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Utilize the County Director and office support for preparing research material ... You can utilize the Extension Office street number for correspondence. College handles ...
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Expert Gardener Training Cindy Buxton Extension Business Office 2008 EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION

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Part of Ohio State University Use the County Office Checking Account Do not have outside checking, investment funds, CD\'s, gifts, and so forth. Utilize the University\'s purchasing strategies Use the County Director and office support for preparing printed material Use the University\'s legal counselors Use the University\'s protection Use the University Foundation for tolerating and utilizing gifts What kind of gathering?

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Not some portion of Ohio State University Separate bank account(s) Make buys from those financial balances Have a club part that deals with preparing the printed material Have own legitimate advice Have own protection scope Have own Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) Follow government rules on tolerating and utilizing gifts What sort of gathering?

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Part of OSU Pros Extension handles the stores You can utilize the Extension Office postage information for correspondence University handles the monetary articulations and deals charge reporting Uses the University\'s FEIN Cons Extension is in charge of the assets and must tail all University arrangements with respect to stores Limited access to financial balance data Cannot have outside investment funds, album\'s enrichments, and so on. Can\'t win enthusiasm on assets Not Part of OSU Pros Faster preparing of printed material Unlimited access to ledger data Can procure enthusiasm on assets Cons Extension can\'t deal with any of the assets for the gathering Cannot serve as the street number Group needs to tail all government and state rules in regards to deals charge reporting, budgetary proclamation creation, autonomous review necessities, and so forth. Need to get a different FEIN Bank Accounts

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Part of OSU Pros Extension handles the printed material costs Get the backing of OSU Legal for marking contracts Covered by OSU protection for obligation claims if a representative is available. Cons Slow and prohibitive rules with respect to buying because of University rules Limits sellers that you can use for buys as a result of Ohio Ethics Laws Not Part of OSU Pros Group has little limitations on utilization of assets and what merchant to utilize. Quicker handling of printed material Less documentation necessities Cons Extension can\'t prepare any of the costs for the gathering No legitimate backing from OSU No protection from OSU Making Purchases

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All buys must be pre-endorsed by the County Director. Must utilize the University\'s purchasing instruments Purchase Order, Payment Request, Purchasing Card, Checking Account, Internal Orders, eStores Initiator on the structure must be a representative Can just utilize merchants that are not connected with OSU (i.e. no buys from relatives) Can not sign contracts in the interest of OSU (i.e. Transport Charter assentions, room rental understandings, and so forth.) Most buys take no less than two weeks to process University can deny installment if not prepared accurately More on Making Purchases If you are a piece of OSU

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Part of OSU Pros Extension handles the printed material for costs and stores Cons Dependent on accessibility of Extension Office staff Restricted to available time Not Part of OSU Pros No limitations on timing No confinements on accessibility Cons Group will invest more energy in the bookkeeping capacities. One individual may have the greater part of the obligation Paperwork Processing

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Part of OSU Pros Support of University Legal Department for marking contracts and looking into/prescribing changes Cons It is tedious to process contracts through OSU Purchasing or OSU Legal State limitations don\'t permit us to consent to some regular terms. Not Part of OSU Pros No limitations on timing No confinements on terms in contracts Cons Group or an individual will acknowledge risk for a few contracts. Gathering might need to look for outside legitimate advice for help. Can\'t utilize OSU. Lawful

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Part of OSU Pros Covered by OSU obligation protection when a worker is available. College covers over $10,000 Can be secured by OSU Volunteer obligation protection There might be an expense contingent upon the County. Cons May need to make a store since the University\'s deductible is so little. Can buy mishap protection, yet should do this through a University Purchase Order which requires some serious energy. College scope requires that a representative be available amid the whole occasion. Not Part of OSU Pros Can buy a littler arrangement for the gathering that could have a littler deductible Can buy Accident protection without a Purchase Order May even now have the capacity to be secured by Volunteer protection Depends on the County Cons Not secured under University Insurance

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Part of OSU Pros Use the University\'s FEIN. Can utilize the University\'s Foundation (501c3) for gifts and endowments. OSU Fund numbers 3xxxxx, 4xxxxx, 6xxxxx, 590000(osurf) University makes money related proclamations. College tracks and reports deals charge. College tails all rules in regards to Federal and State laws for Educational, non-Profit and allow foundations. College records expense form. Cons University\'s limitations can be bulky and tedious. Not Part of OSU Pros No time confinements No documentation limitations from the University. Cons Must apply for FEIN autonomously. Must apply for 501c3 status for tolerating gifts and tail all reporting rules. Must see all the government and state rules. Must track money related printed material and document monetary proclamations if essential. Must track deals duty and report on this to the State. May need to document an assessment form. Government & State Guidelines

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Summary It is essential to measure all alternatives. OSU Extension relies on upon the County and the Master Gardener Group to figure out which is the best choice. Each system is distinctive! There can be no covering of obligations.

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