, envy, voracity, green Its inverse is pretty much as mean Stop, drain, outrage, red The lethal two will abandon you dead

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Smile snicker tease Giggle tease kiss Flirt kiss date Kiss date like Date like affection Like adoration battle Love battle dump Fight dump despise Dump detest overlook Hate overlook grin

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Museum Captured everlastingly After the fantasies kick the bucket And the recollections blur And the craftsman lie Captured perpetually The enlivened rouse Recycled dreams Recycled wish

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Proud Whispers waving Through these ears Submerged, cheat hurling From the radiance I\'ve been breathing Soaking up the sun My pomposity you\'ve won I interminably dwell Drowning, jaw up high In the ocean Of my own pride

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Senryu I watch gourmet puppy sustenance Followed by starving Africans On my plasma TV.

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Petty It\'s a genuine disgrace, things being what they are. Secondary school love. Such a variety of pheromones gone to squander. Every one of these feelings, and for what? All these furious hormones and pulsating hearts and butterflies? For a senseless memory and a fatigued heart? Alternately is it that score in your belt? Then again, my top pick, this is on the grounds that you really accept you\'re going to discover love. Ha. Makes me laugh each time I hear it. There isn\'t a jewel in harsh. No perfect partners in this damnation gap. So why are they all considering it so important. Simply acknowledge that all we\'re going to get is a couple hickeys, psychological weight, and for the truly fortunate ones, a STD.

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Hush youngster Has history taught you nothing No one needs to hear reality It makes us look terrible This is a period for Scape goats and exaggerations False joy and fabulousness National enquired and negligible feelings of resentment So close your mouth Shut your brain Hear, don\'t see There\'s nothing to discover Say what\'s obliging, just what\'s normal Take the face esteem Nothing ought to go investigated Nothing require profundity Insight isn\'t right Understanding is for the powerless Leave thought for the easygoing Hush Child Leave whatever is left of us delight Shrouded with untruths And lack of awareness With blanched grins And shallow thought We needn\'t bother with it If it can\'t be purchased.

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Reflections This year I\'ve picked up the learning that written work sound s a great deal better when you\'re not being respectful. It\'s far additionally intriguing when you\'re being gruff. The linguistic use is truly helping in Latin. For this section I like quiet kid, since it\'s some of my verse that I do when I do. It\'s the means by which I truly compose. This year I\'ve constrained myself, a great deal, to simply take a seat and begin composing. Alternately I\'ll use something totally irregular and constrain myself to work with it. It works. It\'s simply beginning that is hard.

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Reflections (cont.) 5.I believe I\'m great at taking another and inventive viewpoint on things. 6. I\'ve understood that I truly loathe portraying individuals\' appearances. I truly adore expounding on their identity and why they are every way. 7. I think I have to keep everything. I have a great deal to create all around.

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Chapter two.

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Wolf in companion\'s attire Wolf In Friends Clothing The shadows mock me. They point and chuckles and watch. They hold up. Trip. Fall. Lie. Love. botch. The ask. They argue. The implore for something to say. Also, the world has dependably been a phase. What\'s more, their eyes so charging. Dont mess up. dont say the correct thing. The dividers dont simply have ears. "What huge ears you have." "The better to misconstrue you with." "What huge eyes you have" "The better to judge you with." "What a pleasant voice you have" "The better to prattle with" "What decent aims you have" "The better to insult you with" "What enormous teeth you have "The better to eat you with."

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Snow I detest snow. What\'s more, I\'m not saying it in that "goodness, others loves snow so I need to be cool and distinctive." No, I despise snow. We could begin with all the undeniable reasons, similar to it\'s chilly. Furthermore, makes driving unimaginable, and hinders all my arrangements. Yet, it\'s more than an irritation. It\'s a hotshot. Like the child in class who dependably feels the need to redress the instructor and is so certain of his or herself regardless of everybody, including the educator, loathes his or her guts. Yet, snow is blinded by it\'s own particular flawlessness it can\'t try to see nobody truly needs it around. It\'s white. White as well as blinding blanched teeth white. Individuals when shades in the snow. That is sickening. In any case, I couldn\'t care less that it\'s white with the exception of the impacts of it being white. Like following a couple of hours of autos have the capacity to drive once more, you notice all the earth being developed on the sides. Presently, the soil and contamination has dependably been there. Be that as it may, as a decent American, I highly esteem not minding or seeing it. Snow, then again, prides itself and say "gracious, take a gander at the earth. You individuals are so grimy yet I\'m so decent and clean and now you\'re getting me messy and it\'s all your issue and I trust you feel awful and disturbing. It\'s not only the shading. It\'s ideal. It\'s splendidly one of a kind. Every snow piece is distinctive, a person? However each figures out how to pleasantly compliment each other, be respected. Without a doubt, people are all one of a kind, individual, no two are similar. In any case, we unquestionably don\'t compliment each other. That is simply snow, being its hotshot y self.

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XY This time was distinctive. I Stood by the telephone for a couple days, anticipating that you should get back to. I kept your things in a zip lock pack, hoping to unload them any day. I kept the little armlet you gave me on my wrist, and after that it moved to my bureau top. What\'s more, gradually if wound up clinched. Regardless I held up. I didn\'t break out my diary. Not this time. And after that, it happened. I contemplate Led Zeppelin and on the off chance that they were truly that awesome. Possibly it was hot air inflatables. On the other hand even the now epic clash of Ninjas and Dinosaurs, since we officially decided the privateers don\'t have a shot. That was the discussion. Also, as he heatedly clarified how the herbivores would at present be profitable to the battling procedure, I got the sack. Also, I opened they green box. At this moment it\'s around a foot by foot box, I believe that is adequate since I\'m just 15. It\'ll get greater when I get more established. All my notes, every one of my recollections. All the young men. I proceeded onward sufficiently speedy. I believe it\'s been 3 weeks, I like this new beau a considerable measure. We\'ve been as one 4 days. It has the run of the mill euphoric begin. I ponder when things will fizzle. I ponder what precisely it\'ll be. Possibly we\'ll simply come up short on things to say. Possibly he\'ll need all the more then I can offer. Possibly I ought to simply be cheerful. All things considered, there was one kid I got exhausted with. It wasn\'t a major misfortune. We dated for one month, precisely. I didn\'t have any acquaintance with him well, yet he had an adorable face and a distorted identity, which over the mid year I discovered to a great degree enchanting, in spite of my present scorn for the funniness. I was cheerful at first. He acknowledged my limits like that all do. Also, he said all the decent things whatever is left of them said. What\'s more, did all that should, I presume. That is the reason I was exhausted. I think I truly like being overlooked. I\'m not regularly overlooked. It makes me work harder for consideration. In any case, I\'m amazingly restricted to being a drama queen. So I\'ll invest days lying around considering approach to get consideration without seeming as though I\'m attempt to get a few. And afterward it doesn\'t make a difference in light of the fact that in the long run we\'ll become weary of making a decent attempt. Also, we\'ll both be persuaded it was the other\'s flaw things fizzled. When I was misuse

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