Experimental writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Woods Park.

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The First Pet Bird. One early morning I woke up and chose to begin ... you cleave down the cherry tree and leave these feathered creatures destitute,
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Experimental writing Portfolio 2006-2007 Forest Park Cornelius Aaron twelfth Mrs. Dowling Click here to see my portfolio

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I might want to thank you for coming to see my portfolio. The greater part of my works are of a comedic tone and ideally you discover them fairly entertaining. Much appreciated again to come to my portfolio and I trust you appreciate it. Presentation Table of Contents

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Table of Contents Portfolio 1 Being A Pen Swimming At The Local Pool J to N Fireworks My New Helicopter Skating On A Friday Night Comedic Poems Rhyming Stalker Reflections Portfolio 2 Doctor... The First Pet Bird School Play If Vegetables Could Talk Dear Robert Herrick Clyde Jack Poem 2 Reflections Portfolio 3 Identity Swap When I Really Think About in Class Superstitions or Gullibility? At the point when Nighttime Hits Robots to Humans Can You Imagine… Autumn Life Dirty Room All The Fix-ins NO FRO Script Mark Decision Reflections

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Being A Pen People don\'t know that it is so difficult to be a pen. As reworded from Kermit the Frog, "It is difficult being [a pen]". As a pen I am always shaken. I feel my fluid internal parts go here and there my body. I feel like my geeky client who is shaken by his domineering jerk regular. Likewise that darn clicking get on my nerv es, truly. I get a cerebral pain each time my client click s me durin g class. My mind, spring, just goes up and dow n and here and there li ke an exciting ride. The other thing that bugs me is the point at which my client utilizes me! He depletes the majority of my blood, ink, and puts it on his idiotic paper. Does he need me to bite the dust so he can pass his class? He needs to consider more me as he does his family. Fortunately, I am ready to be refilled dissimilar to my progenitors.

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Swimming At The Local Pool I felt greatly debilitated while I was perched by the swimming pool. I just sat over from eating a fourfold cheeseburger from Big Ole\' Joe\'s Sammiches. My stomach felt like a thrill ride as I strolled back to my seat. As I sat there with the Superman ride in my stomach I began to think. I contemplated how I would soup up my new 2010 Lincoln Navigator . Better believe it, I got it three years early on account of my time machine… oops...forget what I just said. After the "ride" in my stomach was over, I at long last chose to get into the pool. As I was back stroking, I felt an air pocket arrive on my eye. I rapidly stood up while I shut my eye to rub. I constantly rubbed, until my eyelids were red. As I opened my eyes, I hoped to see what was foaming. For goodness\' sake, it was a hillbilly scrubbing down in the swimming pool! I immediately bounced out the water to dodge the revolting presentation. I had the most exceedingly terrible day at the pool ever is the thing that I was considering; not knowing it would deteriorate. I was strolling back to my seat as a little child\'s ball moved under my foot and I slipped and fell crushing my spirit. I sat there and shouted for help. I heard others go off hurrying to call 911 and one of the children asks, "Are you alright Mister?"

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J to N Dear Napoleon Bonaparte, Man I simply completed of the Greeks today. The Greeks did not know hit them. My men and I went to the combat zone and simply possessed them. I executed around 100 men, well we really I just sat back and watched on top of a slope. That is unimportant of us winning. My smart strategies of rushes of 1000 men worked impeccably. They were hit with 1000 men at regular intervals. It\'s fortunate the battle kept going 17 minutes in light of the fact that my fourth armada became tired and went to rest, ON THE BATTLEFIELD! Well other than my achievements, I trust your holding down your front against the Germans. I heard they will have another pioneer in future years. Uh oh better believe it, don\'t listen to what I just said I was just clowning. It dislike I have a time machine or nothing… uh I\'m simply meandering… yea that is it I\'m drifting. In the event that you require help simply compose back and I will send a few troops over the Alps and through alternate nations to help you. Alright, I need to go my better half is cooking surprisingly. Good fortunes. Your Friend, Julius Caesar

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Fireworks I recall my first firecrackers appear, We had no matches, and we had lighters, So we as a whole sat and thought about how to begin this fire. Little Johnny came over with a couple of rocks, He dropped them before me. I could rub sparkles from them and, Finally light those firecrackers. As we as a whole sat looking in the sky in wonder, We say that we had blended flashes with stars . It then came down to the last firecracker, Which we called the Kiss of Emerald . We watched that firecracker in all its wonder and, Then went ahead with the night.

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My New Helicopter A honey bee flew into a helicopter\'s windshield. The pilot chose he should get it off so he utilized his windshield washing liquid. As his wiper cutting edges backpedaled and forward he took his eyes of the sky. He watched out over the lovely landscape of dirtying industrial facilities. He swore he saw one smoke cloud that looked like Richard Nixon. He twofold brought and thought down. He saw two autos pummel into each other and he then thinks about his material science issue back in the Twelfth grade. He saw a gigantic blast as the autos pummeled into each other. He swerves to evade the tire that shot up in his direction. As he proceeded on he saw the police on the scene as of now since the cop was pursuing one of the autos. He was waved to by the officer to give a declaration. The pilot lands on an old man\'s home frightening him half to death. He escaped the helicopter and went toward the cop. They held a long examination and after that he was berated to push. Much to his dismay that he would be for ever grounded in light of the fact that the old man destroyed the helicopter by pulling it of his rooftop with his Ford F-150. Presently his multi-million dollar helicopter is demolished. This demolished his occupation since he is the proprietor of an acclaimed helicopter escorting administration. He was compelled to go bankrupt in light of the fact that neither the old man or protection needed to pay for his misfortune. It was a heartbreaking case since he had recently purchased the helicopter two hours back.

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Skating On Friday Night By day we are understudies, by night we are roller skaters and bladders. Friday night my companions and I went skating. We went to the Cavalier skating arena in Stafford, Virginia. That night we as a whole were having a decent time going in circles. We chuckled, clowned, played, and had a ton of fun as we made up for lost time with each other. Malcolm and I ceaselessly hustled while bouncing and weaving, similar to boxers; through and around the other individuals (obviously I won without fail). We enjoyed a little reprieve when the young ladies who we were with sat down. When we were moving once more, he was hit with a thought. He thought it is cool to get a photo of himself skating. I consented to it pondering internally that everything would be fine. As we were skating, I bowed down a bit to get a decent picture. After I took the photo, I wound up head butting a child skating before me. Two things fell right then and there, and I was not one of them. It was the camera and the kid that fell. I felt so terrible I ceased to get the camera and I was going to help the kid up, however he was perched as an afterthought as of now. By then, my companion and I were chuckling about what happened, and I viewed the kid each time I was back as an afterthought where he was sitting. He gave me glares and gazes as though I was some youngster who was stuck in an unfortunate situation. He was conversing with another child which made me trust that he wasn\'t plotting against me. I assumed that they likely needed to assault me when the child called attention to out. Gratefully, I wasn\'t right since I would not like to need to battle them off. The camera my companion brought fortunately did not break into pieces, but rather it stopped turning on. Starting there on, I learned don\'t take pictures while you\'re skating, since it can turn out terrible for somebody or something.

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Comedic Poems No Love for Froggie On the Hunt Again He is taking a rest He has nothing to lose He has nothing to pick up Because thing will even now be the same He longs for an existence Where he had a spouse He can not get one Because of his mound pulls in none Low in the brush Hiding is an unquestionable requirement So low you can nearly touch If not seen you will be pounded All you can say Is that you\'re chasing your prey It will be one more day That you will have filet.

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Rhyming Stalker [AP Eng 11] I began this paper trusting it was fine, to get additional kudos for rhyming every line. In this article we can not be unrefined, so let me begin with what my individual likes to do. My individual is not a scholastic dork, and my individual likes to play sports. My individual\'s game manages water, and it began in the second from last quarter. On the off chance that you think my individual\'s game manages swimming, then I know without a doubt your mind is swimming. Clue imply my individual uses biremes, which likewise may bring about some snorting. I take it that that intimation has not helped, I thought all of you would have speculated. You realize what this is what I will do, I will bail you out with another hint. My individual\'s experience isn\'t exhausting, in light of the fact that their experience is a quarter outside. My individual has family from the Caribbean, a two word nation that rhymes with potato pecan. Wow at this point I think you would have known, from the looks of it has not appeared. Here you go the exact next piece of information, perhaps this time you will know who. My individual loves utilizing hues one after anotha\' and, to demonstrate an items genuine splenda\'. This may not be my individual\'s profession, but rather this ability should be worshipped. Still have not gotten it, do you live under a stone? I should say that you truly out to be socked. Alright, I will give your brains one more shake, after this one I think I will skedaddle. My individual\'s most loved shading is the thing that she wears; you know this since it is in my individual\'s hair. No more hints should be told, and my rhymes are getting really old. As you probably are aware my sonnet is to rhyme, now I am happening upon the closure line. Presently every in the class says, my individual

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